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Hair Transplant Clinic Hyderabad

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Hair Transplant Clinic Hyderabad

What is hair transplantation?

The hair transplantation technique evolved recently and is a very exciting and innovative surgery field that can provide a very natural and beautiful look to persons. It is a procedure where the dermatological or the plastic surgeon moves hair to the bald area on the head. Usually, the surgeon moves the hair, from the side or the back of the head to the top or the front of the head.




There are two types of hair transplantation and these are Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE and Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT. FUE procedure remains the most common procedure where grafting of hair from the donor area carried one by one and harvested over a larger area. In FUT transplant, the surgeon will take a small strip of tissue from the donor area through microscopic dissection.

You may need to undergo several surgical sessions to achieve a satisfactory fullness of the hair, and it can need a healing interval between each hair transplantation session. The surgeon will use a tube-like instrument to punch the round grafts from the donor site to place where you need the hair transplantation. When there is enough stretching of the skin beneath the hair, the surgeon places the hair over the bald area.

During flap surgery, the surgeon will cut out a portion of the bald scalp. Further, the doctor will sew the flap of hair-bearing skin into the proper place. Though the patterns used in the scalp reduction may vary widely, al meets the goal of proper bringing of hair and scalp that covers the bald area effectively.

Preparation before the surgery

You need to take a few precautions before undergoing the beard reshaping procedure. It includes avoiding aspirin, alcohol or the use of anti-inflammatory medication before 10 days of the procedure. You also need to add a few things to your daily routine for having a good hair transplantation procedure.

You should take a vitamin C tablet every day that will help you to heal and recover faster after the transplantation procedure is over. Also, you should avoid taking tea or caffeine at least twelve hours before the procedure as it can increase the chance of bleeding or sensitivity to the medicine after the treatment is over.

The surgeon may advise stopping hair cut before surgery and it is important to get the donor area to grow so that there is enough availability for hair transplantation. You may need to massage your scalp for one month before the surgery, and it will help to soften the skin and will improve the tone of the skin. If you are over 45, the surgeon may suggest undergoing certain tests like ECG or blood tests beforehand.

After the procedure (expect, recovery and results)

Your scalp may be very tender just after completion of the procedure of hair transplantation. The surgeon may recommend taking medications for several days for reducing the pain, and can also recommend wearing bandages over the scalp for a day or two. Normally surgeon prescribes anti-inflammatory drugs or antibiotics that you should continue to use for several days.

In most cases of hair transplantation surgery, people can resume normal work within 2 to 5 days of the surgery. The transplanted hair may fall out within 2 to 3 weeks of surgery, but very soon you will notice new growth of hair. People can expect to see 60% hair growth after 6 to 9 months and doctors sometimes prescribe hair growing drugs also after hair transplantation to improve hair growth.


Cost of hair transplantation in India

The cost of hair transplantations in India is relatively low and the lowest cost is around INR 30,000. It can vary depending on the number of sessions and the complexity of the transplantation process. However, on average the cost ranges between INR 30,000 to 1, 00,000 including consultation but excluding the medications.

About us

Contours Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery Center (www.contourshyd.com) is a world-famous clinic with a pool of extraordinarily skilled doctors. We provide various types of Medicare and cosmetic surgeries including reconstructive surgeries. We provide the best hair transplantation service and use the latest technology for providing customer satisfaction.



After the consultation, a doctor can decide the suitability of the candidate for hair transplantation.

It will depend on the technique of hair transplantation procedure and the number transplantation of grafts. In general, a complete hair transplantation procedure will take about 5 to 6 hours.

In most cases, the donor area is at the back of the head. The portion between the ears and the back of the head is resistant to hair loss. Efficient utilization of the donor area can be very important as hair follicles taken away from the donor area do not grow back.

It is important for you not to cut the hair before the procedure as it can help the doctor to assess the hair loss condition accurately.

After 2 to 3 weeks of hair transplantation procedure, patients may experience sudden hair loss that is very normal. New hair will start growing after this and a visible result you can expect to have after 12 months.

The surgeon carries out the procedure under local anesthesia and you will not feel any pain during the procedure.

Generally, men undergo hair transplantation, but of late a high percentage of women also look for hair transplantation. Women look for the procedure to lower the hairlines or to add volume.

Laser therapy can produce excellent results and can speed up hair growth in comparatively less healing time.

Normally there are very little complications like the infection in the scalp and patients may experience some swelling, small crusts, and soreness that will heal with medication within a short time.

When you perform the procedure with an experienced and qualified surgeon, you will have a very natural result.

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