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Lipectomy Surgery in Hyderabad

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Lipectomy Surgery in Hyderabad


A belt lipectomy is also called a tummy tuck, panniculectomy, and abdominal lipectomy. It is performed to eliminate extra fat and loose skin around the beltline or waistline. A belt lipectomy is usually performed after huge weight loss, weight loss surgery or pregnancy. A belt lipectomy is just like a body contouring surgery as it removes extra skin and fat tissue to provide you a well-contoured waistline. It improves the aesthetic appearance of the lower abdomen area from front to back.




Just like other cosmetic surgeries belt lipectomy is also performed under general or local anesthesia so you feel asleep during the procedure. Belt lipectomy involves the removal of excess tissue areas. Your plastic or cosmetic surgeon will create a cut at the place where your lower back and buttocks come together and the front side of the lower belly to eliminate extra fat and skin from these areas. Then he/she will close the left-back tissues with the help of stitches. The procedure results in a flatter stomach lifted buttocks and outer thighs. The procedure takes 2 to 4 hours depending on the complexity of the procedure.

Before the surgery:

Consult a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon.
Tell your doctor everything about your medical history, current medical conditions, and medications.
You should have realistic expectations about the surgery.
You should have a stable weight and a healthy lifestyle.
Quit smoking and alcohol a week before the surgery.

After the surgery (what to expect, recovery and results):

When you wake up after the procedure y7ou may have minor pain and discomfort which can be managed with pain medication. You can walk immediately after the procedure. You should avoid strenuous activities for 2-3 weeks after the surgery. Your stitches will dissolve within 7-8 days and you can resume your job or work after that.

During the healing process avoid excessive force or motion as it may affect the healing of stitches. Your surgeon will give you specific instructions to take care of yourself and boost the healing process. Don’t forget you’re follow up visits scheduled by your surgeon to track your progress.

There may be little swelling in the treatment area but still, you can notice the results of belt lipectomy immediately after the procedure. it is a very effective surgery and it gives you a newly contoured body. the results of belt lipectomy are permanent but you should follow a healthy lifestyle and should maintain a healthy weight.


About us and our surgeons:

Contours is the well known for its Lipectomy Surgery in Hyderabad offering variety of body contouring and body lift procedures. Our clinic is fully equipped with the latest types of equipment and technologies. Our surgeons are board certified, specialized in body contouring procedures like belt lipectomy and tummy tuck. They have years of experience in doing these procedures. Our doctors listen to the issues and desires of the patients and work with them to create customized treatment plan. Our staff is cooperative and provides a safe and comfortable environment for patients. Our services are patient centric and our aim is to provide best treatments and satisfying outcomes to our patients. Learn which procedures are right for you and how to find a qualified surgeon.

Cost in India:

The cost of belt lipectomy depends on the experience of the surgeon, geographical location, location of the clinic and the amount of skin and tissues that need to be removed. In India, the cost of belt lipectomy is affordable than in other countries. The cost of lipectomy in India ranges between Rs. 100000 to Rs. 300000.



You should consider lower bodies lift surgery if you have excess skin around the lower abdomen or waistline; you want to reshape the contour of your midbody and to improve saggy midbody after weight loss or multiple pregnancies.

It helps get rid of loose skin and gives a pleasant appearance to your waistline and abdomen. Belt lipectomy also helps get rid of the discomfort caused by sagging skin. Patients experience improved confidence and better fit into their clothes.

Normally the surgeons make incisions in the areas around back, hips and abdomen which are hidden undergarments. So the scars will not be visible and will fade over time.

You may experience swelling after the procedure which resolves within a few weeks. You will feel improved skin quality and contour around the waistline, abdomen, buttocks, and thighs immediately after the procedure.

You can walk immediately after the procedure. Recovery doesn’t take too long after the belt lipectomy. You can resume normal activities after a week if you honestly follow post-surgery instructions.

Yes, you can get it done. But later when you will consider a pregnancy your skin will stretch again and will become unable to return to its postoperative form. So it’s better to get it done after pregnancy for best and long term aesthetic outcomes.

The results of a lower body lift or belt lipectomy are long-lasting. It can be affected by the aging process and weight gain. You should maintain a healthy lifestyle if you want to make the outcomes of belt lipectomy last longer.

A belt lipectomy is considered a safe treatment but there may be some risks. Possible risks include swelling, infection, and seroma. Find an experienced and professional surgeon to avoid such complications.

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