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Cheek Bone Augmentation Surgery in Hyderabad

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Cheek Bone Augmentation Surgery in Hyderabad

Overview of malar implant

In order to get sculpted facial features, there are several techniques that are adopted by the people to sharpen the overall appearance. Visible contours and proportionate facial angles are the desired features of every woman nowadays. Therefore, with the advancement of several techniques, cheek and chin implants (malar surgery) have gained limelight that will not only augment the facial outlook but will also help in sharpening the features to enhance facial appearance. Facial appearance, in general, is determined by three aspects, which are fat, skin and the underlying facial bones. Few surgical, as well as non-surgical processes, will help in conducting the treatments to make the appearance sharp. In addition to that, it is also recommended that candidate with good physical features and psychological condition must undertake the concept of cheek and chin implant so that the recovery procedure is not a painful one.



Details about the procedure

The process is not at all painful as medications are administered for the comfort of the patients before the surgical treatment. Therefore, the doctor recommends local anaesthesia. If it is the cheek implant, the specific area that is supposed to be augmented must be studied carefully. Since the entire procedure is associated to improve the facial features, the doctors must be very careful about the incision and the treatment procedures. Apart from that in case of the chin implant, the insulation is generally done inside the patient’s mouth that will help in joining the gums with the lower lip. The jawbone sculpting is also associated with the malar implants that will help in enhancing the facial balance widely.

Things to do before the surgery

It is very essential to consult a doctor before the entire procedure of the surgery. During Facelift surgery, the entire procedure requires careful attention. The consultation session with the doctors will help in gaining knowledge of the risks and the beneficial aspects of the surgery. The discussion will help in understanding the real cause regarding the surgery. Few dietary restrictions should be followed. Avoiding smoke and preventing alcohol consumption will help in keeping a healthy balanced diet before the surgery. The doctors prescribe to avoid the intake of a few medicines like aspirin, or any sedative prior to the surgery.

Postoperative measures

Few after-effects are noticed but with the continuous doctor’s consultation, the problems are resolved. Bruises, swellings are common after-effects that are reduced with dressings, eating proper medicines. Facial exercise is another important aspect that helps in the cheek and chin augmentation. The non-surgical procedure involving the exercises are very time-consuming. Whereas the surgical procedure is quick and the results are lost lasting. Few side effects are there that are associated with the painful aspects of the surgery. Infections and other risks are also associated with the malar surgery that is recovered with time.


Contourshyd.com and its surgeons

Contourshyd.com is a popular medical brand that actively participates in facilitating the patients with effective and affordable packages of malar surgery. The advanced clinical department of the brand has undertaken several strategic methods that enable the doctors to treat the patients with utmost care and satisfaction. The doctors of the group come up with vivid discussions that educate patients about the surgery and what are the risks that are associated with the surgery. The nursing group of Contourshyd.com are efficient enough to make the patients comfortable in all surgeries.

Cost of the surgery in India

The standard cost in India regarding the treatment of the malar surgery ranges from Rs 80,000 to 1 lac. Prices come with the package depending on the advanced mechanism of the equipment used. However, geographic locations also play a huge role in determining the price of the treatments. In the case of the metropolitan cities, where the availability of the facilities are more the prices are high. In the case of the rural areas, a lack of expert doctors also retains. How much the price fluctuates, it is very essential to always consult a doctor before the entire procedure of the treatment?



Malar implant is a kind of surgery that helps in enhancing the facial appearance by sharpening the visible features. The entire process of the malar implant includes cheeks, chin as well as jaw sculpting surgery that helps the patients to improve the facial outlook.
Several techniques are there which includes the burning of fats from the underlying face areas, recovering the facial bones to get a sculpted look. The treatment is initiated by the mesial clockwise rotation of the zygomatic maxillary complex that will reduce the entire molar volume.
The entire malar surgery is effective that helps the patients to enhance the features of the faces. It is also the most effective process to sharpen the outlook and make one more presentable.
The standard cost of the surgery varies from Rs 80,000 to 1lac. However depending on the geographical locations of the clinics the range fluctuates.
The treatment is not at all painful as before the initial of the surgery a mild sedative is given to the patients. In addition to that, in most of the cases, a local anaesthetic is applied.
Both the surgical and the non-surgical malar treatment is associated with the rejuvenation process of the facial features. The contouring aspects benefit the patients to reshape their facial appearances through painless therapy.
Few risks are associated with the surgery like the appearance of bruises, swelling of the face, infection, redness and many more.
The doctors prescribe the patients follow a healthy balanced diet. Smoking and drinking alcohol should be strictly avoided prior to surgery.
Yes, both male and female are applicable to undergo the surgical procedures of malar.
The suitable age group is between 25-35 to perform the surgery.
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