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Birthmark Removal Surgery in Hyderabad

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Birthmark Removal Surgery in Hyderabad


Birthmarks are a very curious case of developing a blotch anywhere on the skin, with no definitive or proven etiology. These are mostly said to be hereditary or caused due to accumulation and concentration of blood vessels within the skin in a confined area. As birthmarks can be rarely a beautifying feature and most of the times, they tend to hamper the overall look of a person, people want to get it removed. There are various techniques available to get rid of the birthmarks.



Treatment Procedure

The treatment plan for birthmarks removal will majorly depend on the type of mark you have. These marks can be present in a varying scale, ranging from pink to strawberry to brownish and dark brown pigments also. They can be manifested in forms of moles as well. The procedure which is mostly used for birthmark removal is usually through using laser therapy. The laser light focuses on the pigmented area and helps in either making the mark disappear completely or make it’scolor light enough so that it’s barely visible. This is a noninvasive technique used with minimal damage to the intact skin. When the skin over your face is concerned, you prefer opting for a method which does not cause major trauma to your skin while working and the recovery is quick.

Some other techniques like Light therapy are also used. This technique uses intensified light therapy which focuses on obstructing the underlying blood vessels beneath the skin, making the pigmentation in the area disappear slowly over a period of time. This technique also emphasizes on minimal invasion. But this is more useful in case of scars, acne etc which is, lesions which are slightly elevated. However, it works fine with pigmented birthmarks as well. In case of moles, shave excisions are most preferred. Here, a scalpel or razor blade is used to remove the elevated portion of the mole with a goal to extract the mole completely off the skin.

Pretreatment preparations

Look for a board-certified dermatologist or plastics surgeon only for this procedure to be carried out perfectly. Potential candidates for all of the procedures forbirthmark removal should not have any condition leading to excessive scarring. Such a condition would enhance the scars after treatment and retain it for a longer time. So, it is best suggested to get yourself checked for any such condition prior to the treatment.

Consult your physician and Stop the consumption of any blood thinning medications at least one week before the procedure is to be performed. Avoid using any harsh chemical treatment in that area of the skin before the procedure. Get yourself tested for any kind of allergic reactions to any medication or materials used in procedure. For laser and light therapy, you are advice to stop smoking at least one month before the procedure. You also need to keep your skin properly hydrated and we’ll moisturized for the treatment.

After the treatment (what to expect, recovery and results)

Some people might experience a slight sunburn after laser and light therapy which will vanish on its own within 24hours.You should avoid direct exposure to the sun at least for two days after the treatment. Avoid using hot water in that area for a minimum of two days post treatment. Do not scratch or pick on the treated area for a time period of one-week post completion of the treatment. Restrict yourself from performing any rigorous exercises like stretching or bending which will put direct pressure on the treated area.


The contourshyd clinic and our doctors

At contourshyd we have the most dependable and well-trained doctors with years of experience which will make your experience very pleasant and fruitful with us. We are also entitled to serve you with the best and latest equipment’s available in the respective field of treatment. We provide a very well organized and fuss free set-up with maintenance of proper hygeine as well. The cost of treatments is also quite affordable keeping our patients’ comfort in mind.

Cost in India

Birthmark removal through laser therapy in India will cost you anywhere between ₹60,000- ₹1,00,000. While, light therapy procedures are performed in India at a range of ₹20,000 -₹25,000. The mole removal treatment procedure is comparatively the cheapest in India which is usually done at a rate of ₹5000-₹10,000.



All the varying types of treatments for birthmark removal are quite efficient and effective. The birthmark removal procedure do actually work to a great extent by either completely removing the mark or minimizing it so much that it appears to be negligible.

Yes, all kinds of techniques used in birthmark removal are absolutely safe. This is because all the procedures work by the ideal of minimal invasion and are all the safer when performed by experts.

For most of the varieties of Birthmarks, the laser therapy is quite suitable. Although, your doctor will do a complete analysis before deciding the treatment plan.

For the most, laser therapy for birthmark removal will give you a stinging sensation at the max. The entire procedure is mostly painless.

Most of the birthmark removal procedures will show an instant effect after the first session only. While, in some cases you may require a few more sessions to achieve considerable results.

The maximum level of discomfort which you will experience after a Birthmark removal procedure is slight inflammation or swelling which will subside on it’s own within 24-48 hours.

Yes, birthmarks of all shapes, size and color can be treated and removed to a large extent through the various available of options for treatment within safe circumstances.

Yes, remedy can be taken up by way of all pores and skin kinds, although pigmented races may also revel in some darkening in among the method in order to slowly enhance with time.

Yes, all colors may be eliminated with this remedy though some colors are sluggish like orange, yellow, purple and green.

One calls for six to 8 treatment classes. Multicolored tattoos/birthmarks can well require more sittings.

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