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Crooked Nose Surgery in Hyderabad

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Crooked Nose Surgery in Hyderabad


A crooked or deviated nose can be simply understood as a nose that is not aligned in a straight vertical line down in the central part of the face. A sidewise view portrays a hooked appearance of the nose. The range of deviated nose varies from minute to massive deviation. Crooked nose surgery is a cosmetic surgery intended to correct the alienation of the nose. The operation even includes correcting the septum.




The repairing function of a crooked nose involves variety of treatment ranging from simple to more complex ones. The deviation of the nose is generally caused by deflection of the bony upper one third part of the nose or the two third part of the nose housing the cartilages. The operation is very intricate and involves re establishing proportion and balance without hindering the normal functioning of the nose.
The procedure even includes correction of irregular sinus and even removal of any sort of nasal obstruction.
The surgery is commenced by ether general or local anaesthesia. Small cuts are then made between the nostrils and even on the inner part of the nostril. The nose skin is then carefully separated from the bone and cartilage layer.
Our super efficient doctors then perform the correction treatment by removing or adding cartilage, bone or skin. In many cases all the three are added and subtracted in the required proportion.
Mostly closed surgery is adopted where slits and cuts are made in the area in and around the nose. In closed surgeries no cut is made on the outer part of the nose and thus chances of scars on the outer surface is almost nil. A celebrated surgical instrument namely osteotome is utilised for reshaping the bones of the nose through means of cutting the bones. The cutting of the bone is the prior step before any sort of repositioning can be done. Our doctors made careful cuts on the bone incrementally along the upper portion of the bridged part and even along the sideways portion of the nose. The osteotome is inserted through the skin of the nostrils along the bridge. Medical and then subsequent lateral osteotomy is employed for the purpose. The nose bones is then conveniently moved and put in order along the midline position.
At the end a cast is suitably located in the nose to fix the desired position of the nasal bones. You can remove the cast around 5 to 10 days later from the date of the surgery. Mild swelling is normal and you must not panic owing to the same.

Preparation to do before the treatment

It is extremely important to properly prepare before the crooked or deviated nose surgery is undergone. We fix an appointment with the surgeon who is to operate on you. The doctor firstly studies your medical history and condition with detailed introspection. If your are on any blood thinning medication like Clopidogrel, you must stop in taking it 2 weeks prior the scheduled operation date.

Your medical history helps the doctors fix a clear trajectory of the operation. Which condition of anaesthesia would suit you and what type of surgical proceeding would be well in line with your condition of health is fixed beforehand.

Next technical photographs of your nose from varied angle are taken to design a suitable reshape. What kind of shape you desire and what could be the feasible outcome of the operation is mixed and matched and the final design is drawn.

Our super methodological software is then utilised after fetching the photographs into the machine. Digital design clearly portrays the proceedings of the operation and even the final outcome of the surgery.

Lastly all general checkups including blood test are made before arriving at the final schedule and proceedings of the operation.

After the procedure (expect, recovery and result):

After the operation is completed successfully you will be under close monitoring for an hour or so. Our team is trained to take complete care of your health post surgery. Any deviation from the usual norm of recovery is quickly taken care of.

After you get back home, you are to be vigilant in maintaining some strict instructions. All robust exercise must be avoided to eradicate the possibility of any sort of facial stress. You should not bend low or down as it could lead to rush of blood through the nose.

Eat food that can be swollen without much exertion. This will help the gum and the nose area relax. Avoid chewing gum as it stresses the gum area of the mouth and subsequently pass the stress on to the nose area.

Painkillers containing aspirin must be eliminated for some days. Smoking will only slow down the recovery process and cause congestion in the nose.

Doctors could suggest you to wear a nasal splint for about seven days. Some swelling around the eyes is normal and must not be feared. The swelling is sure to be fine within three days.

You can expect to recover completely by 6 months.


Crooked Nose Surgery Cost in India

The approximate cost of a crooked nose surgery varies from Rs 40000 to Rs 200000. Although the extent of billing depends on the complexity and intricacy of the surgery.

About the contourshyd.com and our surgeons

Whenever you wish to go for a deviated nose surgery, it is important that you choose a safe and licensed servicing organisation. We are dedicated to serve you the best crooked nose surgery treatment employing sound and advanced technology along with robust knowledgeable expert advice. Clean and neat outcome is what we promise you to get at contourshyd.com.



All personals with sound and stable mental and physical condition can undergo the surgery.

Best result could be expected on clients below 15 years of age.

Infection, bleeding, vomiting, nausea and dizziness might be the side effects.

Patients are likely to recover within few months post surgery.

If done by expert surgeon, the result can have permanent effect.

Definitely not before a month.

Yes, if the requirement is simple.

A week’s rest is good enough before getting back to work.

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