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Laser Scar Removal in Hyderabad

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Laser Scar Removal in Hyderabad


Laser is the most sought after method for scar removal. Laser is non-invasive, long-lasting and has negligible recovery time compared to other methods. Laser scar removal does not remove a scar; it only diminishes its visibility. The laser breaks down the scar tissue so that the body replaces it with new cells. More penetrating laser treatments also target the deeper spots and scars. They trigger skin cell renewal and collagen production in the dermal layers. This helps achieve a smoother, more toned skin surface. Injury and surgical scars, burn marks, acne scars and naturally-formed spots are the most common reasons for laser scar removal.




Laser scar removal is usually performed as an outpatient procedure. Before the procedure, the dermatologist will mark the area for treatment. In most cases, he uses local anaesthesia on the patient. You will wear goggles when the scar is in the face to protect the eyes. He will cover the surrounding healthy skin with towels to prevent injury to those areas. The instrument used looks like a wand that emits laser of the required frequency from its head. The dermatologist passes it over the scarred region. He will occasionally apply a cooling solution to prevent burning. Once done, The doctor will apply burn cream to the area and dress it. In most cases, you may need multiple sessions for best results. This is true, especially for the non-ablative laser treatments.

Preparation to do Before the Treatment

You will have to stop smoking and drinking a month before the procedure. Your doctor will also stop blood thinners and painkillers at least two weeks before.

Stop using skin products that have glycolic acid or retinol a month before the treatment. It is very important to keep the treatment area healthy and hydrated for the procedure. Avoid exposure of the area to direct sunlight. Use a high SPF sunscreen.

Let the doctor know if you have herpes. He will have to prescribe an antibiotic to prevent sores after the treatment. Also, inform him if you have diabetes or light sensitivity. These may disqualify you for the treatment due to potential risks,

It is important to not put any stress on the skin leading up to the laser treatment. Waxing, chemical peels, dermabrasion and any type of injection are a big no-no.

After the Treatment

The laser-treated area takes 3-10 days to heal. You will experience swelling, redness and bruising in the treated area. Use an ice pack to soothe the region.

The doctor will prescribe a moisturising lotion. You must apply this to the area twice a day or as instructed by him. He may also give you pain medication if necessary.

You should not expose the area to the sun for at least a month or more. A medicated sunscreen is a good idea.

You should not use make-up or any harsh chemicals in the region until healing is complete. This includes avoiding chlorinated pools.

It will take several weeks, if not months, for the results to be visible. Keep in contact with the dermatologist to know if you will need further sessions.


About Contourshyd

One of the most popular services provided at Contourshyd is laser scar removal. Our dermatologists are the best ones in their fields. Their expert services make us the top choice in Hyderabad for your cosmetic needs. We provide exemplary services from consultation to follow-up and are very particular about patient satisfaction. You will get the most reasonable prices right here, with no compromise in the quality of our services.

Cost in India

The cost of laser scar removal in India can vary in a wide range. It depends on the area treated, the depth of the scar and the kind of laser treatment you get. A single session can cost as low as ₹4000 or go as high up as ₹30,000. On an average, people need to get four sessions for a lasting effect. So the total cost ranges from ₹15,000-₹1.5 lakh.



Laser treatment is very popular for scar removal. But, it does not “remove” a scar per se. Rather it degenerates the old scar tissue and replaces it with a less visible, more even scar. The greater the expertise of the dermatologist, the better the scar disappearance.

Laser burns the scar tissue to make it less visible. So, there will be a burning or stinging pain in the area right after the treatment. This pain will go away in a week. One can use ice packs, ointments and pain medication to reduce the pain. The procedure itself will not hurt as you will be under anaesthesia.

You can get laser scar removal within a few weeks of surgery after the wound has healed. If you are getting laser treatment for your acne scars, you will have to wait until the acne is under control.

No procedure is capable of removing a scar in its entirety. But there are ways to make them less conspicuous. Of these, laser treatment is the most popular due to its non-invasive nature and zero downtime.

The dermatologist has a great hand in determining how well the scar gets reduced. An expert doctor can make a scar almost invisible. The dermatologist often recommends more than one treatment for better scar removal. Besides laser treatment, he may ask you to get microdermabrasion or chemical peels.

Redness, swelling and irritation are the most common side-effects of laser scar removal. Others are bruising, minor bleeding, infection, breakouts, scarring, skin discolouration and crusting.

CO2 laser is common for ablative laser treatment. Ablative laser treatment is a harsh process. Excessive burning can cause heavy scarring.

Laser treatment is very popular for the removal of dark spots. Intense pulsed light laser targets the melanocytes, breaks down excess melanin and removes dark spots.

Laser treatment is permanent when it comes to scar removal. But, it will take a long time for results to be visible.

Insurance usually does not cover cosmetic surgeries. But your insurance company may cover part of the cost if it is to remove scars that limit movement.

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