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Scar Revision Surgery in Hyderabad

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Scar Revision Surgery in Hyderabad


It’s very common question and asked to many of the surgeons and medical advisers that what is SCARS. Is it disease or skin problem? Is it a type of skin cancer? These types of questions are commonly asked by people. So let’s get some awareness about Scars and why it is seen in human. Scars are the way of your body to get healed after the skin has undergone trauma. These are the results of injury, surgery and other small injuries. It is somewhat disappointing that there is no way to completely disappear the Scars. They can only be diminished. The depth and size of Scars depend on location of injury, age, and gender.




Fight against the Scars is very big deal because once people develop the Scars, they are the permanent parts of your skin. The first and the most preferable and practically acceptable way to remove Scars is removing them by Surgical Procedure. In this process doctors and surgeons perform small operations to make sure its visibility gets down. In this process the size of Scars are reduced and its visibility gets down.The Laser Scar Removal is the most preferable and effective way to remove your Scars. Unlike first case it is non-invasive case of treatment. Surgeons use intense light to reduce the size of the Scars. Different types of laser removal are there. Laser treatment is easy and effective on most of the patients.

Sometimes some Scars rise above your skin, usage of steroids can shrink the size of Scars to make it even with your skin. Other injections include dermal filler or collagen.In this process some of the creams are used, like counter Scar removal cream and ointments are used to mirror the Scars. But all these things are only to be first prescribed by dermatologist and not used without prescription.

In this process dermatologist uses chemical solution to place on the scarring places. When the peels are removed smoother skins can be seen. This is the one of the best solution for getting smoother skins. Dermatologist uses a machine to remove small layers of skin from the places where Scars are visible. Similar to previous one it gives smoother texture to your skin.

Preparation to do before treatment

According to the conditions and the health of the patients they first identify the donors, he/she maybe himself/herself or the siblings or other people who are registered to do this types of good works. Initial check-up on cells and matching DNAs. Identification of scar type is most important and prime objective to get a successful treatment. There are mainly three types of Scars.Keloid Scars is the result of aggressive healing process, in this the main injury will be not as much danger as the scar. After some time it starts moving .Contracture Scars will be visible when the skin has been burnt. This tightens the skin and prevent the movement of skin. Hypertrophic Scars are similar to first case but not beyond the actual injury. They are seen as red scars. Acne Scars are the special cases of Scars and it has many types, ranging from deep spots to large spots.

After treatment – What to expect, recovery and results

The main fact about this is that sometimes Scars are not completely removable, but what surgeons can do is that they can make it less visible. It means surgeries are possible but only up to certain limits. Recovery is very fast in this case, patients should follow the instructions carefully without missing them. Patients will see visible difference in their skin texture after having treatment but it takes few days or a week to recover.

Recovery and results will depend on type of cell and patient’s own health. But in most of the cases patients are recovered in two days. Results are good in most of the cases.


Best clinic in India (Hyderabad)

Contourshyd is a registered and trustworthy clinic providing our services in multiple areas in Hyderabad. We graciously & wholeheartedly welcome people to experience the services offered by us. There are multiple cases where just a treatment is not the answer to a successful scar removal. However, in spite of this, our clinic encourages individuals to contact them in case of any queries.

Cost in India

It starts from minimum charge of 6,000 INR and varies from patients to patients and treatment to treatment. It can be upto few thousands and more.



It costs from 6,000 INR to few thousands and more.

It basically takes few hours to few days.

All patients suffering from Scars are the candidates.

All types of Scars can be treated.

You will see immediately difference and positive results.

Yes, but after a couple of days.

It is recovered in few days, or a week.

Very simple, choose right surgeons, follow the instructions, right procedure, find donor and take care of procedure.

Of course, because you need to follow their instructions if you don’t want to fail the surgery. So follow all the guidelines and instructions that have been given.

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