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Micro Needling in Hyderabad

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Micro Needling in Hyderabad


It is a process of puncturing the skin using tiny needles with a derma roller. It gets done to generate facial collagen. Facial collagen helps the skin to pumper and becoming smooth. It is a facial treatment that is helpful for scar removal and acne. It is also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT). This treatment gets done by a tool called dermapen. This tool has tiny needles at the edge, which makes little holes in the highest top layer of the skin. This needle pricking acts like a bunch of minute injuries on the skin. Further, it sets the skin into the therapeutic mode, collagen stimulation, and production of elastin. It results in the skin to plump and improvement in the appearances.




The procedure goes down the line when firstly, the surgeon applies a numbing lotion on the skin of the patient. The process then moves to the next step of using a smoothing serum and face mask for hydration. Then, they have two options to choose from. First is to roll a derma roller gently over the surface of the skin in scattered directions. Second is to use a dermapen to create minute holes in the surface of the skin.

The duration of this procedure is about 30-40 minutes. This process is entirely painless. Nevertheless, you can experience redness around the treated area. But, after a couple of days, you’ll see that the redness has subsided, and the glowing skin has begun to showcase itself. The procedure would help you to treat every skin-related problem. The problems might be of the wrinkles, fine lines, hyper-pigmentation, etc.


Ere the process, you should consult your specialist regarding the ways through which you can get prepared beforehand. These preparations are critically essential for the best possible results. The doctor may suggest you to stop consuming certain medicines well in advance to avoid any side effects. These medications can be ibuprofen given for the treatment of acne and many more. Then it is to wash the skin thoroughly to clean the oils and dirt. You should apply any sunscreen daily before the treatment. The specialists would ask you to abandon VitaminA, RetinaA creams for 4-5 days before the procedure. Subsequently, it is advised to use suitable home care products. Also, it would be required to use a gentle moisturizer and cream for 48 hours before the treatment. It would help if you got mentally prepare for the procedure to avoid any last-minute anxiety for the new ones.

AFTER THE PROCEDURE(expect, recovery and results)

You need not wash face directly after the treatment at least for 5-6 hours. After a few hours, rinse your face following, which applies gentle cleanser and moisturizer, as suggested. It is advised to shower since it provides the facility to massage while washing. Also, avoid any alcohol-based toners for a couple of weeks. Minimal makeup can be applied only after two days and not before that. It is recommended not to go swimming for at least a day as it can cause a reaction. After the treatment, you would notice that your fine lines, hyper-pigmentation has improved. It would also benefit the tonal appearance. Your skin will start glowing after a couple of sitings itself. Additionally, you won’t be experiencing any pain during the treatment or post the surgery.



It is crucial to select a recognized clinic which constitutes of a skilled unit of masters, employees, and advanced varieties of equipment. Contourshyd provides the most favourable micro-needling treatment with proven upshots. Our professionals have long-term knowledge in micro-needling operations, so you don’t necessitate to grieve about security. Also, our troupe is notably welcoming and attending. Our pre-eminence is to deliver our consumers happy and satisfactory about the surgery and executing the gratifying effects. Also, the technology used for micro-needling is laboratory accredited.


The price of micro-needling in India varies from 2000-15000 INR. The fee also depends on the treatment area as well as the city and state in India. It is undoubtedly high in a metropolitan city. One of the significant factors which come into consideration for high prices of this treatment is the reputation of the clinic and the doctor you are getting it done. It is always advised to get the procedure done from professionals regardless of the price. However, the treatment charges can get reduced according to the packages provided by the skincare clinic.



No, it just stings while performing it; no such severe pain occurs; it is a highly certified as a painless procedure.

Yes, it shrinks the pores and also reduces acne scars, fine lines, etc.

The cost depends upon the centre, city, clinic location, specialists, etc. It is not too cheap, but it is also not expensive. It varies from 2000-15000 INR.

Jeopardies are sparse; those happen when the illegal person performs the micro-needling — the ones who don’t possess a license. It will only show the redness on the skin area, nothing major at all.

It pricks when the needle starts puncturing your skin, which causes a stingy sensation. It doesn’t produce any intractable discomfort on or after the treatment.

Yes, a minimum downtime can get expected not more than of few days after which you continue your works, exercises, and profession, etc.

One would be delighted with the on-the-spot change after the first sitting itself. It diversifies from person to person of around 40-70%.

It can securely be repeated every four to six weeks as the doctor prescribes. But a couple of weeks should pass between every single session.

Everything can go worse if not pay to heed so to avoid any uncalled blunders do as prescribed and advised. Follow all the instructions of the doctors carefully to prevent any such harm.

This treatment removes the apparent manifestations caused naturally or artificially. However, it permanently deletes the light scars.

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