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Chemical Peeling Treatment in Hyderabad

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Chemical Peeling Treatment in Hyderabad

Overview of skin peel treatment

A skin peel is considered a procedure that helps to get rid of the dead tissue cells of the skin by chemical peeling. The method thus assists in the skin-resurfacing to grow the dead tissue and make it smoother and younger. The skin peeling treatment also helps in treating wrinkles, scars as well as face discoloration where the result is long-lasting. With the help of chemical peel treatments, the surgery is performed in deep, medium and light layers depending on the desire of the affected scar area. With the chances of high success rates, the methods of chemical skin peel treatment help in making the skin feature sharpers.



Procedures of the treatment

With various types of skin problems across the world, the chemical skin peel treatment aids patients in gaining flawless skin tone. The light chemical skin peel method is majorly used to reduce the wrinkle lines by applying a superficial light. The light layer not only fades the wrinkle lines but also reduces the chances of the return of the face problems. The medium peel is based on the removal of dead skin tissues. The medium skin peel can effectively participate in treating acne, facial scars, and even rough skin tone. The medium skin peel must be maintained every after one year to gain the best results. The deep skin peel treatment effectively removes the dead skin from the epidermis. In case of severe face problems, this treatment will enhance facial appearances by making it acne-free.

Things one must follow before the treatment

The skin peel treatment is a painless treatment, which is conducted by local aesthetic making the surface numb. In addition, by taking a painkiller or sedative will reduce the caused pain after the treatment. The doctors will prescribe few medicines prior to the treatment. Smoking and drinking alcohol must be avoided. In the case of a medium level skin peel, the pain is bearable. There are few after effect of the skin treatment that needs to be diagnosed. If an injection is caused on the skin surface, the doctors should immediately stop the peeling treatment.

Postoperative Measures:

The healing process can be quickened by taking some post-surgery measures. The patients need to follow proper guidelines so that the recovery timing can be reduced. There are different kinds of chemical peels. The application of these peels can result in swelling or inflammation. The parts of the skin where the chemical peels are applied sometimes burn. Blisters can occur due to the application of the deep or medium chemical peels. These can sprout out after one to two weeks from the treatment. The patients need to avoid exposure to UV rays and direct sunlight. The prescribed medications are needed to be taken in proper time with proper dosage. The skin must not be rubbed and the patients need to stop smoking and in taking alcohol.


Contourshyd.com and the doctors Of This Clinic:

In case of such treatments, people need to consult good doctors and especially a very good clinic where the modern facilities can be provided to the patients. The doctors are needed to be extremely efficient and competent. They must have a vast knowledge regarding chemical skin peel treatment and must also have enough experience to handle such cases. Contourshyd.com is a very reliable clinic and doctors appointed here are very must skilled & professional. They try to perform an in-depth study of the prior medical records of the patients so that they can advise the best skin peel method. Their ultimate goals are to offer the patients the utmost satisfaction and full comfort.

Charges Of Skin Peel Surgery In India:

For skin peel treatment in India, the patients are charged more or less 1500 to 3000 rupees per seating. For some patients, several sittings are needed. In the metro cities, the clinics charge more as they deliver high-quality skin peel treatment to the patients. In the comparatively smaller towns, the charges for the skin peel treatment are lower. In rural medical clinics, such facilities are usually not provided.



With the growth of several skin problems like acne, scars and skin discolouration, skin peeling is considered as an effective method that not only helps in the reduction of the dead tissue cells but also makes the surface area healthy.

The standard cost of the skin peeling treatment is 1500 rs to 3000 rs per session. However, the price of the sitting varies as per the geographic locations of the clinic

The treatment is not at all painful as before the surgery initiates, the patients are provided with sedative and pain killers. Also, local anaesthesia is done by using numbing agents.

The age group to undergo skin peeling surgery varies from 21-40.

The success rate of the treatment is high, which is more than 90%.

During the recovery period, the patients must avoid exposure to UV rays as well as direct sunlight. Doctors instruct patients to quit smoking and excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks. They need to apply the potions and ointments as prescribed by the physicians.

In order to complete the entire recovery process, it takes about two weeks for the patient to be completely cured.

Yes, the results are usually permanent in case of chemical skin peel treatment.

There are certain risks associated with the treatment such as scarring, discoloration of the skin, infections on the portion of the skin, where the chemical skin peels are applied. Sometimes, damage to liver, kidney, and heart can also occur.

The skin peel treatment can be easily performed on any person, irrespective of the gender.

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