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Female Labiaplasty in Hyderabad – Hymenoplasty

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Female Labiaplasty in Hyderabad – Hymenoplasty


What is labioplasty ?

Cosmetic reasons to make your labia that is your inner lips look elegant and attractive. Here is the procedure to enhance womanhood with pride and confidence. Here is a report for about growing popularity of labioplasty among growing number of woman might have you believe that women are getting it done for cosmetic reasons based on desire to conform to what they come to believe as normal or more attractive And yes there are women who go for labioplasty for aesthetic reasons.There are patient who view there labia abnormally long and may be self conscious about their outward appearance of genitalia causing them emotional and psychological distress during sex or while wearing a thong or swimsuit . The labia can be obvious in tight fitting pants as well.It could be also useful for athlete woman who has a long labia during physical activity or Labial tissue that protrudes can make sitting of the bicycle difficult.




Three easy steps that you must know before you go in for this cosmetic procedure .

Step 01

Consult a surgeon who is professional and skilled to the surgery . Prior consultation is utmost important to verify the reasons of surgery and how the technique will be taken place. A good surgeon will give a accurate diagnosis and picture along with the outcome of the procedure to be performed.

Step 02

The procedure of labioplasty can be done under local or general anesthesia. A surgeon may simply trim the excess tissue to allow the tips of labia minora to sit tucked neatly within the labia majora – the outer lips of the vulva

Step 03

Pain medications are usually required after surgery. After the cosmetic procedure, a mini pad is placed to absorb minor bleeding and comfortable loose pants are provided to the patient.

Preparation before the surgery

A good healthy diet is essential before the cosmetic procedure. Also maintaining hygiene is the key approach of the procedure to be handles . Taking care and washing with antiseptic solution as prescribed by the doctor is essential. Key features such as medication like herbal supplements along with supplement to improve your healing with vitamins and minerals can be prescribed by your doctor. Your doctor plays a key role in keeping you fit active and overall elegant. Remember planning to go under knife for labiaplasty is a important decision to choose a correct cosmetic surgeon


Pain medication is usually required for few days. For most women , recovery is swift and uncomplicated . Taking a week off from work to relax and heal from labiaplasty , wearing loose comfortable pants. Within a month you should be back to normal activities . Here is what you can expect after 2 weeks of surgery. The after care is of utmost importance. Visiting your doctor once in 10 days for regular follow up is very crucial as doctor may advice you about the pain medications to be stopped .Your trimmed labia major and labia minora are once again recognizable since the swelling has lessens . Even though the surgery was on the labia minora your labia generally ten to swell after surgery . You are ready to be more active . Remember that you are still healing although you may be feeling great. You do not want to undo any hard work or the progress that you have made thus far by prematurely certain physical activities . You are nearly half way to your 1 month recovery period.

Day 15 you are dong better . Your surgeon might prescribe you some herbal supplements like arnica and bromelain for that quick recovery .Trusting your doctor is of utmost importance. These are commonly used after the procedure to reduce pain and swelling and improve healing. Tenderness maybe present.Itching at the incision sites is normal


Cost In India

Depending on skilled and professional surgeon from the top most city of the country like India will vary as follow up and aftercare is equally important. It is essential to note that 40,000 to 70,000 package is considered including the initial step of consultation with the doctor and the aftercare of the procedure from skilled hands is of utmost importance .

About Contour Plastic surgery center

At ContourHyd.com we not only take care of advanced skill procedure and technique to be followed according to the desired steps and protocol which is essential not only for the well being of the patient but also for recovery. With advanced skills we also ensure utmost care of the patient which is absolutely essential and crucial step during the follow up or proper healing and lessening the recovery time .



One month recovery is required for starting any physical activity under the guidance of the procedure.

Yes you will be able to walk painlessly.

Patience is the key to recovery during Labioplasty. Daily walking is important for your recovery. Activities that do not put pressure on the labia are acceptable but obtain clearance from your surgeon.

Complications may risk your health. You need skilled surgeon to avoid any infection and bleeding.

Your labia will look normal once the swelling subsides. Some stitches will remain and you will be able to feel them this is quite normal.

Your swelling will be improving bin 15 days time. It will eventually heal with some special treatment and attention.

No the doctor won’t prescribe any steroid medication . Only painkillers and antibiotic if necessary will be prescribed

No. This is an external procedure IF you have internal conditions like Diabetes delayed wound healing might occur. Your vitals like Blood pressure, sugar levels will be measured before the procedure

Young girls and woman can go in for the procedure after age of 15 which is apt.

Atleast 1 week rest after the Labioplasty procedure is essential.

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