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Spider Vein Treatment in Hyderabad – Sclerotherapy

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Spider Vein Treatment in Hyderabad – Sclerotherapy

An Overall view of spider vein treatment

Spider veins are damaged bloodlines or veins that sometimes surface on the skin of human face or leg. In most cases, this appearance of the damaged veins on the skin surface is not agonising or painful. Many people choose to remove these veins for cosmetic causes. The veins that appear on the skin surface can take the patterns of entangled web or tree branches. Sometimes they appear as thin fine lines on the skin. These veins can be red, purple or blue. Different treatments assist people to remove the appearance of spider veins from the surface of the skin. For most people who have spider veins in the legs, these bloodlines surface up only when the inner valves of the veins are damaged. The blood flows through the veins and carries it towards the heart. Sometimes blood can gather inside the veins and this pool of blood gets branched out causing spider veins. In some cases, these veins can be a continuous cause of discomfort for many due to which they opt for spider vein treatment.



The sequential Process of Spider Vein Treatment

The doctor’s advice the patients to go for sclerotherapy to remove the spider veins from the skin surface of the patients. The patients are instructed to opt for modernised spider vein removal procedures. These processes depend on the size as well as where in the body the spider veins are located. The removal of spider veins can be conducted without applying anaesthesia to the patients. The physicians treating a spider vein patient injects a solution in the affected veins directly. This liquid solution helps the veins to gradually fade as the veins are collapsed. Complete elimination of the spider veins can be conducted if the patients take several sessions of this treatment. The spider veins can also be treated effectively by wearing compression stockings. These stockings apply pressure on the veins that help in a better flow of blood through them. These stockings prevent pooling up of blood inside the veins and thus branching out of blood does not occur. Spider veins can also be treated through laser treatment. This procedure is only applicable where the size of the veins is smaller than 3 millimetres.

Things to Know before the Treatment:

The patients who opt for spider vein treatment needs to know some necessary information and details regarding the procedure. Certain risks are associated with the spider vein treatment that includes swelling for a temporary period, pain or agony, hyperpigmentation, blisters due to compression, hair growth in the areas of skin where the spider veins are located, allergy, damage of the nerves, migraines, and skin death and so on. After undergoing the treatment, one can face side effects such as these.

Recovery Measures Taken after Spider vein Treatment:

To facilitate quicker recovery after undergoing the spider vein treatment the patients need to follow the instructions of the doctors. They must take the right medicines at the right time. The dosage of medicines needs to be correct. The doctors often advise patients to wear compression stockings for at least three weeks after the treatment. The patients need to remove the bandages or tapes from the area of skin that is treated at the time instructed by the doctors. The doctors in most cases also ask the patients to avoid standing or continuously sitting at the same place for hours together. The patients need to walk or move if the spider vein treatment is done on the legs.


Contourshyd.com and the Doctors of This Clinic

The patients looking for Spider vein treatment require to rely on the clinics that offer the best facilities and treatments. The patients need to go to the doctors who can offer expert advice about Spider vein removal treatment. The treatment can be conducted in a non-surgical process or surgical process. Contourshyd.com is a clinic on which patients can place trust, as the physicians of this medical centre are very much skilled and experienced. The doctors have acquired huge knowledge in these fields. They can look into the problems confronted by the patients. The doctors try to enhance the satisfaction levels of the patients and offer the ultimate comfort. They discuss the most suitable treatment options with patients and study their past medical history. The doctors try to give instructions to the patient’s ways so that not a single trace of post-treatment complication surface up.

Cost of Spider vein Treatment in India:

The cost of spider vein treatment in India ranges from 80,000 rupees to 1-lakh rupees generally. The treatment is not provided in all clinics. The clinics that offer this treatment are located in the big cities in India and they charge money for the facilities and the high-end treatment that they deliver to patients. In the small towns, a limited number of clinics offer this treatment and they provide a cheaper medical package to patients.



In India, the expense of spider vein treatment begins from 80,000 rupees and ranges up to 1 lakh rupees. The cost soars up in the metropolitan cities as they offer the best possible treatment options. The cost is a little reduced in the smaller cities.

The treatment takes more or less one hour to be completed. For some patients, several sitting is needed though.

Patients belonging to any age group can go for spider vein treatment. The young adults and the people belonging to the age group of 20-30 mostly opt for this treatment.

There are no such dietary restrictions after the treatment. Although the doctors often advise patients to take light meals.

The results of spider vein treatment are in most cases permanent.

To observe the complete results a whole month is required after the treatment.

Using sunscreen, daily exercise, having healthy foods, skin massage is some useful preventive measures.

Infection, swelling, pain, discolouration of the skin, skin death, nerve damage are some of the risks associated with this treatment.

The treatment is not painful.

Both male and female can opt for spider vein removal treatment.

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