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Breast Revision Surgery in Hyderabad

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Breast Revision Surgery in Hyderabad

What is Breast Implant Removal and Replacement?

Did you get breast implant years ago and need removal as well as replacement? Its breast implant replacement surgery where the goal is to replace your old implants with new ones of desired shape, size and quality and above all style. If you have done procedure 10 years ago its time to go for renewal of implants. The procedure is dealt with quite sensitivity in order to take care of your old scars which may have faded over a period of time. Implant complications like rupture folding and deflation , personal choice like some women may feel may feel their breast implants are of wrong shape or size or may be due to other complications may require the need to go for breast implant removal or replacement.




Step 1

Consult the surgeon. This is the most important step to consult the surgeon where initial breast examination is quite essential which will determine the cause of the problem or how to proceed. If you are having complications of scar tissue, you may be advised to have implant revision rather than removal or replacement where the doctor will cut away the scar tissue and examine the implants leaving them in place. Remember it important to identify the problem from the root cause before you start with the surgery procedure. A cosmetic surgeon who is a expert can do that.

Step 2

If you are having complications from improper positioning or defective implants you may be advised to have the implants removed and possibly replaced with new implants.

Step 3

General anesthesia is given during the procedure. Implant revision or removal may require less time than implant replacement because there are fewer steps involved but most of time it takes 1 hour to complete it. Most patients are kept under observation for 3 to 24 hours after breast implant replacement . Strenuous exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided for four to six weeks.

Step 4

The surgeon will make incisions where there are old scars.Choosing the correct type of breast implant, the proper shape and texture, and proper placement technique are all important factors in avoiding the need of breast implant removal replacement. Repositioning the existing implants may be required depending on the cause of the surgery.


Breast implants need to be removed because of following reasons:
1) A build up of calcium
2) Infection
3) Bleeding
4) Necrosis or development of breast tissue around the implant
Recovery varies from person to person depending on the extent of cause. Recovery is usually smother that the initial breast implant surgery. Most women may be able to return to work in five days and report experiencing minimal discomfort after surgery. Breast implant removal and replacement scars heal very well and are often inconspicuous It is important to note that they heal in stages with process of taking three to four months. You will need to avoid lifting anything over 5 kg or exercising for first six weeks after your surgery. While you will be able to resume activity the breast recovery will usually taken 2 – 3 months. Some steps to follow after the breast implant replacement surgery
-Avoiding certain activities
-Wearing compression garments
– Taking pain medication as prescribed

Precautions before the surgery

Make sure you have healthy nutritious diet before surgery with good amount of water intake . Don’t panic or get stressed out on the day of surgery. Focus on the style of breast implant you need and about the shape and size. Consult your surgeon about the cause of the surgery. Its important to analyze whether you want breast implant removal or breast implant replacement or both


About Contours center of excellence Plastic and cosmetic surgery

Contours center of excellence Plastic and cosmetic surgery is a reputed clinic with board certified surgeon who is got expertise in treating various indications of breast implant removal and replacement depending on the shape and size which adapt to your style and body contouring. The surgeon is professional and highly skilled in correcting major surgeries which have gone wrong because of defective implants. Remember the quality of implants is equally important so that it heals well Dr.Venkata Ramana is one of the top reputed cosmetic surgeon with highly trained staff who will take care of your needs and aftercare surgery during the healing process. His experties are valuable with immense experience which he treats it as an art.

Cost in India

The cost in India varies from the technique and the surgeon. Remember to value his skills and his expertise. Go for a top reputed brand and clinic because its your own body. Contouring is essential as far as the treatment is concerned . The shape and size of the breast implant replacement should be accordance with your body shape and structure.



Any woman who is undergone previously the surgery of breast implant can go for this technique.

You can go for breast implant removal and replacement as long as no complications arise preferably for period of 10 years.

No there is no risk involved.

This procedure is to take care of complication arising in case of the breast implants that have been done previously.

No there is no need to wait for 10 years to get the removal as if the complications develops or you wish to change breast shape because of personal reasons then you can certainly go for change.

Your surgeon if well experienced will take take of it by making incisions at the same place as the previous scars.

Yes you can do that. Contours Plastic and cosmetic surgery center is very famous for its corrective surgeries and also for its contouring effect to the body.

You can start working out after 4 – 6 weeks of healing up till then you can do light exercises like walking .

You need to take care for period of 6 weeks before you start with strenuous exercise.

Yes you can go ahead with pregnancy after surgery.

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