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Sagging Breast Surgery in Hyderabad – Mastopexy

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Sagging Breast Surgery in Hyderabad – Mastopexy

What is sagging breast and breast lift or mastopexy?

Breast sagging is one of the natural changes women experience as they age. The female fat is made up of fat and ligaments but lacks muscle tissue so there is no amount of exercise that can change this or strengthen the breast. The medical term for sagging breast is ptosis. As women become older the ligaments stretch and lose elasticity. A change is prominent in the menopausal stage. Years of gravitational pull take a toll on the breast. Lack of proper support to the breast may also result in sagging of the breast. Weight gain can cause major fluctuations in the breast leading to sagging of the breast. Pregnancy is a beautiful phase but breastfeeding the child can cause sagging of the breast which can be corrected with a breast lift or Mastopexy.

The breast life procedure for dropping breasts is called Mastopexy. Mastopexy is the medical term for breast lift




Step 1

Consult the surgeon. Consulting a good surgeon is very important for the procedure to confirm correct diagnosis if your breast is weighing down because of fat or just needs liposuction or combination therapy.

Step 2

Check the procedure or technique: In this procedure the surgeon raises or reshapes your breast to give them firmer and rounder shape and reduces the size of areola -the coloured circle around your nipple. As you get older the breasts looses elasticity and firmness. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss or gain can accentuate this process.

Step 3

You will be marked by your surgeon in standing position to determine the new position of lifted nipple. You will get anesthesia to relax and relive pain. The surgeon will make a cut around the areola. It may extend along the sides of areola. The surgeon will lift and reshape the breast.

Step 4

Afterwards the surgeon will move your areola to correct position. He will remove any extra skin to give breasts firmer appearance. Finally he will close the incision in parts of breast that are more visible.

Preparation before the surgery

Before the procedure you need to consult your doctor. Your entire medical history will be reviewed. you will probably have to stop taking medications like aspirin. Certain herbal supplements will be prescribed to enhance healing. Also measurements will be taken before the procedure. Healthy diet with water intake is prescribed to the patient before the procedure. Your before and after pictures are also essential to judge the difference in the sagging of breast. Before the procedure you will be explained about the entire procedure and technique that will be followed during the initial consultation with the doctor. Remember to talk openly with your doctor regarding your health concern and issues.


Recovery is smooth depending on the technique involved in the surgery and also if you are in the hands of experienced doctor. Your breast may be swollen or sore for few weeks. For few weeks you need to sleep on your back. Your doctor will prescribe you medicine to reduce pain and fasten healing process. You need to wear surgical bra which is non wired. You can also hold ice to relieve swollen breast. The swelling, soreness, bruising should relieve after few weeks of surgery. Avoid lifting heavy weight and strenuous exercise for two to four weeks after your surgery.


About Contours

This a very professional clinic whose beauty likes in art of contouring. Not only removal of extra breast tissue or removal of fat is important which can be done in any clinic infact its their top priority to care to contour and reshape your vital stats which is essential. They also take care in providing care and time to their patients at ContoursHyd.com to provident relief after surgery and precautions which needs to be taken along with an art which is obtained from skill and perfection

Cost in India

The technique and the art of the surgeon would vary from place to place. Before valuing the cost, always appreciate the hands of the surgeon who is the definite and sole factor for surgery. Its important to judge on various parameters before coming to conclusion of costing. The costing would vary somewhere between 80,000 to 1 lakh depending on the surgeon and his reputed clinic.



Any woman who has undergone childbirth or menopausal age can go for surgery above the age of 18 as the breast are still developing below the age of 18.

If you choose a perfect surgeon the complications should be minor. However bleeding or infection may be the possible complications.

Yes if the incisions take time to heal it might be possibility of scar however your cosmetic surgeon will take care of it.

You will be given pain relieving medications along with healing medications.

No minimal invasive surgery along with liposuction to tuck the tissue can be considered. Speak to your doctor about it.

As long as the results are concerned it is long lasting. But not supporting your breast with non-wired bra will lead to gravitational pull and cause sagging breast.

Yes you need to take care of your diet after surgery and reduce the fat intake as body has tendency to deposit fat in the breast.

After few weeks you can start exercising depending on the nutritious diet. Walking is allowed as exercise.

No you need to take rest for 1 week till the swelling and the bruising heals and be comfortable at rest.

Yes you will be advised how you can shower with antiseptic solution to prevent infection as they explain you the procedure and aftercare.

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