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Big Nose Rhinoplasty in Hyderabad

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Big Nose Rhinoplasty in Hyderabad


Big nose surgery as the name suggests is the surgical treatment of robust sized nose. Many individual find their nose size substantially big according to the structure of their face. The surgery aims at restructuring the size of the nose in accordance with the face and wish of the patients. The appearance of the nose enhances substantially after the surgery and definitely in line with the composition of the face.




The first step of big nose surgery encompass anesthesia. You could be meditated for general anesthesia or intravenous sedation according to the prescription of the surgeon. The decision is taken in line with your condition. This is crucial for numbing the sensation of pain during the surgery.
Next incision is made. In the closed procedure the incision is concealed on the inner side of the nose. The open procedure on the other hand involves cutting the narrow tissues separating the nostrils. The slits are made to uncover the skin of the cartilage and nose bone thus facilitating the reshaping procedure.
A big nose is then tapered by eradicating cartilage and bones. Additional cartilage grafting might also be done. The cartilage from the middle partition of the nose is utilised for the purpose. in many cases cartilage from the ear is also used. In case of major operation, our surgeons might also use cartilage from the bone of other body parts, implants or ribs. A deviated septum is also straightened in the surgery.
When the sculpting is done on the inside part of the nose, the tissues and nasal skin are reshaped and the slits are closed. Extra cuts may be done in the natural grooves of the nostrils to change their shape.
After the operation is done, you will be closed monitored in the recovery chamber by our specialise team to take care of any out of the way disturbance.

Preparation to do before the treatment

Before going for the surgery we fix an issue specific meeting with our surgeons. The meeting is intended to map a clear understanding of the route of surgery and the precautions you need to take before the surgery. Our surgeons look closely into your medical history and the drugs you are on. We even carry a psychological analysis of the patient to understand the motivation behind the surgery and if you are 100% sure about the undergoing. Our doctors take extra precautions if you have a disorder of bleeding history.

Regular overall physical checkups including blood tests and other laboratory tests are then undertaken. Our doctors intricately study your facial features and nasal feature. This is crucial to know the exact composition of the cartilage and thickness of the skin. These analyses help our surgeons to chalk out the steps and ingredients of the surgery.

Next photographs of your nose are taken from varied angles. These photographs are fetched in our technical software to predict the end result and design the surgery in accordance with your wish. Your expectation is the most important thing we pay attention to. What kind of output you wish to get is freely and precisely noted by our doctors. Putting things together like your expectation, medical condition and the natural existing condition of the nose- we discuss freely the trajectory of the treatment. Our doctors even suggest the kind of restructuring that would best suit with your facial features like your chin. We even suggest certain other facial restructure that would complement with the reduced size of the nose.

You are also to stop taking medicines like aspirin to control bleeding problem two weeks beforehand. Avoid smoking after the surgery as the healing process would be slowed down.

After the procedure (expect, recovery and result)

Good amount of rest is prescribed post surgery. Lying down in the bed in a chin up position is the best way out. This would elevate chances of swelling and bleeding. The internal dressing of the nose stays in place for good seven days. Additional outer bandage might also be dressed by the doctors for better support. The gauze needs to be changed according to the instruction of the doctor for maintaining proper hygiene.

Strenuous exercise and exertions must be avoided for sometimes. Avoid wetting the nose till some days. In taking rich fibre foods like vegetables and fruits would facilitate the outflow of bowel movement and hence lead to less generation of stress in the face. Lessen the intake of sodium as it would help heal the swelling fast. Brushing gently is extremely important as the upper area of the gum and the upper lip should not be stressed under any chance. You could wear front open clothes that could be worn and removed easily without any sort of tension generated on the nose.

Sunglasses or glasses must not be worn for a week or so. Some swelling is natural in the nose and eye area. But in case too much of such indications you must immediately get back to our doctors. You are to witness the marked difference in the nose within a year from the surgery.


Cost in India

The complexity of the big nose operation truly determines the bill of the surgery. Again your medical condition and history could add to the cost of the surgery. In general the cost varies from Rs 40000 to Rs 200000.

About the Contours Best Nose Surgery Doctor

We in Contours are packed with an extremely vigilant and trained professional to take care of all your big nose surgery treatment. We are licensed and authorized team of medical professionals and we aim to serve you with the best treatment incorporating the technological advancement and traditional expertise of surgical treatment without compromising on your safety and comfort.



No, it involves an intricate treatment of the three dimensional structure called nose.

You can safely return home on the same day after some hours of monitoring.

A week’s rest is enough for you to get back to work.

Most patients recover from the problem of swelling within few months.

It completely depends on the kind of policy you have bought. Some policies do cover big nose surgery.

Yes, our technologically advanced software facilitates lucid portrayal of the approximate end result of the surgery.

No. We prefer inserting some soft splints instead.

There might be some swelling and bleeding initially.

Chances are very less. If at all there arise some minor bruise, it is likely to be okay within a week.

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