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Hair Care Hospital in Hyderabad


Male pattern baldness is the condition where men experience a loss of hair on their head in patches. These bald patches may have a varying pattern depending upon person to person. This condition is mostly age associated and is more evident in the middle-aged men.The best and permanent treatment for this condition is through laser therapy or hair transplant procedures.



Treatment Procedures

There are a few options for treatment of male pattern baldness like medications and low-level laser therapy but none of these are permanent solutions.The ultimate treatment for baldness is hair transplantation where, the hair follicles from another part of your body like legs, hands or face are taken and surgically placed in the scalp. You might be given a mild sedative and local anaesthesia for a painless and comfortable experience. The scalp will be properly washed and treated with anti-bacterial agents.
The procedure of hair transplant can be carried out in two ways. One, where minimal invasion is kept in mind and a small section of the scalp with hair is taken from the back of your head and placed on the bald patch. In this procedure the entire patch is covered at once but it is more efficient in smaller and single patches.The other option which is also the most popular is the follicular transplant, where 3-4 strands of hair are taken from any compatible part of your body and individually placed in the bald areas. This procedure might be done in one long single sitting or in multiple sittings according to the requirement.

Preparations prior to the treatment

First foremost thing is to do your research about the doctor and the clinic properly and look for board-certified and authorized doctors only.You can also do an online analysis over the procedure you are opting for.Once you finalize the doctor, consult them for ensuring that the procedure will be useful for you or not.
A follicular test might be carried out to know the natural strength and density of your hair prior to the procedure, so that it helps in chalking out the treatment plan.Your doctor might suggest you to consult your physician and stop any blood thinning medications.You are advised to avoid any kind of chemical treatment for your hair 3-4weeks prior to the treatment as it might induce allergic reactions.

After the treatment (what to expect, recovery and results)

You should avoid exposure to the sun for atleast one week after the procedure.The semi-permeable dressing of the area should be changed on daily basis.Shampoo can be used atleast 1-2days after the completion of the process, to avoid scab formation.A proper course of antibiotics should be followed to avoid any reactions.It usually takes 2-3months for new hair growth to start from the transplant follicles.


The contourshyd clinic and our doctors

At contourshyd we have the most dependable and well trained doctors with years of experience behind them which will make your experience very pleasant and fruitful with us. We are aslo entitled to serve you with the best and latest equipments available in the respective field of treatment. We provide a very well organised and fuss free set-up with maintenance of proper hygiene as well. The cost of treatments is also quite feasible too.

Cost in India

The cost of treatment for male pattern baldness through transplant is comparatively cheaper in India. It is around ₹35-₹45 per hair graft, so on an average ₹25000 might be the starting rate for the procedure. Although, it completely depends on the number of grafts to be used and the doctor you approach.



It is not possible to completely cure a pattern baldness through medications alone but the condition can be completely overcome by surgical procedures like hair transplant.

This particular condition can be mostly signified by the appearance of a distinct ‘M’ shaped recession of hairline in the frontal region and a sudden thinning of hair.

Genetic factors are majorly responsible for male pattern baldness i.e having a family history of the disease. Hormonal changes or disbalance may also play a role.

Yes, if your doctor has a good experience and the procedure is carried out properly then your hair will look absolutely natural after treatment also.

Yes, stress can be a major etiologic factor to induce baldness in a person. Stress also leads to hormonal changes and many other systemic diseases which might in turn lead upto pattern baldness as well. So, try to keep destressing whenever you can.

For all problems related to the hair you should always consult a Dermatologist. They are doctors who specialise in the field of skin,hair and nails basically.

It is a type of Alopecia only, which is a condition where the body attacks its own hair follicles. The bald patches usually regrow within three to six months without any treatment also but consult a Dermatologist if it doesn’t get better soon.

It is virtually surprising that hair transplant procedures are not as painful as they appear because it is performed under anesthetic effect and the doctor might use sedatives as well according to the necessity.

Hair transplant is hands down the best treatment for male pattern baldness because it is much more effective than over the counter medications and other options. 70 to 80% of the times there is a regrowth of new hair seen from the transplant follicles within 3-4 months of the treatment only.

Smoking and alcohol might also have an adverse effect on the treatment.

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