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Rhytidectomy in Hyderabad

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Rhytidectomy in Hyderabad


A facelift, also known as a rhytidectomy is an advanced surgical procedure in this modern world which can provide you with younger-looking and youthful skin. In recent years it has ramped up its popularity among different age groups. Apart from providing you with a flawless skin it come with bundles of benefits, It helps to reduce your sagged and loosened skin from your jawline, cheek area, remove excess creases from regions around the nasal bone as well as jowls area and furnish you with superior quality of the skin. Advanced surgical procedures packed with proper medication can be a breakthrough to lose skin elasticity, improves muscle tone and texture. Several surgeries such as blepharoplasty, liposuction, buccal fat pad removal, browlift, laser peels, forehead lifts can be combined with facelift surgery to achieve the best possible results. During the surgical procedure, skin from each side of your face is dragged and pulled back, tissues present below your facial skin are surgically altered to gain an accurate contour line.



Surgery procedure

The facelift surgery usually lasts up to 2 to 5 hours, among all the complicated procedures; the first step includes medication such as anaesthesia are prescribed to comfort the patient during the surgical operation. Usually intravenous and general anaesthesia are recommended during this surgery.

The second step comprises choosing different incision methods depending upon the change you’d like. It generally begins from hairline temples, covering the area around your ears and extends up to the lower scalp region. The scrapping of unwanted fats from neck and contour region, repositioning of underlying tissues and muscle are practised to make you look gorgeous. In some cases, a second incision is done around the chin area to make neck lifts. In some alternative procedures, shorter incisions are made with mini lifts for a less rejuvenation than full operation.
The third step includes closing or sealing of all the incisions that were made during the procedure. Sutures are used to cover up incision that may dissolve within the skin or may be subjected to removal after a few days. Some present days surgeons prefer skin glues rather than sutures, later they are covered within hairlines and natural contours.

The final step is to wait until all your bruises and swellings disappear and feel confident about yourself.

Before the procedure (preparation)

Mainly the facelift surgery is done to beat the natural ageing process and give you perfect and radiant skin. Consultation from your doctor is a must before you prepare for facelift surgery. Proper detail of all the previous medications and exact amount have to provide to your surgeon. After a question-answer session of previous medical history, you will be asked to proceed. Based on your age and body type, you will be instructed about some medications, blood thinning medication or supplements should be discontinued, and proper dosages of medication are recommended.

Your surgeon will guide you to wash your face and hair with medicated germicidal soap on the day of surgical procedure. You will be encouraged to intake lots of fluids such as water, take medications and stop eating food. One of your friend or family member must be present with you on the day of surgery, to drive you home safely and keep an eye on the first night after surgery.

After the procedure

Patients tend to experience mild to moderate pain or a sense of discomfort after the Facelift surgery, presence of drainage from the incision points. As these procedures include lots of cutting an incision, swelling and bruising are very common symptoms.

At some facial points, the patient may have numbness and discolouration of the skin. The patient should immediately contact their doctors in case of any emergency such as chest pain, shortness of breath and allergies.


About Hyderabad’s best surgeons

A facelift is an intricate as well as delicate surgical procedure, which requires to choose a reputed and trusted institute in India. The surgeons, as well as the staff, should be highly experienced and should be well aware of the surgical procedures. They should be skilled and known to all the advanced technological equipment for the perfect operation. So, here comes Contourshyd.com, which promises to provide the best possible solutions and one of the reliable institutions in Hyderabad and all across the country. They provide various ranges of services and procedures and popular for facelift jobs, with several patients treated across the country. They have an amazing team of plastic surgeons and provide you with the best possible solutions after studying all the requirements of your face and maintain the proper structure. You can visit Contorshyd.com for booking an appointment and having an amazing treatment from our best doctors, at an affordable price.

Cost of procedure in India

India is one of the best places for all your medical and surgical solution has gained lots of national as well as foreign patients from around the world and provides topmost quality in terms of surgeons and facilities. Facelift surgery is one among the higher price section operations; the price ranges according to the patients and from the area they belong. A mini facelift operation typically costs near about 1.2- 1.5 lacs INR and may reach up to 2.3 – 2.5 lacs INR. Prices vary according to the complexity and procedure of the patient. A mini surgery would cost less while a full-face surgery would cost 2.7 lacs INR. An individual case manager takes all the design and custom-made treatment to the patients; it includes the surgical procedure, staying charges, food and hospitality.



facelift works for each and every age group, it helps in the removal of excess fats and toning your muscle while giving you a perfect look.

There is no pain during the procedure, but the patient can experience little discomfort after the procedure.

Your doctor will guide you for taking all your medication and throughout the procedure.

facelift usually stretches your skin and remove excess fat, giving you smooth skin and texture.

Two weeks are more than enough to be presentable and be at work.

It ranges from 3 weeks to 6 months to get fully recovered.

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