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Under EyeBag Removal Surgery in Hyderabad

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Under EyeBag Removal Surgery in Hyderabad


Eye bags are considered as the cosmetic concern that can be gradually diminished using home and lifestyle treatments. There are several certified products available in the market that helps in the gradual removal of eye bags. Surgical treatments are available that will eliminate the causes of the puffy eyes to provide sharp facial features. Under-eye swelling can hamper the overall beauty of the face, therefore, medical-surgical treatments by consulting expert doctors will help the patients in getting rid of the trouble. It is a painless surgical method as the under-eye treatment performed by using anaesthesia.




There are several surgical procedures introduced across the global arena that helps in the removal of eye bags from the lower eyelids. The procedure is mainly performed initially, under the guidance of local anaesthesia. Named as lower lid blepharoplasty, it is conducted so that the patients do not feel the pain of the surgery. The benefit is that the doctors during the surgical procedure will be able to test the eye muscles to reduce further risks that are associated with it. The expert doctors during the process can even cut the lower eyelid to remove excess fat and skin tissue. The skin is then sewed back to retain a smooth fuller eye appearance.

Prior to the surgery

It is very essential to consult a doctor who will prescribe the correct schedule for the surgery. This may include refraining the patients eating and drinking before the surgery. The doctors can also prescribe eye drops before the surgery so that the tear glands do not dry. Before the surgery, the patients must keep eyeglasses so that after the treatment is done the eyes are kept protected. Few after-effects of the operation are there that can cause bleeding and even high fever. Severe pain can even cause redness to the facial appearance. If not treated immediately with ice and cool ointments the infection can increase.

Postoperative Measures:

After the surgery, the patients can suffer from swelling as well as bruising. The bruises along with the swelling reduce in two weeks after the completion of the surgery. Within the time span of a week, the stitches also fade. In order to facilitate a quicker and better healing process, the patients need to take a lot of rest. The doctors suggest application of ice packs. However, ice should not be directly applied to the skin as that can reduce the sensitivity of the skin. The patients must not expose their eyes to direct sunlight. Smoking cigarettes must be avoided up to two weeks from the operation. The patients are also advised to avoid strenuous workouts, application of cosmetic products or makeups, soap and so on.


Cost of under Eye-Bag removal surgery In India:

The cost of Under Eye Bag removal surgery ranges from more than 2.5 lakhs to 4 lakhs in India. Nowadays the clinics offer affordable packages so that the patients can get some kind of discount on the cost. In the big cities, the clinics charge higher than the clinics that operate in smaller towns.

Contourshyd.com and the doctors of this clinic:

For surgeries such as under-eye bag removal the patients primarily needs to look for a reliable as well as reputable clinic with prior & proven accolades. The doctors appointed in the clinic needs to be experienced. Contourshyd.com is a clinic that specialises in this kind of cosmetic surgeries. The doctors of this clinic are very experienced and they try to provide the patients ultimate level of comfort as well as satisfaction. The doctors try to understand and study the past medical histories of the patients and they offer advice to them accordingly. They try to consult and discuss all major and minor problems with the patients so that the difficulties can be resolved successfully.



The Under Eye Bag Removal treatment is a surgical as well as the non-surgical process of removing the fat from the lower eyelid. The fat or extra skin is removed from the eyelid through an incision made during the surgery. Then the incision is stitched up and closed.

The cost of Under Eye Bag Removal Treatment starts from 2.5 lakh rupees and can rise up to 5 lakh rupees in India. The cost is a bit higher in the clinics that are located in the megacities as these clinics offer the best treatments rather than the clinics located in the smaller cities.

The entire operation can be conducted within half an hour of time span.

The recovery process takes seven to ten days after the operation is completed.

The results of the under-eye bag removal surgery are generally permanent. Although the fat can reappear in the lower eyelids if a person gains excessive weight after the operation.

There are few risks associated with the under-eye bag removal treatment. The skin quality degrades, red patches appear due to anaesthesia, and even the skin becomes fragile. Excessive blood loss can happen and the treated area can swell up abnormally.

The success rate is high. Most of the eye bag removal surgery is successful. Definitely, there are few failure stories where the patients suffered from excessive blood loss and the skin area was infected. The success rate can be thus considered as 85%.

Yes, eye bag removal treatment can reduce the possibilities of wrinkles. To reduce puffy eyes and make the appearance wrinkle-free.

Blepharoplasty can be performed in both male and female.

Yes, there are few dietary restrictions before the conduction of the surgery. Patients must follow a healthy balanced diet avoiding cigarettes and alcohol.

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