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Mons Pubis Liposuction in Hyderabad

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Mons Pubis Liposuction in Hyderabad


Excess fat or loose skin in the pubic region makes the women conscious and uncomfortable when they wear skinny clothes. It can be corrected with liposuction. Pubic liposuction is a surgical procedure performed to reduce fat deposits in the pubic area (above the pubic bone). Usually, this procedure is opted by females after giving birth to their children or weight loss. This fat is resistant to exercise and diet. It can be safely removed by using liposuction techniques. Sometimes liposuction for the pubic area is performed along with a pubic lift to give it a more contoured appearance.




Ion is performed by cosmetic surgeons who are specially trained in liposuction. The patient is given local anesthesia before the surgeon starts the procedure. During the pubic liposuction, your surgeon makes several small size incisions in the treatment area and then your surgeon uses a cannula (a small tube of metal) to suck the fatty tissues through those incisions. Later a tube may be used to drain fluids just after the procedure. Generally, the entire procedure takes an hour and the patient can go back to the home the same day.

Preparations to do before the procedure

Your doctor gives you all instructions during the consultation and you should follow those instructions for safe and satisfying outcomes. Do not take blood-thinning medication at least 2 weeks before the procedure. Avoid smoking and alcohol for a few days before the procedure for safety concerns. Your doctor may ask you to stop taking thyroid and asthma medications before 2 days of the procedure.

After the procedure (what to expect, recovery and results)

It just requires a few days to return to your work. You may have minor swelling and bruising in the treatment area for 1 to 2 weeks. You may experience mild discomfort and pain for a week.

You should avoid sexual activity and strenuous activities for a few weeks following the procedure. Results can be noticed immediately after the procedure but final results can be experienced after 6 weeks of the procedure.

It gives a more streamlined appearance to your pelvic area. The pubic area liposuction reduces fatty skin and tightens the skin of the pubic area. The outcomes of pubic liposuction are permanent but can be affected by pregnancy and weight gain.


Cost in India

The cost of pubic liposuction varies depending on the city where you are getting the treatment, experience of the doctor and the number of fat deposits in your pubic region. Usually, the cost of pubic liposuction ranges between Rs. 50000 to 1, 50000 in India.

About our clinic and surgeons

Contourshyd.com is one of the top cosmetic surgery clinics in Hyderabad. We have the best surgeons who are board-certified and specialized in liposuction and other cosmetic procedures. Our clinic is well equipped with advanced types of equipment and devices. Our surgeons and staff members are highly experienced in their profession and our patients feel safe and comfortable with them. We take time to understand the desires and goals of our patients to provide the best and long term results. The satisfaction and safety of our patients are very important to us.



During the pubic liposuction, the patient is given pain and relaxing medicine so that you can’t feel any pain during the procedure. The tumescent fluid used during the procedure also gives a numbing effect to the treatment area. Patients do not experience any pain during the entire procedure.

The pubic area fat removed by liposuction doesn’t come back because the body does not produce new fat cells after the age of puberty.  Liposuction removes the pubic area fat permanently.

No, liposuction of the pubic area does not decrease your sexual sensation. Many patients experienced an increase in sexual sensation after reducing the excess fat around the pubic area. They feel more comfortable and confident during sexual activity.

There is no downtime after pubic liposuction. You can get back to work the next day after the procedure. You may have swelling or bruising for a few weeks but you can recover within a week if you honestly follow post-care instructions.

You are a good candidate for pubic liposuction if you have fat deposits in your pubic area and you are conscious about the appearance of your pubic region and feel uncomfortable to wear skinny clothes. You should be in good health and should have realistic expectations if you want to get pubic area liposuction.

Liposuction is performed by cosmetic surgeons who have acquired special training and experience in liposuction techniques.

Sometimes pubic lift is also referred to as monsplasty. Monsplasty is also performed to remove or reduce excess fat or skin in the pubic mons area. It may perform along with the pubic liposuction to improve the contours of the pubic region.

The pubic area liposuction procedure takes around one hour and you don’t need to stay in the hospital you can go home the same day if you got only pubic liposuction. In case the patient got liposuction in more than one area or abdominoplasty along with pubic liposuction then you may need to stay in the hospital for 1 day.

Recovery doesn’t take so long. You can go back home the same day and you can resume your routine activities within one or two days. You are asked to wear a compression garment for a few weeks. You should not perform any heavy activity.

With every surgery, there is a possibility of side effects but you are getting your surgery done by a well experienced and qualified surgeon then there are lesser chances of side effects. Side effects after liposuction are very uncommon which may include pain, swelling, inflammation, dizziness, infection, etc.

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