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Six Pack Abs Surgery in Hyderabad

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Six Pack Abs Surgery in Hyderabad


Six Pack ABS or abdominal etching surgery designed to contour and reshape the abdominal body of male uses liposuction technique to remove excess fat. An advanced level of detailing in the abdominal region helps you to get six-packs in your abdomen courtesy of highly skillful surgeons. The liposuction procedure of the next level can remove the fat accumulated between the abdominal muscles perfectly and can accentuate the abdominal rippling that makes you look fabulously masculine.




Highly skilled surgeons perform the Six Pack AB surgeries under general anesthesia and it takes approximately one to two hours to complete the surgery. A surgeon makes detailed markings on the flexed abdomen of the patient before the surgery. The surgeon uses these markings to remove the accumulated fat and to highlight the muscular structure of the individual.
After making the markings, the surgeon will create several incisions of around one to two millimeters in the belly button or within the natural creases of the abdomen. Further, the surgeon will insert a cannula that consists of a tube-like instrument to remove the excess fat. The surgeons sculpt grooves in the fat remaining to accentuate the natural musculature and produce a powerful masculine look.

Preparations before the Six Pack ABS surgery

If you feel that the SIX PACK ABS surgery can improve the quality of your life, or if you have a medical need, then you are a good candidate for SIX PACK ABS surgery. The most important thing to decide on your competency for the surgery is to seek consultation with a proficient surgeon. The doctor may ask you about the reason for your desire for the SIX PACK ABS requirement and about your expectations from the procedure.
Further, the physician may evaluate the medical history and also inquire about your current medical conditions and medications. You need to disclose all information to your doctor and also inform about any supplement or herbal products that you may be consuming to determine whether it might interfere during the treatment. The surgeon may also ask you to perform a blood test in order to have a good glimpse of your present health condition.
The doctor may carry out a physical examination of the skin, associated muscles and bones to determine the quality and to understand the changes possible to make. The physician will also assess whether you are mentally fit and ready to undergo the surgery.

Post-surgery expectations, recovery, and results

You can expect a long-lasting result after the abdominal etching surgery and within a period of 6 months to one year, you can get the final result. You may be able to go back to your home within the same day of the surgery or a maximum of one overnight stay may be necessary. There can be slight pain in your abdomen area and with proper medication; you will be able to recover fast from the pain.

There are incidences of little swelling that varies from patient to patient and it normally subsides after three to four days. Also, most discoloration and bruises can resolve within three to four weeks of surgery and the use of make-up can be useful to cover up the discoloration, if any. The body part undergoing surgery can be numb for a few days and it will reduce within a few weeks.

It will be possible for you to start normal activities within 3 to 5 days of the completion of the procedure. The doctor may advise you to restrict strenuous physical exercises or activities for 2 to 4 weeks. The doctor will advise you to wear a pressure garment that you need to use for three months to minimize swelling and to achieve the desired body contour.


Cost of SIX PACK ABS surgery in India

The total cost of the abdominal etching procedure including the fee of the surgeon, cost of anesthesia and the surgical facilities is between Rs 80,000 to 1, 00,000.

About us

Contours Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery Center (www.contourshyd.com) can offer you the best abdominal etching surgery in a very affordable way that can help you realize building your dream SIX PACK ABS. We have the best doctors available with us who can perform the surgery with perfection and can provide the best customer experience. We have avant-garde technology, our infrastructure is highly modern, and we offer excellent post-treatment care.



If you have less than 20% fat, physically fit, and healthy, you can have a SIX PACK ABS surgery. If you are overweight, you should first try to reduce the weight before attempting the surgery.

The complete surgery takes around two hours to perform with anesthesia.

The result of the surgery will be visible between six to twelve months and the results can be permanent if you follow a healthy life and continue regular exercises.

SIX PACK ABS surgery improves the appearance and shape of the abdominal muscles using liposuction. The surgery removes the excess fat around the abdominal muscles and the stomach looks tighter and muscular after the procedure.

No side effects will be there with the surgery and your surgeon will discuss all the pros and cons related to the surgery.

The scarring will be minimal and the incisions made during the surgery are difficult to notice, and the scar marks produced will fade over time.

Though the recovery time may vary from person to person, normally it takes around 2-3 weeks to recover fully after the surgery.

It is very important to maintain your diet after the surgery as per the instruction of the doctor and a healthy lifestyle will help you get rid of the accumulation of fat.

Normally, doctors advise to stay away from doing strenuous activities and heavy exercises after the surgery till you recover.

It is possible for you to return to normal life after 5 days of surgery and you need to wear a special corset for six weeks after the surgery. It will help to minimize the swelling and also will support you to recover early.

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