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Thin Lips Surgery in Hyderabad

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Thin Lips Surgery in Hyderabad


Thin lip correction is termed as the process that not only enhances the facial appearance but also assists in providing fullness to get voluminous and plumper lips. Hyaluronic acid is considered as the most common type of dermal filler that helps in providing structure, volume and shape to the lips. Therefore, it can be said that thin lip correction is a cosmetic method that helps in the augmentation of the lips by making it plumper to gain full and desirable lip shape.



Procedures of the surgery

There are several procedures that are associated with the effective method of thin lip correction treatment. Injectable dermal filler is nowadays, the most accepted method that helps in keeping the lips in shape. The fillers are generally injected in the lips around the mouth area that aids the process of lip augmentation. Primarily, collagen was used that helps in keeping the structure of the lips safe. With the gradual evolution, the hyaluronic acid filler is used that makes the lips bouncy, plump and in thick. Apart from that, fat injection is another method that can enhance the structure of the lips. The hyaluronic acid fillers are beneficial in many ways. It contains lidocaine, a local anaesthetic ingredient that helps in conducting the process causing less pain. Not only it helps to gain control over the lip volume but causes fewer bruises, and results in long-lasting desired effects. The process is less time consuming, but it is very essential to consult a doctor who will help the patient in performing the correct measures.

Things one must know before the process

Consulting a doctor will help the patients to gain the right amount of information regarding the thin lip correction procedure. Lip augmentation using fillers requires very little time. Prior to the method, a general visit to the doctor’s chamber is a must. Smoking is highly restricted at least before 1 week of the scheduled lip correction surgery. Few medicines will be prescribed by the doctors that will help to lower down the stress. During the process, in order to ease comfort, local numbing agents are applied. Further, the areas that are needed to be enhanced are injected with fillers.

Post-treatment measures

Swelling is the most common effect that is noticed after the entire procedure is over. To control the redness, ice is immediately applied to the injected areas. Bleeding from the injected areas, reactivations of the cold sores are the common post-effect of the surgery that is observed. In addition to that, lumps are formed in the lip areas. Lip asymmetries, infection in blood vessels, are also seen that must be treated well. Since lip correction is a cosmetic surgery it is very essential to take care of the procedures after the treatment that will help to obtain desired lips with proper shape and structure. After the treatment, the patient must visit the doctor once a month to prevent the cause of any anomalies. Proper medication, prescribed by the doctors will also assist the patients in retaining plump, bouncy and voluminous lips.


Contourshyd.com and The Doctors Of This Clinic:

To get the best results from the lip correction surgeries it is of crucial importance that the patients contact a clinic that can provide them with ultimate satisfaction. Contourshyd.com is a clinic that takes care of the patients and the doctors or physicians associated with this particular clinic are well experienced. They are skilled medical professionals who strive hard to meet the expectations of their patients. They try to make the patients comfortable and also try their utmost best to bring ultimate satisfaction for them in every possible way.

Cost of Thin Lip Correction Surgery In India:

The cost of thin lip correction surgery in India ranges up to 40,000 INR. In the Metropolitan cities, the range of such surgeries is a little upward soaring as in these cities the clinics provide upgraded medical facilities that help the patients to get better & optimum results. The thin lip correction surgery gets a bit less expensive in the townships that are less congested and provides medical facilities that are not up to the mark with the Metropolitan cities. The cost for thin lip correction surgeries in these cities is lower than the cost calculated and estimated by the clinics located in the metropolis cities.



The thin lip correction surgery is the process of giving fullness to extra thin lips, both the upper and the lower and after this surgery the lips of the patients look more perfect and fuller. Fillers or fat are added to the lips and the shape of the lips seem much better than earlier.

People belonging to any age group can opt for lip correction surgery. Mostly the people belonging to the age group of 20-40 years opt for lip correction surgery.

During the surge, the patients are given local anaesthesia so when the operation is conducted the patients feel no pain.

In the case of lip correction surgery, the doctors use different techniques. Sometimes they use dermal fillers, sometimes they implant some synthetic material such as silicone to make the lips look plumper. Fat grafting is another popular technique.

Normally, the surgery is completed within the time span of an hour but if there are any complications the surgery can be more time consuming than usual.

Yes, the results of the surgery are permanent. If it does not include dermal fillers it last for about one year.

Immediately after the surgery, a sore feeling can occur. Redness, swelling, painful inflammation, the formation of pus around the incision points are some of the risks that are associated with this surgery.

The stitches are generally removed within a week to ten days from the surgery.

The complete result of this surgery can be observed after more or less one month of the surgery.

The doctors’ advice the patients to intake liquid or semi-liquid food during the time span of recovery.

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