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Skin Grafting Surgery in Hyderabad

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Skin Grafting Surgery in Hyderabad

Overview of skin grafting surgery

Skin grafting is the surgical process that helps in the removal of skin from one area to Transplace it in another area by replacing the dead tissue. A core surgical process requires immense knowledge and can only be performed prior to the consultation of experts. To graft skin over burnt, skin infections, large open wounds an effective procedure will help in gaining long-lasting benefits. In the case of bedsore ulcers and skin cancer surgery, the process is said to be the most effective one. It is a totally painless process as the surgery is conducted under the influence of local anaesthesia.



Procedures of the treatment

It is a cosmetic concern that helps in the removal of the top layer that is epidermis so that it can be replaced with any other skin tissue. There are two basic kinds of skin grafting treatments that are split-thickness and full-thickness. In case of split-thickness are conducted by the conductors where the healthy skin areas are collected in order to replace the epidermis of the abdomen, buttocks areas. It typically gives a smooth appearance and the marks of the replace skin fade away with each passing year. On the other hand, the full thickness grafts help in reducing the scars that are in highly visible areas. In case of surgeries for the face, the concept of full-thickness grafting is used that is conducted with immense care.

Things to do before the treatment

It is very essential to consult a doctor who will help to schedule for the surgery considering the need for the treatment. Few medicines like aspirin, Doses of Vitamin E must be avoided before the surgery that can cause a blood clot. The doctors can even instruct patients to avoid smoking and chewing tobacco prior to the surgery, Apart from that, the immune system must be improved that will help the patients to recover soon from the entire surgical process. Also before the night of the surgery, it is essential to skip dinner, as there might be vomiting tendencies.

Progress and healing after the treatment

The entire process will be conducted under the influence of local anaesthesia therefore; the hospital staff will monitor the signs and symptoms of the patients. Providing proper medication after the surgical process is the main task to do. In addition, there must be few signs of skin redness as well as blood loss, which must be managed by the efficient team. The doctors will prescribe the patients to stay for 15 days in the hospital so that the donor site can start healing. There are tendencies in the failure of the grafting process. As it is noticed that within 36 hours the blood vessels start developing in the grafted skin. Therefore, if no such tendency occurs the doctors might opt for another surgical method.


Contourshyd.com and its surgeons

Contourshyd.com is a renowned brand and has a great reputation across the global arena. Contourshyd.com offers surgeons from all over parts of the world and with the special facilities; the brand has successfully conducted several skin grafting procedures. The efficient nursing staff members actively participate in providing comfort to the patients who are undergoing surgical procedures. The clinical department of Contourshyd.com has effectively implemented several surgical procedures that provide ease to the patients.

Cost of skin grafting surgery in India

The standard cost of skin grafting treatment varies from Rs. 10000 up until 1 lac depending on the surface of the skin area. The cost varies as per the geographical locations. In metropolitan cities where the availability of the facilities is more, the prices of the packages are also high. On the contrary, in the rural areas, the variation of the packages are less. The availability of doctors in rural areas is also less. Thus, the cost of the skin grafting depends on the facilities; In addition to that, it also varies on the surface area of the skin that should be treated. The larger is the surface area the more will be the cost.



Skin grafting is the procedure that helps in the permanent removal of scars and skin dead cells by replacing those with healthy skin tissues. The process is an effective one as the team of efficient doctors consults the surgery.

The scars are removed, wrinkles are lightened, and skin tone can be brightened. Apart from that, the beneficial aspects lie with the recovery of the burnt, infected as well as discolouration of the skin. Patients suffering from diabetic ulcers and non-healing wounds are more likely to opt for the skin grafting treatment that will help them to get rid of the difficult scars.

Several risks are associated with skin grafting surgery. Although sedatives are used, there are high chances of patients undergoing chronic pain. Bleeding, skin infection, skin discolouration is the common race that observed. Apart from that, their high chances of the user of the loss of grafted skin that become impossible to recover.

The patients are asked to stay in the hospital for at least 15 days, as the donor skin must be healed.

Within 36 hours, the blood vessels start developing in the grafted area. If no development of blood vessel is seen, skin grafting is said to be a failure. Therefore, the success rate is 60%.

Both male and female patients are applicable to skin grafting surgery.

The cost varies from Rs. 10000 up until 1 lac depending on the geographic location and the surface area of the wounds.

The surgery is painful but prior to the treatment, the local anaesthesia is done to numb the cells.

The patients are asked to follow a healthy balanced diet by giving up the habits of smoking and drinking. In addition, chewing tobacco should be avoided.

Yes, the results are permanent as the stitch marks fade away with the passage of time.

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