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Laser Liposuction in Hyderabad

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Laser Liposuction in Hyderabad


What is laser liposuction ?

Laser liposuction means melting away the fat with laser therapy .It is a traditional and scientific method of dissolving fat and giving that trimmer body. It does not involve surgery. It is a painless procedure with a laser beam like instrument which target fat cells in the abdomen or the belly region. Liposuction is one of the most popular fast fixes. It is an optimial way of the enhanced technique which is classic yet very common in many slimming centers . It gives boost to burn fat if you club up with following a strict diet plan and working out in the gym. Especially targeted in dissolving the subcutaneous fat which is present below the skin
There are two types of fat
White fat which is subcutaneous fat and easy to melt with laser lipolysis
Brown fat or essential fat ids important for providing a covering to various internal organs
Fat is a nutrient. It is important to provide energy by using up the fat from the diet. But sometimes when we cannot use up the fat it tends to form the storage fat in the body. Laser liposuction gives a boost to lose this stored fat to be maintained with diet and working out in the gym




Step 01

Proper consultation and guidance for the type of body which has fat which is effective for laser liposuction If you are dreaded about surgery and would not like to go for it then you will need about 8 – 10 sessions to dissolve the fat that has just started accumulating or else you have gone for surgery before and you need some boost of fat loss, this procedure will help you to stimulate your belly metabolism as well. By metabolism it means the digestion power . A perfect expert in the field of cosmetic medicine will take a call depending on your body and the kind of procedure required. Intial consultation and guidance is essential

Step 02

Measurements as far as inches and centimeters are concerned needs to be taken before the procedure and body weight measurement in kilograms.

Step 03

A cooling gel is applied during the procedure. Laser liposuction is a minimal invasive procedure that uses heat from the fibre optic lasers at various wavelengths to melt body fat which involves removing fat from the body using vacuum suction. The benefits of laser liposuction is that it spurs production of collagen making the skin more tighter.

Step 04

A cooling gel is wiped off during this step of the procedure. Patient don’t suffer from any major complication other than minor redness if the skin is sensitive. Integrating laser liposuction is essential with a diet chart to be followed to reduce the uptake of bad fats in the diet and include good fats and high protein diet is essential.

Step 05

Measurements after the procedure to compare how much inch  and fat loss is done is essential with maintaining of the body weight which is essential before each and every session

Preparation before the procedure

The consultant will ask for detailed history about your diet and what you have been taking in form of food. Many people don’t try liposuction because they fear that the skin sags . This is especially true for people who wants to lose the abdominal fat and want the skin to retract . It takes a lot of effort by the expert surgeon to have multiple procedures to target droopy stomach , backsides and other notoriously pesky problem areas . A well definite targeted consultation on body areas is essential as the first step towards the procedure Combining lipoplasty with laser liposuction as maintenance therapy now helps in achieving sculpted body for longer time .


This procedure will aim at giving that boost for fat loss and show some instant results which is seen after the procedure. When clubbed with good healthy diet and simple exercises it aims us in getting that healthy body .Also the there is no muscle or bone loss which is the best part of the treatment as it aims at the fat loss.


Cost in India

It depends on the number of sessions included in the package. A package of 12 sessions at gap of one week per session would cost somewhere around 30,000 to 50,000 in India. Per session costing for around 3000 for 60 minutes to boost fat loss

About Contours

A team of expert surgeon and physician is essential to analyses the affected areas. A need of proper consultation is needed rather than going for the best technique focus on the essential part of the cosmetic surgeon as liposuction (both traditional and laser assisted) is generally considered to be a safe procedure when in qualified and experienced hands of our cosmetic surgeon at Contours.



Yes it is a safe procedure to give a natural boost to fat loss

You need to go through facts and have a defined consultation with the expert surgeon

Yes a good certified surgeon will help you with this therapy and yoou will be in safer hands

No there is no side effect of laser liposuction

Remember through this procedure people are not looking to shed major pounds but to boost fat loss .

Yes if you don’t maintain appropriate weight then it tends to reocur

After your body analysis ,Our expert surgeon can advise you on this

Laser liposuction is suitable for the belly area and also for areas where there is unwanted fat deposit

No risk involved other than some redness if you are sensitive

No you need to maintain weight .It is just to boost fat loss which you cannot do with the diet and working out at gym

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