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Beard Transplantation

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Beard Transplantation


What might seem an ordinary appearance feature to many can be a reason of confidence. Less beard hair is a problem that was never a secret. And, to solve this, many men prefer the safest method to get back their hair i.e. beard transplantation. It is a procedure in which hair is extracted from one part of your body, majorly your back scalp or chins and is transferred to your beard area or your face. This process is helpful for people who like their beard about and are worried about less beard hair. Want to know in detail? Here are all your beard transplant questions and the answers you have been looking for.




The most popular and safest method that is FUE beard transplantation is simple and direct. In this process, your hair strands are extracted one by one from your donor area and are transferred to the beard area like your moustache, chin, side bums or face. The area where the hair is transferred is called the recipient area. Depending on the case, the hair follicles are also removed in strands and are transferred to small patches or on areas that have little or no hair. While this procedure might seem simple, it’s a surgery. Hence, it requires the best surgeons so that no compromise is done in your beard transplantation.

Preparation (Before the surgery)

Before your surgery date, you will be asked to take certain precautions. It is important to take care of these suggestions because even a small misconception can cause problems later. Two weeks before the surgery, it is important that you skip medicines like blood thinners, anti-depressants etc because they add on and complicate the process. When you consult your doctor, discuss about your medical conditions and the medicines that you consume regularly and they can advise the best to you.

After the surgery (what to expect)

Once you have over gone through the whole process of beard transplant, it’s important to take care of little details. You need to understand that your body needs more attention than before. Avoid scratching or rubbing the surgical area as it might result in irritation, bleeding and wounds. Immediately going direct in the sun after your surgery is not a good option too. Cover your face properly. You might face hair fall for some days and that’s natural. However, if you feel an excess amount of beard hair fall, consult your surgeon again and discuss. It’s also important to take care on the medicines that you consume.


Best cosmetic surgery in Hyderabad

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What is the cost in India

The cost of beard transplant varies from medical institution to the clinic, the infrastructure of the hospital and the area wherein it is positioned. A number of grafts required doing the beard transplant remedy is a factor. The expertise level of the surgeon who could be doing the treatment is another factor to be considered. Approx the number of grafts required for full beard might be like 900 to 1200 number of grafts relying at the place. In line with grafts, the price tiers from Forty Thousand INR to a TWO LAKH, varying from clinic to clinic.



Beard transplant is a direct and clear method. Basically hair follicles are removed from a part of your body and transferred to your face area.

Beard transplant is 100% safe and is considered to be the most preferred option for everyone who is suffering from beard loss. It is advisable to research properly and get the surgery done from experts in the field.

A beard transplant can approximately cost $3,000 for patchy beards and $7,000 for full beard coverage. However, it also depends on the area, the surgeon and various other factors.

Any hair transplant from partial to full coverage takes around three to four months on an average. After the particular time, your hair will grow naturally on its own.

Beard transplants do not hurt as much as is hyped. The small incisions on your face might hurt like a small pinch, but nothing more than that.

Yes, beard transplant does not necessarily only mean the beard area. It covers moustache, side bums and also can be exactly how you want it to be. All you have to do is consult your doctor on the same.

Usually, beard transplant is a process that takes place and causes little or no pain. However, the wounds would heal within five to eight days. It is nothing major and does get normal in less than a week for most of the patients.

Once you are done with your hair transplant, it is important to take care of minute details that you avoid otherwise. After a beard transplant avoid touching or scratching your face. It is also advisable to avoid your face from direct sunlight.

Before you plan to get your beard transplant done, verify the medicines that you regularly take in your course. Certain medicines like anti-depressants, blood thinners etc are supposed to be skipped two days before the surgery. If not done so, it might complicate the process.

This is a personal choice generally and can be subjective depending upon your recovery. However, most patients start getting back to their regular schedule after two or three days of their surgery. However, before getting back to work, it’s important to meet the surgeon and take advice from him on the same decision.

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