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Chin Implant Doctors in Hyderabad – Mentoplasty

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Chin Implant Doctors in Hyderabad – Mentoplasty


Mentoplasty is a surgical procedure for reshaping the chin and the word Mentopasty comes from Latin mentum meaning chin, and the Greek verb plassein meaning ‘to shape’ or ‘to form’. It is also known as chin surgery or genioplasty and here surgeon makes chin implants to make the weak chin look stronger by either augmenting or reducing the chin. Mentoplasty can often combine with rhinoplasty to create optimal facial proportions.




There are two categories of Mentoplasty procedures and these are chin augmentation procedure and chin reduction procedure. Chin augmentation procedure augments the small or receding chins and chin reduction procedure reduces the protruding or large chins. Normally, the frequency of the chin augmentation procedure is more than chin reduction that means that microgenia or small chin is the common abnormality of the chin.

The surgeon inserts an implant under the skin of the chin or performs a sliding genioplasty insertion in the chin augmentation procedure. It takes around 30-60 minutes to complete the implant and in sliding genioplasty, it takes around 45 to 90 minutes. Chin implants are suitable for patients having moderate or mild microgenia and present use of alloplastic implants made from inert foreign material reduce the risk of infection.

The surgeon can choose to make an incision inside the mouth or under the chin and in either case, the surgeon needs to cut through the several layers of tissue to avoid the damage of the major nerves. Further, the surgeon inserts the sterile implant inside the pocket made in the chin and washes it with an antiseptic solution. After completion of the procedure, the surgeon closes the incision with Steri-Strips.

If the patient’s chin is too small, or if the deformity is very complex, the surgeon performs a sliding genioplasty. In such a procedure, the surgeon cut through the jawbone, with the help of an oscillating saw, and removes a part of the bone. He will further move the bone segment forward and hold the bone segment in place with metal plates and screws and close the incision and wrap the head with a pressure dressing.

Preparation for the surgery:

Patients should discontinue all medications that contain aspirin and should stop smoking before the surgery. If there is a planning for submental incision, the patient should use an antibacterial cleanser a few days before surgery and patients scheduled for the intraoral approach need to rinse the mouth at least thrice a day. The surgeon may advise the patient not to eat and drink for eight hours before starting the procedure.

Expectation after the surgery:

With the given medication for discomfort, and with one week of antibiotic medication, there will be a much lesser risk of infection after the surgery. Most patients report to work after ten days of surgery and the surgeon may recommend a soft diet for around four to five days. The surgeon may also recommend sleeping with a raised head by placing two to three pillows underneath the head and to rinse the mouth with Hydrogen peroxide and warm water three times a day.

You should avoid taking vigorous exercise for around two weeks before the surgery. There can be a very good result for the reduction of mentoplasty or augmentation mentoplasty. Also, the function of the jaw will improve significantly and patients undergoing such surgery give a highly satisfying rating for the surgery.


About us:

If you are one of those people having a very small chin and need chin augmentation or having a large chin that needs chin reduction, we at Contours Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery Center (www.contourshyd.com) can provide you the best service. We have expert surgeons for performing mentoplasty (face) and can help you to get a beautiful shape of the chin that can change the total personality. We have the best infrastructure and state of the art technology that helps our skilled doctors to perform the best.

Cost of the surgery in India:

The chin surgery in India can be $ 1,500 to $ 5,000, depending on the complexity of the surgery.



Mentoplasty or chin surgery is a surgical procedure that reshapes the chin either through reduction surgery or through implant surgery.

Both facial implants and the fillers can make the appearance of the face fuller and both procedures are safe. Both the result can last up to two years easily.

It may take little downtime for the chin augmentation patients and people can be back to their desks for work after 7 days of surgery. There can be minimal discomfort at the beginning and with proper medications and cold compressions, you can recover very fast.

Patients can undergo chin augmentation procedures with light general anesthesia only and the procedure can have very little pain.

The change in the smile that you see is the effect of swelling and change in sensation after the procedure is over. Since these phenomena are temporary, there will be practically no change in a smile.

The possible risks that can accompany the cheek implant procedure are the bleeding and infection. However, with proper medication and rest and with time, the patients can recover from all complications.

After a day or two, you can start taking a solid diet and you can also start a normal diet very soon.

Rhinoplasty can reduce the size of the nose and rhinoplasty along with chin implants, if needed, can produce wonderful results.

You can experience a stretched sensation in the cheek area post a cheek implant, or use of fillers and it can subside after one week.

It is a highly effective procedure and the chances of complications are little. Silicone is the commonly used material for implants and it causes less adhesion to the soft tissues.

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