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Breast Injection Fillers in Hyderabad

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Breast Injection Fillers in Hyderabad

What is Fat injection into the breast?

Are you dreaded about surgery of breast and want to avoid any risk or complications for the same. Do you want a treatment can be trusted upon and best for your breast and natural rather than having artificial breast implant. Here is answer to your question is to go for fat transfer. Fat transfer essentially uses liposuction to take fat from other parts of the body and inject into the breast. This is the best option for women who are relatively looking for smaller breast increase in size and would prefer natural results. It is also known as lipofilling , fat grafting or fat transfer to enhance the shape and size of the breast.

Significant research on breast transfer of fat has been done which is more natural way in which the extra fat deposits on the other part of body is transferred to the breast where it fails to deposit in natural way. This is a two way procedure where the current fat is reduced and enhanced in your breast.

So lets focus on the procedure now.




Step 1

Consult the surgeon. It is important to consult the best cosmetic surgeon as this not only involves the breast but other part of your body for fat transfer to the breast. You have to make sure that the surgeon understands your body contouring and in accordance with the shape and size does the fat transfer.

Step 2

It helps in restoring the volume of breast thereby correcting ageing weight loss or post pregnancy weight. Improve the shape and contouring of the breast by balancing the breast asymmetry with the body and boosting confidence.

Step 3

The surgeon will remove fat from other areas where there is fat deposition and will inject fat into the breast for that fullness and contouring.

Step 4

Check the measurements. Before the procedure the measurements are taken and the photos are clicked to see the different in fullness shape and the contouring effect of the breast.


Breast fat injection is a less invasive surgery than breast enlargement using implants. Your surgeon does not need to make cuts during the treatment. They will inject fat into the breast meaning you will have minimal amount of scarring. Some people find the treatment more natural looking. Further more, breast enlargement fat transfer not only increases the size of the breast but it can help improve the symmetry of the breast. Finally the technique of fat grafting also has another advantage of removing the fat from other areas of body using liposuction. This means you can improve the appearance of two parts of the body with one procedure.

Preparation before the surgery

Consultation with the surgeon is the most important step of the procedure and it lets you know which is the most suitable procedure for you. Before every session your size is noted and where you have extra fat in other part of the body is analysed and accordingly decision is taken. Each session may take 2 -3 hours of time to complete and sometimes you may need extra top up sessions. With each session there is limit on how much fat the surgeon can transfer. This means that a fat transfer cannot match the same increase in volume of breast that implants can achieve.


About Contours

Choose a board -certified physician for the same. Choosing a highly qualified surgeon for best results is important as the fat transfer is from your own body. The quality of each fat would differ from person to person and the absorption rate of the fat would also differ. Restoring volume of the breast and reversing aging by carrying out a two way procedure is a craft developed by our cosmetic surgeon and it should be done under proper professional guidance of the physician. Remember the content and quality of fat also varies depending on the time of absorption of the fat by the patient.

Cost in India

The cost in India would differ depending on the amount of fat transfer done by liposuction. The liposuction technique and the machines involved for the procedure would also make marked difference. You would need a clinic that is well equipped with the same



Yes you can as it is more of natural proceed you can certainly do that.

Smoking increases the risk of complication before and after surgery. Drinking alcohol and being overweight also increases the risk of complications after the surgery.

Yes the doctor will review your case as to which medications you are taking and advise you about the same as to which one needs to be continued.

Any female above the age of 16 is the best suited for breast fat transfer who wants more natural process.

Yes you have more tendency to deposit fat on these areas.

Significant weight loss may affect appearance of breast in general. Sometimes the new fat in the breast can still act as the fat in original site.

No the fat transfer or grafting causes no changes that are visible in mammograms.

Consult a surgeon about this as he is the best person who can analyse your body and based on the contouring can suggest you natural process of fat transfer or artificial process of silicone breast implant which have incisions.

No it will not leading to any infection as it is your own fat transfer and more of natural process.

Maintain hygiene. Eat balanced and nutritious diet before surgery with good water intake.

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