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Cheek Lift Surgery in Hyderabad

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Cheek Lift Surgery in Hyderabad


Cheek correction/Implant is a very popular cosmetic procedure intended to improve or to correct the appearance of the cheek. It is extremely beneficial to those people that have flat or sunken cheeks and also for making cheek sculpting that makes the cheekbone more prominent and can create a defined facial contour. With cheek correction, you can get the beautiful contour of the cheek that being a very prominent part of the face can greatly affect your overall facial appearance.

People with age tend to lose the elasticity of the cheek and it results in a sunken cheek that gives an aged look devoid of a youthful appearance. Cheek correction or cheek augmentation or cheek enhancement (Face) can correct sunken or hollow cheeks and bring a lively, youthful cheek in place. People having sunken or sagging cheek, triangular-shaped facial structure, wrinkled and aging cheek, unusually big cheekbones, asymmetrical cheeks or cheek deformities, can get an excellent result from cheek correction.




The outpatient procedure for cheek correction done with local anesthesia can discharge the patients on the same day. There are various procedures for cheek correction and choosing the correct procedure will depend on the goal of the procedure. The procedures may be a fat injection, cheek augmentation, facial fillers, cheekbone shaving, buccal fat pad removal and you can find a brief discussion for each procedure in the following paragraphs.

Fat injection or fat transfer, or fat transplantation can be very safe and the best cheek correction surgery for people with recessed, flat or sunken cheeks. Here, the doctor takes fat from the inner thigh or the lower part of the abdomen of the patient’s own body, and inject it into the cheek. It can make the cheek look fuller and reduce the fine lines and wrinkles, to produce a lovely appearance.

Cheek augmentation also called malar implant surgery can produce a more defined, sculpted look of the cheekbones and surgeons place biocompatible synthetic implants over the natural cheekbone of the patients. Facial fillers are very similar to fat injection and doctors use biodegradable dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid instead of fat, and these are very safe for the body. However, the effect of the fillers may fade away gradually over a couple of years, whereas the use of non-biodegradable fillers can stay permanently.

In cheekbone shaving, the surgeon will shave some part of both or one cheekbone and it can help to create excellent face symmetry for those patients having unequal or too prominent cheekbones. The buccal fat pad removal procedure is similar to liposuction and here surgeon removes excess fat through a small incision made inside the cheek. The surgery can result in a better definition of the face and make the scarring invisible.

Preparation for the procedure

You need to find out a good board-certified surgeon having significant experience in such surgeries for carrying out the surgery for you. The doctor may determine whether you will be suitable for a cheekbone lift. The surgeon will also determine the exact method for the treatment aligning with your expectation of the outcome.

Expectation after the surgery:

There can be an infection, bruising, bleeding, and allergic reactions to anesthesia and risk from synthetic implants. Some other side-effects like numbness or swelling may be there in the first few weeks after the procedure. However, if you follow the medications prescribed by the doctor, there can be vast improvements.

The procedures may take anything between 15 minutes to one hour and the recovery period is also short. You can resume your normal activity within three to four days and with the continuance of the healing process, your appearance will continue to improve. Usually, patients achieve complete recovery within two weeks and the new appearance will be visible clearly as the swelling subsides by this time.


About us:

The Contours Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery Center (www.contourshyd.com) is a very renowned clinic and we perform several types of cosmetic and plastic surgeries. We can handle the cases of cheek correction/cheek augmentation/cheek enhancement (face) with our expert team of surgeons perfectly. We have excellent infrastructure and we have the latest instruments at our clinic to perform various complicated surgeries.

Cost of the surgery in India:

Cheek augmentation surgery in India is much cheaper than the cheek reduction procedure abroad. The cost of the surgery will depend on the type of procedure for cheek correction surgery.



Cheek correction surgery can enhance the size and the shape of the cheekbone and the overall appearance of the face. Cheek correction surgery can restore the fullness and make you look younger.

With a consultation, you can learn about different procedures for cheek correction or cheek augmentation and the surgeon can also explain what will be the right type of surgery for you.

It will take from one hour to one and a half hours to complete the cheek augmentation implant. The surgeon will place the incisions as inconspicuously as possible at the lower eyelid or within the mouth, and the implant inserted will affix to the bone or the soft tissue.

Excessive pain is not a typical phenomenon with cheek augmentation surgery; however, you can ask the surgeon if you have a low threshold for pain. The surgeon can prescribe suitable analgesic for you and though swelling and bruising are typical, it can subside with proper medication within one to three months.

If there are sutures, the doctor will remove it after five to ten days.

There will be scarring after the surgery and the visibility of the scarring will depend on location and the type of the incisions.

There can be considerable swelling due to tissue trauma especially when the surgeon uses a screw to affix the implants to the cheekbones. The definition for your cheek that you are seeking may not become apparent for a few months due to the over-augmentation of the cheeks for a while.

You can expect to resume normal duties after one week or two and you should postpone social functions for at least four weeks,

The results can be immediate, and it will take a few months to see the refined results.

If you go for a filler route, the cheek augmentation will last around a year whereas the standard augmentation will last a lifetime.

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