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Stretch Mark Removal Surgery in Hyderabad

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Stretch Mark Removal Surgery in Hyderabad


Stretch marks are bands or lines on the skin caused by the stretching of connective tissues of the skin. Stretch marks are very common and usually occur after massive weight loss, weight fluctuations and pregnancy. These are not painful but can affect the self-confidence and self-esteem of the person. There are number of options to get rid of stretch marks such as oils, creams, home remedies, microdermabrasion, micro-needling, laser therapy, and cosmetic surgery.




Micro-needling (induced collagen) is an effective treatment for stretch marks. Micro-needling targets the middle layer (dermis) of the skin. During the procedure, very tinny needles are inserted into the skin to boost the production of collagen. Increased production of elastin and collagen promotes skin regeneration that can reduce stretch marks and improve the appearance of your skin. For the best results, you need to take a series of treatments.

Laser therapy or light therapy is a common treatment to get rid of stretch marks. During the procedure, the laser penetrates into the skin that triggers regeneration. Laser light stimulates the tissues around the stretch marks faster. Laser therapy stimulates the production of melanin in the affected area that activates pigment cells in the skin. It helps the stretch marks to blend with normal skin tone. It requires a series of procedures.

Cosmetic surgery also helps remove the stretch marks from your body. Cosmetic procedures like a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and thigh lift not just remove stretch marks from your body but also remove excess fat from the area. These cosmetic procedures give a flatter and firmer look to your skin and the stretch marks get removed with excess skin.

Before the surgery

Consult a board-certified and experienced cosmetic professional. The patient should be in good health and should have a stable weight. Avoid smoking and alcohol a few days before the treatment. You should have realistic expectations about the treatment.

After the procedure (what to expect, recovery and results)

You may notice little tenderness and redness in the treated area immediately after the treatment. It is very normal. Your skin heals within a few days. There is no downtime and minimal discomfort after the procedure. The person can immediately return to daily activities and can return to work the next day after the procedure. Usually, the results of stretch marks removal treatments are impressive and depend on the type, depth, and maturation of stretch marks. Make sure you follow all post-care instructions given by your surgeon for better outcomes.


Cost in India

The cost of stretch marks removal treatments depends on the treatment area, type of treatment, the city where you are getting the treatment and experience of the doctor. In India, the cost of stretch mark removal treatments is less expensive than other countries ranging from Rs. 20000 to Rs. 150000.

About our clinic and surgeons

Contourshyd.com offers a relaxing comfortable and nourishing environment for our patients. We offer a variety of stretch marks removal treatments and technologies to provide you healthy and youthful skin. Our cosmetic surgeons listen to you, examine your skin type and work with you to create a treatment plan customized to your stretch marks. Our cosmetic surgery professionals are leaders in their field. We offer high tech specialties to our patients. Our team of cosmetic professionals is highly committed to their profession.



There are many candidates for stretch marks removal but most common are the women who have given birth, anyone who has lost a significant amount of weight and bodybuilders who have to build significant muscle mass.

Not every woman gets stretch marks after pregnancy. Some women have no stretch marks after pregnancy; some have less and some have more than others. It depends on everyone’s ability to accommodate weight gain due to pregnancy as well as hormones and physical health.

Typically the abdomen, lower back, hips, thighs, arms, and breasts are treated with stretch marks removal treatments.

Stretch marks removal treatments may take 1 to 4 hours depending on the area being treated.

A cosmetic surgery (tummy tuck or thigh lift) removes the stretch marks permanently as it removes the excess skin. Laser therapy and micro-needling cannot make the stretch marks invisible but makes them compellingly lighter.

All stretch marks treatments are effective but cosmetic surgery is known to be the most effective and permanent solution for stretch marks removal. Other treatments fade the appearance and prominence of stretch marks but do not remove completely. Usually, the effectiveness of the treatment may vary from person to person depending on the age, severity of stretch marks and the type of treatment.

Pregnant women and breastfeeding women should consult their doctors before taking any stretch marks removal treatment because it can interfere with the health of the baby.

Laser or light therapy may cause temporary blistering around the treated area which is normal. The mishandled laser device can lead to serious issues so it is very important to choose experienced and expert cosmetic dermatologists.

After laser therapy for stretch marks, removal patients can recover the next day after the procedure. In the case of cosmetic surgery, the patient may require a week for complete recovery. But after both, the procedures patients can resume daily activities the next day after the treatment.

The laser is considered as one of the best stretch marks removal treatment in terms of efficacy and safety. Its results can be visible after the first session and with a series of sessions, it fades the appearance of stretch marks.

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