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Nipple Reduction Surgery in Hyderabad

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Nipple Reduction Surgery in Hyderabad

What is Nipple reduction?

Your areolas are the pigmented or dark circular area surrounding your nipples. Like breasts, nipples are bigger in size color, and shape. If you are uncomfortable with the size of the nipple we can reduce it through nipple reduction. Motherhood Is the great aspect of the feminine features. It your one of the stages of a woman’s life of reproductive age. Motherhood is the beauty of being a woman. Generally, women who have breastfed their babies for long time or have more than two children may like to go for nipple reduction surgery to enhance their beauty and vital stats. It easy to execute and safe to do the procedure and delivers accurate results. It tackles both excessive projection and less frequent excessive width of the nipple. It may be used separately or as a combination therapy with Mastopexy. Nipple hypertrophy can occur due to many hormonal factors and also in connection with pregnancy or menopausal syndrome. Nipple reduction will also be important for patients who have undergone cancer surgery.




Step 1

Consult a surgeon. Get that aesthetic change from your surgeon in order to visualize your picture of beauty. So consult a surgeon to get the correct and accurate diagnosis if you need to get the correct judgement of your nipple changes.

Step 2

Normal female nipple is roughly 1 cm in diameter, with almost equal amount of anterior projection. First analyse the right and the normal features in your body as a woman and the undergo knife surgery to enhance your beauty. Sedation is required as this procedure needs to be done so that you don’t experience any type.

Step 3

The aim of the correction is to shorten the nipple length while establishing harmony with the projection. The ideal nipple is shaped cylindrical with slightly curved dome like top. The height (anterior projection) is the most common important factor which should be contouring with the breast

Step 4

After preoperative planning when the measurements are taken, surgical reduction of excessive projection of nipple is done. After the incisions are made which is the art of the doctor the extra skin is then excised and then electrocautery is done for hemostasis. Step wise approach is carefully done.

Preparation before the surgery

A healthy diet with proper intake of water is advised. Before and after photos are taken. Also preoperative planning is essential step for nipple reduction procedure. Taking measurements is also essential part of procedure and after that comparison of both the nipples is essential. Take proper steps to know your body and best for it. This procedure gives gratifying results with patient satisfaction rate. Sleep well the night before surgery and don’t be anxious. Your doctor will take the entire medical history and review to be analysed which medications you are taking and which you need to avoid also which you need to start. Focus son the body stats and vital measurements before and after procedure.


The recovery is smooth. A simple band aid is placed over the nipple and areola. A light gauze dressing is added on the top of the band aid to absorb any potential blood oozing. As a postoperative procedure the patient is seen the next morning regardless of whether the nipple reduction is accompanied by a mammoplasty or mastopexy. The patient is then seen a week later and then once a month for 3 months. All scars heal nicely. The nipple sensation is preserved in all cases. Remember to go for good surgeon who will take care of the sensitivity of nipple.

Ideally nipple reduction has to take into account the sensation and the function of the nipple not just its aesthetics. The procedure should work at preserving the nerve supply of the nipple. You will have to explain your doctor if you want the lactation function to be preserved.


About Contours

ContourHyd.com nipple reduction approach has advantages. It is a very simple technique to plan and execute when compared to other complex procedures. It is used to address both nipple over projection nipple and diameter. It is a physiological technique that preserves nipple sensation and does not interfere with lactation function.

Cost in India

The cost of the surgery will vary depending the professional expertise of the cosmetic surgeons and the technique or combination therapy of the surgery. A professional guidance is necessary for the valuing the procedure with step wise approach so its important to analyse your body and then go for procedure. It is strategically important to follow the protocol and the cost would vary from 80,000 to 1 lakh depending on the procedure of cosmetic surgery



Any female who wants to correct her nipple structure or wants nipple reduction. She should be matured female above the age of 18.

It delivers controlled and excellent results with the main scar that is hardly noticeably at the nipple areola junction.

There are no side effect.

Since it is high in nerve supply hence there will be increased sensitivity of nipple and areola.

You need to take care of the nipple and not stretch it with your fingers which can lead to elongation of the projected nipple.

Yes you can breast feed your baby.

Yes you can for combination therapy that suits you the best and as consulted by the physician.

A surgeon who has expertise in the breast correction therapy along with nipple reduction.

Yes you can do it as this is an external procedure.

Yes you need to sleep on your back after surgery for good healing process.

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