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Turbinoplasty in Hyderabad

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Turbinoplasty in Hyderabad


A lot of people experience various breathing problems due to inferior nasal turbinate and the surgical procedure for fixation is known as turbinate surgery. The turbinates help in controlling the temperature and moisture inside the nose and when it is displaced, swollen or enlarged, people are likely to experience various nasal problems. The turbinate surgery initiates the removal of the nasal blockage and it ensures normal breathing. The surgery is performed in an outpatient setup under local or general anaesthesia and patients need to know the side effects and risks before opting for the surgery.



How turbinate surgery is performed?

Nasal turbinate surgery is a complex cosmetic procedure and it requires an operating room under general or local anaesthesia. Nasal turbinate can be found in the inner walls of our nose and the surgical procedure tries to improve the breathing problems just by adjusting the displacement or shaving off some tissues.

Normally the surgery will take around an hour, however, it may take more time if it is a severe case. The ENT surgeon will use special telescopes and other surgical tools to evaluate the nasal airway. A specialized surgical tool is then placed into the nose to relocate the turbinate’s position or reduce the size by removing some of the bones beneath the turbinates. The procedure is also known as out fracture technique and patients cannot experience any kind of pain during the surgery. A successful turbinate reduction surgery restores the normal airflow through the nasal passage and in case of additional procedures need to be followed by patients, the doctors will instruct accordingly. The post-operative care instructions must be followed by the patients and that will ensure the best results.

Pre-surgery tips for turbinate surgery

Choosing a clinic with a board-certified surgeon for the cosmetic procedure can be difficult for an amateur. Ask for recommendations from family and friends and detailed research may help individuals to choose a good clinic to avail the best treatment.

Mild swelling, redness, pain, infection, dryness and irritation are the most common side effects of turbinoplasty and one must not worry about the side effects as it can be treated easily.

Patients cannot eat or drink anything at least for 8 hours prior to the surgery and medications such as ibuprofen or aspirin must be stopped for 14 days ahead of the procedure.

The procedure is done in an outpatient setup and individuals must bring someone who can help them in reaching home safely.

After the surgery

The doctor will decide whether you will go home or a few more days of hospital stay is required. The ENT surgeon will discuss the post-operative plan once the surgery is done. The recovery period depends on person to person and it takes around three or four weeks to fully recover.

Less invasive turbinate reduction is healed within a month but for a complex turbinate reduction, it may take up to 6 months. A lot of patients experience various issues like swelling, pain, discomfort, dryness following the surgery and these are common side effects of turbinate reduction.

Infection may occur and your surgeon will treat it with proper medication. Doctors suggest the patients keep their head elevated during sleep and one needs to follow it for a certain time.


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Cost of turbinate surgery in India

The cost of a surgical procedure often varies on different factors like the experience of the surgeons, complexity associated with the surgery, location, clinic, and technology. Many clinics in India offer world class treatment and top-notch medical services and the cost can vary from 12,000- 60,000INR depending on the above-mentioned factors.



The procedure is operated in an outpatient setup under local or general anaesthesia and you cannot feel any pain during the procedure.

The recovery for turbinoplasty depends on the severity and it varies from one to another. For a less invasive procedure, it takes around 3-4 weeks to see the final results whereas it can take up to 6 months for a complex case.

Common side effects include little discomfort, dryness, swelling, irritation and infections and the conditions can be treated with medication. 

No, you cannot eat or drink for 8 hours before turbinoplasty. 

No there will be no pain in the nose or in the surrounding area. Patients may feel irritation or dryness following the surgery.

No, it’s not possible for anyone to get back to the work on the next day following turbinate surgery. 

No, there are no such restrictions on food when it comes to turbinate surgery.

Dryness is common and you should not worry about it. It will be alright. 

Follow up care is crucial and the surgeon will tell you everything including the next date for appointment and medications. 

Patients may require additional procedures in severe cases and the ENT surgeon will guide them to choose the right procedure accordingly. 

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