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Cryolipolysis in Hyderabad

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Cryolipolysis in Hyderabad


What is Cryolipolysis?

Left with lose skin after fat removal ? Go for Cryolipolysis. It is a non invasive non surgical non chemical fat loss treatment which ensures no sagging od\f skin that is no loose skin after fat removal.It is also called cool sculpting which is a leading non invasive fat reduction procedure. It is an innovative way to contour the body by freezing unwanted fat . It involves no surgery or minimal expected downtime. The cryolipolysis procedure works by delivering precisely controlled cooling to target the fat cells underneath the skin . The treated fat cells are then crystallized , frozen and destroyed then overtime your body naturally processes fats and eliminates these fat cells leading more sculpted you . It leads to reduction and breakdown of fat cells without damaging the nearby tissues of the body. The procedure is ideal for abdomen , love handles and back. Similar to liposuction surgeons use the cryolipolysis procedure to target areas of the body where its difficult to remove fat . It does not involve surgery cuts or anesthetic . Cold does not damage other cells the way it does fat cells so that there is no damage to the underlying tissue or skin. A person who has underlying metabolic condition or an unhealthy lifestyle may regain the lost fat .




Step 01

Consult a Cosmetic surgeon who is skilled and professional and will give you correct guidance about cryolipolysis . It is essential to talk to a doctor before choosing to have any fat removal procedure The measurement and photographs are taken to see and compare the desired results

Step 02

During the actual procedure , a vacuum applicator is placed on the skin to bring into contact with cooling panels. The surgeon vacuums the skin above the area of fatty tissue into an applicator that cools the fat cells . The cold temperature numbs the area and some may experience cooling sensation Patients feels a cold sensation for a few minutes as it produces an anesthetic effect

Step 03

The fat is cooled up to an hour. Anesthesia and pain medication is not required during the procedure. It is a painless procedure

Step 04

Frozen dead fat is excreted through the liver within several weeks of treatment revealing full results of fat loss within three months . The treatment takes 35 – 45 minutes per applicator , an average is 4 – 6 but this is often performed in one session

Step 05

Some people report soreness at the site of cryolipolysis similar to that of intense workout

Preparation before the procedure

Before the procedure the cosmetic surgeon will review the patient’s medial history . This is the time for the doctor and patient to discuss expectations , potential risk and outcomes of the surgery


Cryolipolysis has no recovery time. Patients can resume their normal activity the same day. Cryolipolysis typically requires multiple therapy and treatment sessions.Patients will observe a typical decrease in bulge in two to four months . Redness in the treated area lasting for few hours can be seen. Localized bruising that usually clears within few hours .After the procedure it may take 4 – 6 months for the fat to leave the body . In that tim ethe area of fat will decrease by average of 25 %. Lifestyle and other factors play an important role . A person who continues to eat an unhealthy diet and remains sedentary while undergoing cryolipolysis can expect less fat reduction . Destroying fat cells will not prevent the new cells from reapperaing . Hence a healthy lifestyle is vital to preserve the results of cryolipolysis .


Cost in India

Because cryolipolysis is a cosmetic procedure that does not reat an underlying condition insurance does not typically cover the costs Areas with more fat may require more session . A skilled provider can guide you accordingly . The double chin can cost you around 60000 to 75,000 where as the tummy area can cost around 1 lakh to 1 lakh 50 thousand in India . The prices may vary depending on the skill and the machines or the method used by the cosmetic surgeon

About Contours

A professional skilled team of surgeon and therapist will be alble to guide you perfectly about the cryolipolysis. At ContourHyd.com we make sure that each and every patient receives that satisfaction of confident body and the enhancing personality that she or she desires from getting the benefits or the fat removal procedure. The attempt is mainly for healthy relationship between the patient and doctor so that the surgeon understands correctly each and every unique need of the patient .



The ideal candidates are relatively fit but have small amount of stubborn fat that cannot be easily reduced by diet or exercise

There are no long term or significant side effect .

No anesthesia or pain medication is required during the procedure

Yes it is safe and non invasive procedure.

The procedure is safe but people should be aware of potential side effects. Rate of complications and side effects are lower than surgical liposuction

There is no damage to skin and tissue hence no recovery time

Cryolipolysis have good amount of higher success rate . But it not a miracle cure .

Cryolipolysis can destroy the fat cells and those particular cells will not return

For those who want instant results can go for liposuction  which is more invasive surgery

Yes but you need to consult the cosmetic surgeon who will take down your entire medical history to review it

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