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Thick Lips Reduction in Hyderabad

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Thick Lips Reduction in Hyderabad


Lips reshaping Surgery or thick lips reduction is an advanced cosmetic procedure that aims to improve the appearance of your lips by balancing, both upper and lower lips, with overall facial aesthetics. Lip reshaping involves altering the skin texture or reducing the volume that helps people to get younger looks.



How Lip reshaping is done?

Lip reshaping procedure involves removal of the tissues from upper or lower lips or both to suit individual facial aesthetics. The surgery is completed under local or general anaesthetic and it may take a few hours depending on the procedure. The doctors will mark on the lips to understand the amount of tissue for amputation and they will proceed for horizontal incision. Once incisions are done, they remove the excess volume from the lips. Doctors commonly use the conventional setting of plastic surgery, however, some people opt for non-surgical dermal fillers due to convenience.

The doctors will inject Hyaluronic acid-based fillers directly in the lips following an application of topical anaesthetic cream and the entire process will hardly take one or two hours. Patients are likely to experience sore or tight lips soon after the surgery and issues like bleeding, mild swelling or moderate pain are very common. Such conditions can be easily treated with proper medications and one needs to follow a few post-operative instructions to initiate quick healing.

Preparations for Lip Reshaping

It is important to choose a reputed surgeon for the cosmetic procedure and readers are advised to research thoroughly about certified and reputed surgeons who are the best in the business. It is also advised to have someone with you so that they can take you home following the completion of the surgery. Smoking can negatively impact on health and it is better to quit smoking at least 14 days prior to the surgery. Cosmetic procedures involve several risks and it is advised to research about complications or risk before making the final decision. It is also of unparalleled importance to take a look at ‘before and after photos’ to come across the results of previous clients. Painkillers or aspirin shouldn’t be taken before the surgery. Another vital factor is to consider your comfort level with the surgeon before finalizing the procedure.

After lip reshaping surgery (what to expect, recovery and results)

Complications are very common following the surgical procedure and it is advised to abide by the post-operative instructions of your doctor. Consumption of alcohol must be avoided and it will be better if you put a full stop to smoking for a few days after the surgery.

Since patients are likely to face issues like bleeding, mild or moderate swelling or pain, they can use cold packs and it will alleviate the pain and swelling. Exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided following the procedure and patients can use UVA UVB creams for better protection from the sun.

In case of infections, swelling or other issues, patients need to consult the doctor.


About Contourshyd and our surgeons

The name of Contours Plastic And Aesthetic Surgery Center is recognised as one of the best clinics to offer affordable plastic and cosmetic surgery in India. At Contours Plastic And Aesthetic Surgery Center, we work with expert professionals who are committed to offering world class patient care and the unconditional efforts of our expert doctors and medical staffs have helped us to acquire a badge of excellence in the world of cosmetic and plastic surgery. The clinic is fully equipped with advanced tools and the love and support from our clients have helped us to reach the pinnacle of success.

Cost of lip reshaping in India

The cost of lip reshaping in India may vary on different factors. In general, a cosmetic surgeon will charge around 14,000-60,000 INR for lip reduction surgery and the price may differ depending on the clinic and its set up. Many clinics across the country offer a competitive price on cosmetic procedures and if you keep an eye, it’s easier for you to get a budget-friendly package.



Lip reshaping is a popular cosmetic procedure that aims to give you a younger-looking lip by reducing the volume or changing the shape or texture. The procedure improves the outer appearance and maintains natural functions at the same time.

Surgically inserted lips are permanent whereas the non-surgical dermal fillers are temporary.

A cosmetic surgeon may charge around 14000-60000 INR in India.

Yes, it is safe when you choose an expert cosmetic surgeon for the surgery. Generally, there are few risks or complications associated with each and every cosmetic procedure and you need to have a good, clear and vivid idea about it prior to proceeding.

Patients are likely to experience mild to moderate pain and swelling after the completion of the procedure and sometimes it results in infections. Sore lips are very common among the patients and it can be treated with proper medications.

The surgery will be conducted following the application of local anaesthetic and you won’t feel any pain on course of the surgery.

The surgery may take around one or two hours depending the procedure and it will take 7-10 days for complete recovery.

Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are mostly preferred due to convenience and natural looks. Nowadays one can find cheaper alternative, however, one should invest in quality materials rather than spending on cheap quality dermal fillers.

Yes, you will have dietary restrictions and you need to follow specific instructions as suggested by your cosmetic surgeon.

You need to pay attention to the experience of the surgeon and you can check online reviews, online ratings to know more about the clinic or their services and it will be easier for you.

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