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Jaw Reduction Surgery Clinic in Hyderabad

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Jaw Reduction Surgery Clinic in Hyderabad


Jawline Reshaping is a procedure that can reduce and reshape the outer jaw and make it streamlined and proportionate with the rest of the face. It can make the patients having square wide, overly long, U-shaped jaws look more youthful.




A Surgeon carries out Jawline Reshaping surgery under general anesthesia and the length of the surgery may vary depending on the preference to achieve. The surgeon will start making an incision in the inside of the mouth at the very corner of the mouth. The location of the selected area is between the gum and the cheek located next to the jaw.

A surgeon uses a laser or micro saw as a cutting tool to carve out the preferred jawline and to achieve the delicate procedure. The use of laser jaw has got specific advantages over the use of micro jaw as it will cause less impact on the patient. It will also cause less damage to the surrounding cells and the tissues and there will be less bleeding.

Surgeons use dissolving stitches to close the incision of the patient that can be very comforting to the patients. Discharge of the patient from the hospital can take place normally after a short time of the Jawline Reshaping surgery. However, it will finally depend on the judgment and advice of the surgeon regarding the time of discharge of the patient.

Preparation before the surgery

If you feel that the SIX PACK ABS surgery can improve the quality of your life, or if you have a medical need, then you are a good candidate for SIX PACK ABS surgery. The most important thing to decide on your competency for the surgery is to seek consultation with a proficient surgeon. The doctor may ask you about the reason for your desire for the SIX PACK ABS requirement and about your expectations from the procedure. nFurther, the physician may evaluate the medical history and also inquire about your current medical conditions and medications. You need to disclose all information to your doctor and also inform about any supplement or herbal products that you may be consuming to determine whether it might interfere during the treatment. The surgeon may also ask you to perform a blood test in order to have a good glimpse of your present health condition.nThe doctor may carry out a physical examination of the skin, associated muscles and bones to determine the quality and to understand the changes possible to make. The physician will also assess whether you are mentally fit and ready to undergo the surgery. The first step for a patient seeking the Jawline Reshaping procedure is to make a scheduled consultation with a renowned surgeon. It will lay the foundation for achieving the desired results for both the surgeon and the patient. The scheduled consultation can help the surgeon to recommend the best-suited method depending on the patient’s health condition and preference.

The surgeon may advise you to stop using anti-inflammatory medicines as these medicines can lead to the thinning of the blood, and can prevent clotting of blood after surgery. Your surgeon may advise you to stop taking these medicines at least two weeks before the date of surgery. The surgeon may advise you to stop smoking as it can slow the healing process and may result in the occurrence of death tissues around the incision area.

After the procedure (expect, recovery and results)

After the subsiding of the post-surgical swelling, you can notice a smaller and symmetrical jawline in your face. It will enhance the appearance of your face as there will be a more proportional jawline that will produce a pleasant aura and give you a more youthful look.

Normally after the surgery, you need to take a liquid diet for a period of seven to ten days and will not be able to eat the prohibited food. You cannot enjoy any food that requires extensive chewing but can resume taking the hard food after four weeks of the surgery. You should never miss the follow-up schedule with your surgeon as it can ensure a quick healing process.

The doctor may recommend using anti-bacterial mouthwash on a regular basis to disinfect the mouth. You need to keep your head elevated at all times to prevent swelling and may use an extra pillow for getting additional comfort when you lie down. Always be careful while washing the hair and face and the surgeon may recommend wearing an elastic facial dressing and advice to avoid strenuous exercises that may cause stress to the face.


Cost of the surgery in India

The cost of the Jawline Reshaping surgery depends on the severity of the misalignment of the jaw and how intensive the surgery will be. Normally the price for the surgery can be anywhere between INR 50,000 to INR 1, 50,000.

About the contourshyd.com

Contours Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery Center (www.contourshyd.com) offers world-class Jawline Reshaping surgery for its patients. We have the best surgeons available with us having exceptional expertise and wide experience in this field. We have the best infrastructure and we use the latest technologies for the surgery that can provide the best experience to the customers at a very affordable rate.



Persons who desire to change the shape of the jaw are eligible for the surgery if the expert in the subject matter deems it fit. A proficient surgeon can decide what kind of procedure will be appropriate for the patient.

Usually, the procedure is safe as long as you take the help of an expert surgeon having the required expertise and experience. After checking the medical history thoroughly, the surgeon will decide for the surgery as it is a delicate procedure to perform.

You will not feel any pain during the surgery and the expert surgeon will suggest suitable post-operative care. As long as you follow the instructions religiously, there are very lesser chances of pain.

The adaptation to the skin is a patient-specific issue and for younger patients adaptation process may be quicker as there will be better skin elasticity. For older patients having low elasticity of the skin, it can be less smooth and it will require proper guidance to recover.

Normally the stitches made inside the face subside within five to seven weeks, and the overall recovery does not take a long time.

Reshaping of the jawline can enhance the visual aesthetics of the facial appearance and it can make a huge difference as far as the the appearance of a person is concerned.

Normally, the surgery does not leave any scar mark unless there is some medical condition involved. A proficient surgeon checks in advance so that there is a minimum possibility of occurring undesirable conditions.

The reshaped structure of the jawline is permanent and there is no requirement of any renewal job.

The jawbone can’t grow back, though the masseter muscle lying along the jaw can grow thicker with the repetitive clenching and grinding.

The surgeon removes the bone from the lower edge of the jaw that is away from the teeth and hence, the surgery will never impact the dental work.

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