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Armlift Surgery in Hyderabad

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Armlift Surgery in Hyderabad


Arm lift is also known as Brachioplasty is a cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance of arms. Aging, weight fluctuations make the skin of our upper arm lose and saggy which causes droopiness of undersides of our upper arms. Sometimes exercise and diet cannot help with this when the skin loses its elasticity. An arm lift removes excess skin and localized pockets of fat between the elbow and armpit. It tightens and smoothes the skin of the upper arm.




The procedure usually takes one to three hours.

It mainly includes three steps


A first and most important step is choosing a reputed and board-certified doctor who is a specialist and has experience of cosmetic surgery. Talk about your expectations of arm lift. Explain your desire for an arm lift and make sure you ask about the benefits and risks of surgery.

Discuss your medical history with your plastic surgeon. Discuss any medications you are taking including any drug or herbal supplements or past medical conditions.

Avoid smoking for a week before surgery as it slows down the flow of blood and reduces the healing process.


You may have to wear bandages for some time. You may notice some soreness, bruising and swelling in the treated area. It will reduce within a few days. Use cool compresses to reduce it.

It’s very normal to feel minor discomfort after surgery. Use pillows and keep your arms elevated. This helps in circulation and reduces swelling.

It takes less than a week for the recovery after the arm lift surgery. After this, you can resume your normal activities. Avoid strenuous physical activities like weight lifting, jogging, badminton, swimming, etc. Stay hydrated and takes a healthy and balanced diet. It helps in recovery.

Avoid smoking and alcohol for a week. It will help in faster recovery. Smoking reduces the healing process.

You can fully resume normal activities after 4 to 6 days.

It carries long-lasting results although some factors can disturb it like aging results in sagging of skin and disturbance in weight management can hinder the results. So try to maintain your weight after the surgery.



The right clinic is vital for best results and minimum chances of complications. It is very important to choose a board-certified and a reputed clinic for your cosmetic surgery and who meets your expectations. Contourshyd.com meets all the needs of patients and we have an expert team of doctors who are experienced in this field. Our clinic is a reputed clinic and has all advanced types of equipment. The staff is very cooperative and caring and gives you a comfortable environment. Meeting patients’ expectations is our top priority and we provide satisfying results.


In India these procedures are less expensive than other countries. Usually, In India the cost of arm lift ranges between Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 2 lakh. The cost depends on the different aspects like the city, experience of doctor and the extent of the surgery.



Not necessarily but few patients can be asked to stay for a night under observation if there is any need for observation and medications after surgery.

Not as much but if any patient is significantly overweight and has frequently changed his/her weight then there may be some chances of contradiction.

The patients who are healthy and having loose saggy skin are good candidates for arm lift surgery. Aging results in sagging of skin which results in drooping. So people who have lost weight and have saggy skin in the upper arm region or who have saggy skin to aging are good candidates for arm lift.

Usually, results are long-lasting but the aging can make the skin naturally lose its firmness and sagging may occur. Maintaining a healthy weight helps in retaining results.

Every surgery involves pain that’s why the surgeries are performed under the anesthesia. There is some discomfort associated which is very common in every treatment.

Yes, there is but the surgeon always tries to keep it in the areas where it is not visible easily and is very minimal.

Recovery takes usually a week. For fast recovery follow the post care instructions given by your doctor. Avoid smoking and strenuous activities. Keep arm activities limited, it will help in quicker recovery.

No, It only removes extra fat and tightens your skin. It is not a magical process by which you will get muscular arms.

The patient needs to know that scars in arm lift are long and it can take a minimum of six months to maximum one year to complete the healing process. It is very normal to have scabs after the treatment.

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