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Bulbous Nose Rhinoplasty in Hyderabad

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Bulbous Nose Rhinoplasty in Hyderabad


Bulbous nose is neither an inherited trait nor a natural occurrence. It basically is formed due to a skin disorder. The disorder catalysis to enlarge the nose size and hence causes it to be bulbous. The first step encompassing the correction of the bulbous nose is definitely medication. For long term relief surgery is a suitable option. Both medication and surgery aims to correct the unwanted skin and tissue growth and get the nose back to the original form.




Bulbous nose is accompanied by redness and puss filled small bumps on the face especially in the areas close to the nose like the cheeks and chin. The phenomenon of bulbous nose can elevate and lead to continuous growth of the nose if the condition is left untreated for substantially long time.
Along with lumps on the nose, which actually is enlarged connective tissue, the nose and surrounding skin thickens over time. The skin pores gets enlarged and the skin might witness extreme conditions of dryness or oiliness.
The primary treatment of bulbous nose takes place through medication. Retinoid and antibiotics like metronidazole, tetracycline and erythromycin are usually the first medication that is prescribed. When the disorder expands beyond the initial, these preliminary medicines might not work. Then our doctors next suggests oral intake of isotretinoin, the medicine used to successfully treat extreme acne like cystic acne. This mode of treatment can be effective if you visit us when the bulbous nose symptoms are still in the initial stage. The medicines can effectively reduce the inflammation in the spot or redness of the area.
If you wish to get rid from the uncomforting sensation of a bulbous nose, our well qualified team of doctors are of the opinion that you go for a surgical intervention. The perpetual growth of blood vessels and tissues in the area increases the risk of severe condition. Thus surgery on an urgent basis is recommended to stop permanent disfigurement.
The surgery first involves cutting the outer layer of skin. Next the extra layers of skin of the nose are eliminated. Further doctors cut away excess tissue growth utilising a scalpel. Then extreme cold is used in the surgery to freeze, dissolve and destroy diseased and abnormal tissues. Lastly laser resurfacing with carbon dioxide is employed to speed up the wound healing process. The nose akin is definitely reshaped and stitched. The surgery takes care of elevating the overall look of the nose.

Preparation to do before the treatment

Before heading the operation theatre, it is extremely important for you to take care of certain aspects. The initial stage of the condition of bulbous nose is often confused with acne. If such growth takes place on a continuous basis, immediately consult our doctors.

Our team of doctors with minimal preliminary visual test can conceive the severity and the stage of the disorder. But to analyse the exact growth status, some tests are conducted. After the condition is detected some tests including few basic health checkups are carried.
A biopsy is carried out to check if the disorder has lead to some severe growth.

You are then to reveal before our doctors your preference of treatment, if you are stern about only medication or willing to go for corrective surgery. Our doctors will surely suggest the best option. A meeting with our team is sure to lighten up your clarify on the subject and hence arrive at an appropriate decision.

Proceeding for the operation then demands certain photographs and x-rays of the nose to be taken from varied angles. This truly helps our surgeons to understand which part of the nose needs to be corrected and how much of the skin ad tissue need removal.
Your medical history is sure to be documented by our team. You might have stop taking few medicines of your usual regime few days prior to the operation.

After the procedure (expect, recovery and result)

After the operation you will be closely monitored and checked. You need to constraint from certain food items like spicy food, caffeinated drinks and alcoholic drinks. The ides of smoking has to be forgotten for some good weeks. You also need to stop rubbing your face and especially your nose area to avoid any sort of infection. Do not expose the operated area to harsh sunlight. Extreme temperature change is not good for the skin after the surgery. Keep away from doing anything that can cause irritation in the skin. The greater you take care of the above mentioned points, the faster you recover.

Effective treatment is known to enhance the social appeal, improve emotional quotients and professional well being of patients suffering from bulbous nose problem.

You can have back your normal nose after a successful surgery.


Cost in India

The cost of the treatment of bulbous nose can vary massively depending on the mode of treatment. Going for only medication is much less costlier as compared to surgery. Again the extend of surgery adds or deletes the bill amount.

About the contourshyd.com and our surgeons

At contourshyd.com we are well motivated to serve patients suffering from bulbous nose problem. We take care of the issue with both physical and mental assistance. We are a team of well reputed and experienced professionals. Our expertise in the domain is sure to earn your trust. Visit us to experience the world class treatment and enjoy the best of results.



You can absolutely be free from the problem via proper treatment.

If you wish to be back to your normal nose form, surgery is needed.

This can be commented only after analysis.

Skin disorder and abnormal tissue growth are the primary cause of bulbous nose.

No, it isn’t.

Yes specialised tests can help detect the disorder.

Yes, the nose size grows over time.

Chances are rare. But it is always a good idea to get checked up on early stage.

The chances of such happening are high.

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