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Breast Augmentation Surgeon in Hyderabad

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Breast Augmentation Surgeon in Hyderabad

What is Fat transfer breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation by fat transfer is a completely natural process that does not use any implants to increase the volume and fullness of the breasts. Breast Augmentation by fat grafting has helped numerous women to achieve a natural augmented breast. The procedure is the least invasive procedure which uses the extra body fat from fatty areas like hips, thighs , tummy or butt and transfers it to breast to improve the shape and size of breast. Liposuction is performed on the hips, thighs and buttocks or other areas so a better body contour can be achieved. The augmented breast show the most natural results with the added benefit of liposuction in some fatty areas of the body. It is the least invasive procedure that involves no large incisions unless breast implants are used. No such serious risks are involved in the procedure since it uses the own body’s fat.




Step 1

Consult the surgeon . It is important to consult the surgeon about the technique and the method involved for augmented breast fat transfer. Also you surgeon should analyze the shape according to the body fat . A proper distribution of body fat is essential.

Step 2

Fat transfer of breast involves two distinct procedures- harvesting and injections. The fat cells are obtained through several type of liposuction procedures like laser liposuction, ultrasound assisted liposuction.

Step 3

After extracting the fat cells they are processed and made ready for transplantation.The fat processing includes removing lipids and medical fluids from fat.Ultimately the goal is to achieve a healthy fat cell after keeping aside any other tissues. Removing such unwanted substances of fat cells increases the chances of successful fat transfer

Step 4

After successfully processing the fats . They are carefully injected into the space between the skin and breast capsule. The surgeon uses meticulous technique to sculpt the breast desired.Some injected fat will get absorbed by the body. Therefore the desired results can be achieved after some sessions.. The fatty tissues need to be preserved therefore the results will take longer than the implant procedure .


The recovery is good and fast as these are injectables into the breast . No surgery is involved . The entire procedure is performed on out patient basis with an additional benefit of liposuction of certain areas of extra fat . However the preparation must be initiated few weeks before undergoing the actual procedure.With the breast augmentation through fat transfer the shape of the breast can be improved and the cleavage can be enhanced.So it very important for the candidates to get a good expectation from the surgery as it is a two way procedure which reduces fat from the other body with natural process without surgery. Candidates who want to achieve dramatic results must opt for breast augmentation must opt for breast augmentation using implants. Some surgeons may use both the procedures to give it more natural appearance

Precautions before the surgery

The initial consultation with the doctor will give you all the details about how the surgery is going to take place along with precautions. Its important to analyze your body to get that perfect contouring.
Also your photographs will be taken before the procedure as this is a dual procedure along with your measurements and body weight which is essential aspect of the surgery. MAke sure you have a healthy and balanced diet before the surgery and stay well hydrated as well. There are no chances of this body fat being artificial form of surgery as it involves your own body fat which is the safe and perfect choice


About ContoursHyd Plastic and cosmetic center of surgery

To undergo breast augmentation through fat transfer at safe hands in India , a top plastic and cosmetic center for surgery is under direct care of Dr.Venkata Ramamna called the Contours.where he aiims to provide best treatment to the patients . The center maintains all the safety and precautionary measures. The doctor is dedicated professional surgeon at the center targeting to achieve the best desired results for you Dr. Venkata Rammata is the top best surgeon in India with top professional quality of surgery methods. Breast augmentation would be safest and perfect choice.

Cost in India

The cost in India would vary depending on the geographic location of the country and the surgeon from the reputed top most clinic. Value the surgeon as you want to be in safe and expert hands of the surgeon. Also its important to stay aware of the benefits of the surgery as it the natural procedure and involves great fat loss from the other parts of the body focusing on injecting the fat transfer into the breast . The cost varies between 2 lakh to 2.5 lakh as it involves two way procedure of removing fat from the body and injecting into the breast. Also beware of the number of session before starting the procedure as the body tends to absorb the injected breast.



The recovery time period is week.

You need maximum 4 sessions.

Total of 4 sessions will be required. However the cosmetic surgeon will be able to guide you

The apt age is 18 of any matured female to go for fat transfer into the breast.

Yes you may require 1 -2 weeks to recover.

No You will not have any side effects

Some body fat will be absorbed by the body . Multiple sessions will be required for the same.

Yes in accordance with your body fat distribution it will be taken care.

Yes you can go for combination treatment where the results are good.

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