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Acne Treatment in Hyderabad

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Acne Treatment in Hyderabad


Now this is commonly asked question that why do people suffer with Acne Scars? So let’s know first that what is Acne Scar and how it happens. In most of the cases Acne Scars are the results of past unhappy life and anxiety or depression. So it is not actually a disease. It very common to get demotivated when one sees these types of problems. Some Acne Scars are permanent and some of them get removed as time passes. So there is no need to worry about. At Contours our experienced team of dermatologists provide effective Acne Treatment in Hyderabad to help reduce the appearance of acne and its symptoms. Get in touch today to schedule a consultation and start your journey to clearer skin.




Basically Acne Scar are treated in many different ways, we’ll get brief about some of the main and effective methods used for treating patients who are suffering from Acne Scars. The first and the most effective way to be free from your acne is to get treated by Dermabrasion treatment. In this procedure surgeons will use high speed brush and instruments to remove and resurface your skin. It takes several days to get healed.
Micro-Dermabrasion is the procedure where very small crystals at high speed are sprayed against the skin. Dermatologist or aesthetician uses this crystals to remove and resurface the Scars. Chemical peels are administered by a specialist and they use it to help the patients getting free from the skin problems. In some of the cases you can’t use traditional techniques to remove scars so this procedure is used and they are removed with the help of Retinoid Acid.

In some of the special case dermatologist can use laser to remove the scars. But this treatment requires special care. Collagen, hyaluronic acid or fat is used as a filler material and the scars are recovered. Punch excision is special case of surgery treatment; here the Acne Scars are removed individually excising or cutting them to resurface the skin texture. Skin Grafting is also a special case of small surgery. In this medical treatment doctor uses small and thin skins to fill the empty area of Scarred skin. This way your skin gets resurfaced and it gives confidence to the patients.

Before treatment – Which process should be selected?

Only surgeons can decide after checking the conditions of patients the most appropriate treatment. There are mainly three types of Acne Scars. Red spots are common in Macules case, their appearance will be flat. It’ll take weeks to go and they get removed on their own.Skin discolorationis common to see your skin getting discoloured and it happens because the healed Acne Scars leaves it as it is. Tissue Scars is a type of Acne which can leave enlarged scars and they increase tissue growth. Loss of tissues look like pots. They are most commonly seen.

After Treatment :- What to expect, recovery and results

The entire success of the treatment depends on which type of treatment is chosen and who’s doing surgery and treatment. It mostly depends on the health of the patients. In some of the cases the healing takes few months.After recovery patients can see visible difference between the surfaces (before and after treatment).


Acne Treatment in Hyderabad, India

Contourshyd is the best and affordable clinic for getting satisfied. It is located in Hyderabad, India. Contours is a plastic and aesthetic surgery center. They have many satisfied and happy customers. Here in Contours we provide many surgery services to customers. Plastic surgery, hair transplant, nose surgery, fat reduction, reconstruction, reshaping, facial care, skin care, and a lots of other surgeries that we do. We have 10,000+ happy customers, 100 + plastic procedures, 100% transparent ethical treatment and 16+ years of experience,

Cost in India

It depends on which treatment is used and how is the expertise of dermatologist. In most cases 350-1000 INR per session. It can be different according to conditions varies from hundreds to thousands and at times even lakhs.



It depends on various factors, minimum cost is around 350-500 INR but it increases with different conditions.

It depends on skin and the atmosphere; it also depends on surgery and treatment.

Yes, because it may use method of removing Scars, it can be scary.

If patients are scared they should understand that there is no need to worry about, they should get treated to have smooth skin.

There is no fixed timing for this treatment. It will vary from surgeon to surgeon and it varies from techniques to techniques. Also it depends on the technology.

You will see difference straightaway and positive results.

No, probably the surgeon will advise to take some rest, maybe one or two days you can take rest and get back to your work.

It takes some days and even few weeks but it still depends on the type of the treatment selected and the skills of the surgeons.

Very simple, choose right surgeons, follow the instructions, right procedure, find out patients needs.

Of course because you need to follow their instructions if you don’t want to fail the surgery. So follow all the guidelines and instructions.

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