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Chin Implant Surgery in Hyderabad

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Chin Implant Surgery in Hyderabad


A well-defined jawline structure can make individual look attractive and Chin implant is an advanced cosmetic procedure that improves the contour of the chin, jawline and neck ensuring attractive and younger look. The procedure of chin reduction and addition is also known as genioplasty and mentoplasty and doctors initiate the process by reducing the chin height or chin rounding or chin augmentation using conventional implant techniques.



How chin implant surgery is performed?

The cosmetic surgery is generally performed at an office set up under the supervision of an experienced cosmetic surgeon. For the chin implant, doctors usually use general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia along with sedation. At first, the doctor will mark on your jawline in order to point out specific areas for incision. Once the marking is done the doctor will create space by cutting inside the mouth or underneath the chin bone to install the implant properly. Sometimes doctors tend to manipulate the jawline in order to provide the desired appearance of facial aesthetics and if you are not satisfied with the natural appearance of your jawline or recessed chin, the surgery can restore the facial harmony instantly.

Typically the surgery takes around an hour when it is performed by an experienced cosmetic surgeon but in case you opt for additional cosmetic procedures it may take longer duration. The implants are made of solid biocompatible materials like silicone and the doctors will mould the implant to achieve the desired facial outline. The implants vary in contour and size and your cosmetic surgeon will instruct everything once they acquire a clear idea regarding your requirements. The results are likely to be noticed within 1 month from the completion of the surgery and there are very few complications that make it highly popular in recent years. The most common side effects of the procedure include poor scarring, infections, blood pooling, slight shift in implant position, infections or internal bleeding and the conditions can be treated easily.

Tips to get prepared for chin implant surgery

People, who have already decided to opt for a chin implant surgery, must pay attention to the experience and reputation of the cosmetic surgeon before choosing the clinic. One can ask for referrals or research about certified cosmetic surgeon near their location. The habit of smoking can bring additional health hazards and therefore it is advised to quit smoking for a few months before and after the surgery. The presence of nicotine in the blood affects the smooth flow of oxygen and interrupts the healing process.

Intake of blood-thinning drugs or herbal supplements must be stopped ahead of the surgery and a consultation with the cosmetic surgeon will be beneficial.

After chin implant surgery

Individuals are likely to experience 7 to 10 days of downtime following the completion of Chin implant surgery and one may resume normal physical activities after the downtime. Mild to moderate swelling and pain are very common and you can use cold compresses and pain medication to get rid of the discomfort.

You have to keep your head elevated during sleep and you need to follow it for at least 2weeks from the surgery to avoid post-operative swelling. Strenuous works must be avoided for 2 to 3 weeks and one must strictly abide by the instructions. The post-operative instructions will accelerate the healing process and you should not skip it. Generally, it takes around 3 months to achieve the final results and you have to follow the instructions regarding post-operative care as suggested by your doctor. There will be some restrictions on the specific type of foods and you are advised to eat and drink soft food to avoid further issues.


Cost of treatment in India

The cost of Chin implant varies on different factors and if you are looking for a basic Idea regarding the cost of treatment in India, it will cost around 80,000- 1,20,000 INR depending on the surgeon, clinic, available facilities and the place you choose for the surgery.

About Contours Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Centre

Contours Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Centre is a famous Indian clinic that is located in Hyderabad. The clinic specializes in the cosmetic and aesthetic procedure and world-class patient care along with unique client-centric approach helped it to acquire nationwide fame. Contours Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Centre have been working with a highly qualified group of cosmetic surgeons and medical staffs and you can opt for a wide range of cosmetic and plastic procedures performed by expert professionals.

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Chin implant surgery is an advanced cosmetic procedure that aims to enhance facial aesthetics by improving the contour of the chin, neck or jawline to provide better facial aesthetics.

The implants are made of solid biocompatible materials like silicon and the surgical procedure gives you permanent results. Non-surgical fillers are also used in Chin augmentation but that is temporary.

Common side effects include blood pooling, infections, internal bleeding, poor scarring and swelling.

No. The cosmetic procedure initiated under local or general anaesthetic along with sedation and the patients cannot feel any pain.

There are very few risks and complications associated with chin implant surgery. In case you experience issues like infections, pain or swelling, it is advised to use cold compresses and pain medication for a speedy recovery.

Generally, Chin implant surgery takes around less than an hour.

The downtime is one week and patients can resume basic physical activities after a week.

The average cost of Chin implant surgery in India will be around 80,000- 1,20,000 INR.

A lot of clinics across the country offer cosmetic and aesthetic treatment for the patients and you have to research about the reputation while searching for a Cosmetic surgeon.

Thorough research needs to be done at first and this will help you to find a good clinic for the surgery.

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