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Hair Parting Balding in Hyderabad

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Hair Parting Balding in Hyderabad


Female parting baldness or pattern baldness is also known as androgenic alopecia. It occurs due to the over-production of the male hormone androgen in females. There are non-invasive treatments for the condition. But only hair transplantation provides a permanent solution. There are two transplantation techniques for female pattern baldness. These are FUT(Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE( Follicular Unit Extraction). FUT is the traditional method while FUE is the newer technique.



Procedure of Surgery

Doctors perform hair transplantation under mild anesthesia of 6 hours or more. They may also use local anesthesia. The hair gets washed with a medicated shampoo. The scalp is also treated with an anti-bacterial formula. For FUE, shaving the donor site is necessary. Donor hair comes from the back or side of the head where the hair density is highest. In FUE, the surgeon uses a punch tool to create micro-punches around a hair follicle in the donor site. In the transplantation site, the surgeon creates small punctures using a micro-blade. He then inserts the hair follicles in these punctures.

In FUT, the surgeon removes a strip of hair using a surgical scalpel from the donor site. He makes an incision in the recipient site and implants the strip there. FUT takes less time than FUE since one incision replaces many follicles at a time. FUE requires several hours and more than one sitting usually. But FUE does not cause extensive scars as FUT.

Preparations to do before the treatment

Get checked by a dermatologist to know if you need hair transplantation. Sometimes the issue is underlying and solvable by medication and changing your lifestyle. But he may order a folliculoscopy if the problem is chronic or permanent. Based on this, he may recommend hair transplantation.Always choose a board-certified plastic surgeon for the surgery. Make sure he has enough experience in hair transplantation. Ask your surgeon to explain exactly what he plans to do. He will decide the best pattern for the removal and transplantation of follicles. This ensures a natural look for your new hair pattern.
Consult with your surgeon about any medications you are taking. If you have been undergoing some other treatment for hair loss, discuss it with your surgeon. If not, you may have to start one 1-2 months before the surgery. Treatments for underlying syndromes will also continue.You will have to stop smoking and alcohol consumption for the time being. Adopt a light diet before, during and after the procedure for some time.

After the procedure

Redness, swelling and discomfort may occur after the procedure. The doctor will prescribe analgesics for this. The doctor will also prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection. He will put you on some hair loss medication if you are not on one already. One should keep their head elevated for some days after the operation. This helps the grafted follicles settle well into their new positions. Wait at least 24 hours before using shampoo. Use only the prescribed shampoo.
Avoid combing or scratching your hair for a few days after the procedure. Do not use a wig, hair dye or other such hair product for two weeks after the transplantation. The doctor will remove the stitches of FUT two weeks after the procedure. Maintain a balanced, light and healthy diet. Consult with your doctor before taking any medication.You may experience post-operative shock hair loss 4-6 weeks after the surgery. Hair will start regrowing 3-4 months after the transplantation. Full restoration occurs after 12-18 months.


About Contourshyd

Hair is a big source of confidence for women. You should get hair transplantation done from a reputed clinic only. Otherwise, you may end up in a worse situation than before. Contourshyd provides premium service when it comes to hair transplantation. Contourshyd has an expert team of doctors and staff who ensure the best results only. We take amazing care of our patients before, during and after the procedure. That is why we are the best in Hyderabad and one of the best in the country.

Cost in India

Hair transplantation is an expensive procedure. It can cost anything between ₹30,000 to ₹1,00,000 for the basic procedure. This will increase with the area of transplant and the number of sessions necessary. Also, FUE is more costly than FUT.



The most common cause of baldness in women is female pattern baldness. PCOD, pregnancy and hormonal imbalance are common causes. It is hereditary and usually shows up after 40 years of age.

Female parting baldness is irreversible. But treatments exist to prevent further hair loss. Some will even help regrow some of the hair. For a more permanent solution, you should opt for hair transplantation.

Parting can contribute to baldness. The continuous impact of the comb at the same line injures the hair follicles. This will impede healthy hair growth. It is best to keep changing the parting line to prevent this.

For a non-invasive solution, you can use Minoxidil. You should also get treated for the problem causing the hair loss. If nothing works, the last resort is hair transplantation.

Hair lost due to temporary situations grows back once the cause is gone. This includes illness, medications or stress. Hair loss due to alopecia is usually not regained. Hair transplant is the only solution then.

If the cause of hair loss returns, so will bald spots. Treatment should continue for a chronic condition. Try to avoid stress and eat healthy to prevent further loss.

You should change your hair part every few days. This will help the hair roots breath and the hair follicles stay perky. It will also prevent constant pulling of the roots in the same place and reduce the chances of balding.

Switching up your hair part rejuvenates the scalp, allowing better blood flow. It also prevents hair loss due to thinning and breakage.

It depends on the cause of hair loss. Hair loss due to alopecia usually does not grow back by itself. But that due to temporary stress or disorders do.

The B-group vitamins are most effective in hair retention, regrowth and loss prevention. Of these, biotin is the best for fighting female parting baldness.

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