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Laser Hair Removal in Hyderabad

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Laser Hair Removal in Hyderabad


It is a therapeutic method that practices an intense laser radiation beam to eliminate undesired hair from the body. Laser hair removal efficiently prevents hair germination for lengthy stretches. It ordinarily doesn’t succeed in permanent hair replacement. Various laser hair replacement procedures are required for first hair removal. Simultaneously, preservation methods might be necessary as well. Laser hair removal is prevalent beneficial for somebody who has bright skin and darkish hair. The laser transmits the light, which is consumed by the melanin in the roots. It reconstructs the light energy into the radiation that degrades the hair follicles which exhibit hair. It’s also feasible to manage unwanted hair in almost every area, besides the eyelid or surrounding area. In conclusion, expected hair growth has hindered or restricted.




Laser hair removal gets executed with a handheld laser apparatus. The surgeon will compress the device on the skin region, which has to get handled. A cooling gel may get practiced to defend the skin from the likely facet results, depending on the surgery section. When your doctor activates the laser, it will stretch to the hair follicles within the skin. The excessive radiation of the laser beam destroys the hair follicles, restraining hair germination.

One may expect slight distress like a heated pinprick or frozen consciousness because of the cooling gel or equipment. As well as the extent of the method depends on the therapy area. Laser hair removal at a tiny area like the uppermost lip area needs a few minutes. Operating a body part like back may necessitate more than one hour. Both the patient and the surgeon conducting laser procedures bear exceptional goggles to guard their eyes against the laser light.


The first and foremost thing is to select a board-certified surgeon of cosmetic surgery and dermatology. They should know about laser hair removal very well with must have a long-term experience.After selection, consultation for the laser hair removal from professionals is necessary to ask him/her that is the method is suitable for you or not.

When decided to get the surgery done, one should avoid sun exposure six weeks prior and get assured of applying safe sunscreen every day.One should not exclude their hair with other hair eradication methods such as waxing, plucking, etc. It can disrupt the hair follicles, so no need for using these means at least four weeks ere the operation.The surgeon may ask you to withdraw blood-thinning prescriptions if using, before the laser hair removal since these pills can intervene with the procedure.

Nevertheless, shaving and shortening of the operation region generally suggested ere the surgery. It eliminates hair from the skin exterior, but it omits the hairstreak underneath the skin facade safe and sound. Last but not least, scrub the area being operated entirely and eliminate whatever oil present on the skin.

AFTER THE PROCEDURE(expect, recovery and results)

Right after the laser hair removal procedure, one may remark swelling and redness for a few hours. You can use ice to the surgery area to subdue moderate distress. Infrequently there may be a skin effect; in that case, the surgeon may use a steroid lotion. Subsequent laser hair removal until the therapy lasts, bypass sun display, and periodically use a great sunscreen.

It may take some days to a few weeks, so do not anticipate your hair to befall out instantly. You may exhibit like your hair germination is typical. Usually, reappeared treatments are essential because hair thickening and hair loss cycles are fundamental. The laser hair treatment provides the most reliable outcomes when executed on the new growth platform hair follicles.

Consequences may fluctuate depending on the person and operation area and are difficult to divine. Most people undergo magnificent events that last for several months and years. When hair regrows after laser hair removal, usual is more moderate in color and more exceptional. Some people may want to sustain laser therapies for prolonged-term effects. Make sure you comprehend all aftercare guidance rendered by your surgeon.



It is imperative to pick a reputed clinic which comprises of a proficient unit of experts, faculty, and forward sorts of equipment. Contourshyd advise the most beneficial hair removal procedures with assured outcomes. Our specialists have long-term experience in laser hair removal operations, so you don’t need to worry about safety. Also, our crew is extremely accommodating and attending. Our pre-eminence is to make our clients satisfied and competent about the surgery and rendering the pleasantest gratifying effects.

The technology used for laser hair removal is lab certified.

Cost in India

This treatment expense in India varies between Rs. 1000 to Rs. 300000. It depends on the procedure ara, hair composition, hair thickness, hair shade, sort of laser equipment, number of sittings expected, city, and experience of the doctor, etc. Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad are known as the best ones for laser hair removal. In Hyderabad, you can visit Contours for the maximum results. They provide you with the best plans suiting your skin. There are specific plans for the pocket-benefit for the clients as well.



It is a perpetual treatment of hair reduction, which is often misinterpreted by many people as permanent hair removal — it the hair reduction process.

Risks are infrequent, those occur when the wrong person performs the laser hair removal. Some of them may include burning, rash, etc.

It merely stings when the laser beam hits the root of the hair follicle. It doesn’t cause any severe pain on or after the treatment.

No, it’s just a renewal treatment, after which people resume their jobs, activities, and work, which is safe.

One would be satisfied with the instant change after the first sitting itself. It varies from person to person of about 10-30%.

The hair reduction lasts from months to years, depending on the number of sittings and a person’s hair growth.

Any gender can get laser hair removal done. This treatment doesn’t forbid anyone.

The laser ray targets the hair follicle and damages them. Hair follicles are held accountable for hair germination. Damaged hair follicles indicate no hair extension or more inferior hair growth than before.

It is costly at the beginning but proves to be cheap and useful for a more extended period.

Almost part of the body can get treated via this treatment except for the eye reign.

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