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Permanent Hair Transplant in Hyderabad

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Permanent Hair Transplant in Hyderabad


The process Hair Restoration is one type of surgery in which surgeons do small surgeries to perform this operation, and they transplant hairs for the customers. Patients facing problems of losing hairs can contact these types of surgeons to stop their hair fall and get beautiful hair and can see the visible difference before meeting the surgeons and after meeting the surgeons. Here patients can see the results in practical ways that are permanent means. The hair which they get by transplant will be durable, so they don’t need to worry about it.




There are mainly two procedures which are Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) & Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). In Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) case of Hair Restoration a strip of hair is removed from the donor side. As per requirement, they use multiple pieces from the donor side and implanted them to the customer. It means there is a donor who donates their hairs to a customer. These hairs should have at least one to four follicles. This method is also called as strips harvesting. Here surgeons use single or multiple bladed scalpels to operate. And they try to make cut on healthy strips of hair from donor site and implant into customer side.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure is different from FUT. In this method, the surgeons focus on the removal of follicles from healthy and robust follicular units individually. This process is done by removing one by one separately. Here they use micro punches to perform the task. The hair follicles are removed from the head and back head of the donor because it contains more hair than other areas. Micro blades or surgical microneedles are used by surgeons to puncture or to create a hole at the customer site. After that, they implant the removed hair to the customer for giving natural look and satisfaction to the customers. They first determine the density and the thickness of hair and then operate. This process is time-consuming because it removes single locks and implant single locks. The procedure may take multiple meetings because it’s not always possible to complete it in an individual sitting. It’ll take either short sessions or extended sessions.

Before treatment – Which process should be selected?

Only surgeons can decide which will be best suited to the need of customers. For determining the selection of procedure, they first do check-ups and take decisions for the system because every customer will need different types of looks and will have different kinds of problems.

The surgeons do proper planning to make sure they don’t make any mistakes while performing the tasks like pre designing the looks, making ready customers and donors, checking the hair growth, selecting the procedure, etc.

After Treatment: – What to expect, recovery and results

First of all, patients should understand that only the physicians and surgeons who had taken deep and practical training for understanding hair restoration can perform this task. So, they should consult this type of surgeons.

Recovery: – if customers do take more care and follow the instructions carefully, they’ll see visible differences and benefits in two to three weeks. It’s observed in most of the cases.
Results: – results will depend on how does a patient follows the instructions and take care.


About Contourshyd

Contourshyd is a fantastic team of veteran doctors and expert consultants in the realm of Cosmetology Industry. In order for hair restoration to be successful, it should be handled only utter precision. Therefore, it should be handled only by the best. Contourshyd prides itself to be one of those great cosmetic surgery clinics. At Contours, we provide you with the best of experts, equipped with a number of years of experience. These experts are well-versed in countering excessive hair loss and will provide you with the best hair transplant in Hyderabad.

Cost in India

As you all know it is very lengthy and time taking procedure. It needs proper care and trained surgeons so it is very expensive in India. The minimum range of Hair Restoration is starting from 30,000 India rupees and it can be done in up to few lakhs. If any customer needs frequently meeting and sessions it can be increased by few more lakhs.



It starts with minimum of 30,000 India rupees and end up with customers’ requirements.

No, it’s not necessarily. There are elements to stop them.

FUE is not scarring but FUT may be so. But that’s also not a cause to avoid transplant because there are lots of people doing it daily.

No, it’s not going happen because surgeons only do transformation of hair not anything else.

Hair lose is a continues process so yes, it’s natural process. So, your natural hair will continue to fall because it’s a natural process.

You will see immediately difference and positive results.

Yes, no need to take off from your work.

A single hair transplant is sufficient for most of the patients but you can go for multiple if you want to.

Very simple, choose right surgeons, follow the instructions, right procedure, find donor and take care of procedure.

Of course because you need to follow their instructions if you don’t want to damage your transplanted hair after successful surgery. So, follow all the guidelines and instructions as directed.

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