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Breast Implants Specialist in Hyderabad

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Breast Implants Specialist in Hyderabad

What is small breast implants?

Want that lean body which you have achieved with dieting and exercise but need those breast enhanced without having larger breast.Here is the perfect choice and technique what many women are going for is mini job of small breast implant to enhance their bust stats. It is one of mini job procedure. When we talk about breast implants, it is most probable that we are thinking of increasing the breast size and shape. These days woman are seeking for smaller breast implants which looks in accordance with their body size and shape with subtle increase in the breast size. Today there are many patient who just want the shape and contouring to be enhanced that is they are looking for small breast implants which is to increase basically the cup size to be more specific. These smaller breast size can be preferred by active women who don’t want larger size. A woman may want to correct asymmetry of her breast might need small implant procedure to return to the pre pregnancy shape if they have deflated look.




Here are the three easy steps to the small breast implant procedure.

Step 1

Consult the surgeon. This is the initial and first step to consult a surgeon as he will be able to guide you regarding the contouring of shape and size of breast in accordance with your body. Just going for breast implants isn’t right.

Step 2

Choose the correct type of small breast implant. The surgeon places these implants under the breast tissue with minimal scarring .There are two primary implants :
Saline implants: Saline implants have several benefits. They can be inserted when deflated so small incision are made at skin folds. This will allow the surgeon to substantially control ove rthe size of breast and give more balanced and symmetric appearance
Silicon implants for smaller breast sugumentation.
This is other option for small breast implant . Although they are pre filled there are many sizes to choose from giving it natural feeling
Natural breast augumentation : This is other option if you want natural fat transfer from one body part to another . The fat is injected to the breast for subtle change or increase

Step 3

Check the size. Make sure that you check the size of your breast after the procedure to check the results as far as fullness is concerned.


Shorter and comfortable recovery period since smaller implants are easier to be placed in the body with less stretching and less trauma . Support garments are necessary for patients undergone breast implants after the procedure.
Also you have to refrain from lifting or doing any strenuous exercise for 6 weeks
Smaller breast implants have several benefits
Natural look
Less trauma to breast tissue
Less risk of nerve damage
Shorter and more comfortable recovery
Less change in appearance
Less likelyhood of being seen in thin women
There is no such thing that one size fits all. There are various sizes of implants depending on the shape and size of the breast . The surgeon will notify you after the screening which suits you best.

Preparation before the surgery

After consulting the surgeon make sure you take a healthy diet and water intake. Your cosmetic surgeon might inform you to get a mammogram or ultrasound done to check if you are physically fit for the surgery. This is a very important step and crucial from indication point of view . Avoid taking aspirin and anti inflammatory drugs or herbal supplements which can increase bleeding . The surgeon places silicone, saline or alternative composite breast implants under the chest muscles or breast tissues .Wash your hair and cleanse your body with antibacterial soap. You want to boost your self esteem by doing this small breast implant procedure . Make sure you maintain hygiene.


About Contours

Make sure that you approach a well equipped and branded clinic like Contourhyd.com who not only takes care about placing the implants in the breast tissue but also makes sure of the size of implant and the procedure with contouring the shape of breast in accordance with the body. Our highly skilled board certified cosmetic surgeon can guide you the best possible procedure and in skilled fashion with the ContoursHyd.com

Cost in India

The cost in India would vary depending on the procedure of treatment and which quality implants are needed which is to be taken care by the cosmetic surgeon. The cost will vary from 70,000 to 90,000 depending on the reputed brand of clinic and surgery technique. In general the prices clinic charge would depend upon various factors such as implant equipment and above all the surgeon who is skilled and experienced.



Yes it is a safe procedure

No there are no side effects.

Yes potentially less sagging since gravity will have lesser effect on lighter breast implant than heavier ones

No there are no complications with the procedure

You need to take some rest after the procedure however you can exercise after 6 weeks of time . Light walking is however allowed

Yes you can resume work as the swelling comes down in 48 hours of rest

A girl or a woman above the age of 15 with maturity after the development of breasts as hormonal changes are likely to occur below that age is the best suited candidate

There is no pain during the p.rocedure as anesthesia is given.

There is no scarring or post scar mark after the surgery

There might be some swelling which will occur after the procedure however it will settle down within 48 – 72 hours.

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