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Beard Transplant in Hyderabad

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Beard Transplant in Hyderabad

What is beard reshaping?

People love to have a well-groomed beard and it can be a game-changer for your looks. It can be quite a task to maintain a neat and clean beard arranged in a shape that you prefer and you have to take a lot of time to maintain it regularly. Laser facial hair removal can be wonderful to achieve the objective of hair removal and reshape the beard as per your wish with no stray hairs and irritating collar rash.




The laser beard reshaping sitting usually required once in a month and the gap between sittings gradually increases. A few sitting for laser hair removal for 2-3 months is very effective to get a good result. The doctor designs and shapes the beard according to the need and liking of the patient.
In the session for laser beard reshaping, the doctor targets the extra hair present in the target area. The laser session targets the hair follicles and damages the follicles and ultimately prevents further hair growth in this region. With the laser beard reshaping procedure, it is easily possible to target the extra hair and get the desired shape of the beard.

Preparation for the procedure

It is always better to have a prior consultation with the dermatologist to have an understanding of the need for the treatment. The selection of the right doctor and treatment method and knowing about the downtime for the treatment and its outcome are equally important. For a small area, the treatment may take around 20 minutes and it will vary depending on the area. A patient can get the treatment after having an appointment with the doctor.

Before going for the laser beard reshaping procedure, you need to avoid plucking the hair or waxing or bleaching at least three weeks before the treatment. You also need to remove any makeup or any type of oily creams before you undergo the treatment. The laser hair removal technique is possible for the whole body and only for beard reshaping also.

After beard reshaping expectations recovery and result

The beard reshaping procedure can give you a masculine look and the beard will allow you to get free from irritation and razor burns. Daily shaving can be inconvenient, can be very irritating to you and it can be harmful to your sensitive skin also. Also, the sessions can be very quick and you need not have to waste a lot of time attending the session.

The doctor may advise you to take proper care to avoid sun exposure, hot showers, and baths after the treatment. You should use sunscreen lotions before you go out in the daylight and avoid going to parlors for any type of beard facial treatment after the beard reshaping. It is better to avoid doing any type of rigorous exercise or swimming as it can cause irritations.


Cost of the procedure in India

The popular non-surgical, non-invasive laser beard reshaping procedure cost is around INR 15,000 to 25,000 in India. However, depending on the criticality of the job and number of beard reshaping needs, the total cost of the treatment may vary.

About Contours – Beard Transplant in Hyderabad

We at Contours Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery Center target perfection in all the jobs with our dedicated, expert and highly talented pool of doctors. We accept nothing other than excellence and we have set up a world-class clinic with the most advanced equipment to perform our jobs. When you seek our service for a beard reshaping procedure, you will get the best service that can meet all your needs and even exceed your expectations.



Breast lift surgery can be done on the breasts of any size and women of any age. Any woman who feels that her breasts are sagging and losing elasticity can get a breast reshaping procedure.

Yes, breast augmentation and breast lift (mastopexy) can be performed together. Both procedures are frequently performed together. But make sure it should be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon.

If you are considering pregnancy in the future then you should delay the breast lift surgery because during the pregnancy your breasts will stretch again and offset the outcomes of the breast lift.

Incisions can become red and rose for several months after the surgery. Typically these scars fade naturally over time. The appearance of scars also depends on individual healing capacity.

The surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia so you will not feel any pain and the discomfort is minimal. You may have mild pain after the procedure which is reduced by pain medications.

Breast lift results last for several years but may not be permanent. The process of aging, gravity, and loss of elasticity can cause breasts to droop so you may require a touch-up procedure.

Most women experience soreness and swelling initially. You may have discomfort for the first few days. The majority of patients recover within a week. The recovery process may vary depending on the type of incisions and whether the reduction or augmentation included or not.

Breast reshaping is a safe procedure but there may be possible risks and complications. It should be performed by a highly qualified surgeon or it may cause risks and complications. Possible risks and complications of breast lift surgery include infection, severe pain, swelling, bleeding, blood clot and changed nipple sensitivity.

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