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Best Dermal Fillers in Hyderabad

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Best Dermal Fillers in Hyderabad


It is one of the latest injectable treatments intended to treat various signs of aging or other cosmetic issues. These are derma-friendly, thus are safe to use. Plump up your thinning lips, decrease wrinkles or shadows under your eyes or enhance certain areas of your face with Dermal Fillers.




At first the selected area will be cleansed with a good antibacterial agent. To reduce the pain of the treatment, anaesthetic ointment or local anaesthesia is given with an injection in the specified area. This can feel like a little prick on the skin. Although this will not make the process painless, however, it is intended to make it more tolerable.

The injecting the fillers take few moments for each selected sites. The process continues with injecting, massaging and evaluating the result in respective areas. Additional substances are provided if required. The process may be completed within 15 minutes or may extend up to an hour, depending on the number of sites to be treated.

Once satisfactory result is achieved, the area will be cleansed off any marking. Ice pack is provided to reduce swelling or any discomfort. You may feel little tenderness on the treated areas for one or two days that does not require any medication.

Preparations to do before the treatment

Consult a specialized cosmetic surgeon having good experience in DermalFillers treatment. He/she will recommend you the best filler substances that will be appropriate for your requirements.

Evaluation of pre-existing health conditions and discuss about potential complications is prioritize in the process. Your doctor will then analyse your facial appearance and skin tone for an overall assessment and mapping. Photographs of the areas that will be treated can also be taken.

After the procedure (expect, recovery and results):

Once the injecting of fillers is done the area is well cleansed off. You may experience ‘overfilled’ appearance on the site of treatment. A little swelling is quite common. You will be recommended to apply ice pack in the affected area to alleviate any discomfort. Temporary redness or numbness can be felt on the skin at or near the treated site. You may also find lump or hardness in some parts of the injected areas.

The recovery time is depended on the type of fillers used and on the patients as every individual is different.You may resume your daily activities immediately but intense physical activity is restricted for next 24-48hrs as it may aggravate swelling or bruising.

Soft tissue augmentation will give an immediate plumpness to the treated area. It may last for several monthsdepending on the fillers injected and onto whom. With proper maintenance of good health and strong skin by using appropriate products and skin care you may surge the longevity of the treatment.


About the contourshyd.com and our surgeons:

It is very important to ensure about choosing the right place and the right doctor before going for any treatment. Contourshyd.com offers the best hygienic clinic with reputed doctors, experienced staff for assistance and latest equipment. Thorough assessment of the patient a recovery plan is provided by the physician before the treatment. Our doctors conduct the treatment for utmost result and excellent post treatment care are also provided ensuring the ultimate satisfaction of the patient.

Cost in India

Cost of Dermal Fillers treatment may go upto 13000 – 15000 for just 1 ml. Minimum amount of 2ml to 5ml is required for injecting a particular area depending on the end result of the patient. The quantity may rise if larger areas are injected. Additionalcharges also need to be considered that include doctor charges and other supplies required for the procedure.



These are gel-like substances injected beneath the layer of your skin to decrease wrinkles, plump up certain areas or adjust the contour of your face. It is composed of components that are naturally formed in the skin cells. These are biodegradable and are not permanent.

Dermal fillers help to add volume and also help in structural support for giving a youthful appearance. You may inject on the areas of lips for a more symmetrical and proportionate look. Injecting on the cheek can make it more defined. Give your chin a more projected look. Improve the shape and contour of your nose with dermal fillers.

The procedure is not much painful as the dermal fillers contain local anaesthetic but make sure to get process done by skilful hands.

Injecting dermal fillers can be as soon as 15 mins to 1 hour depending on the amount of areas you are treating.

You can see instant result just after the treatment. You will experience improvement with due course of time within 2 – 3 weeks of the procedure. It may last up to 9 – 18 months. You have to go for regular repetitive treatment to maintain its longevity. The durability depends on every single person and on the severity of the wrinkles and the type of dermal fillers is used.

Yes it is completely safe but make sure to get treated under reputed and certified doctor and clinic. The products that are use have proven safety records.

There areno significant side effects. Redness, mild bruising, temporary lump, itching and tenderness are some the common reactions after the treatment. However, unskilled process of treatment may cause necrosis, infection or even blindness but these are very rare.

Use ice packs to reduce swelling. Avoid extreme heat or intense cold after 2 weeks of the treatment to maximise the result.

It depends on the quantity of fillers used and the amount of area to be treated. The treatment can be little expensive as you need regular repetitive treatments and care to ensure maximum benefits.

It depends on the patient, their treatment goal is personal facial anatomy. Your consult will recommend the best type of fillers for a satisfying result.

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