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Plastic Surgery Face Lift in Hyderabad

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Plastic Surgery Face Lift in Hyderabad

A sneak peek of face scar revision surgery!

Face scar revision is one of the effective procedures that actively participates in making facial scars less prominent. A medical procedure involves the surgeon method to lessen the elevated as the well rough surface of face in order to smoothen the area. Discolouration, hypertrophic scars, keloids and contractures are the most common types of scars that are cured by the facial scar surgery treatment. A simple procedure is painless as it is initiated by anaesthesia. The surgical procedure also helps in the improvement of the scarring area by providing various kinds of skin treatments.



Step-by-step procedure to minimize scar by surgery

The technique involves the healing of the scars by two types of treatments. The first is the topical treatment, which is performed by the application of gel that helps in the closures of the elevated pores. On the other hand, the injectable treatment is based on the use of fillers that helps in filling the depressed areas. Apart from that, there are several other surface treatments including dermabrasion, laser therapy and chemical peel extraction. In case of deeper scars, the old cell tissues are removed and new cells are eventually replaced. The final procedure is the incision of the closure that helps to keep skin healthy. In the case of tissue expansion, several substitute skin grafts help in expanding the tissue to gain a smooth facial surface. For this, multi surgical stages are required for attaining the outcome.

Things one must know prior to scar revision surgery

It is very essential to consult a skin expert who will guide the patient to go through proper medication procedures in order to prepare oneself before the surgery. The medication steps will include the lab test for the evaluation process. Apart from that, if anyone is addicted to smoke, he/she will be asked to restrict smoking. Anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin and other herbal medicinal products that can increase bleeding will be prescribed not to use.

Progress and healing

Post-operative follow up and the healing process is associated with the proper care treatment that is conducted after the surgical technique. Initial discomfort, discolouration of the localized area swell up for the first 1-2 weeks. Eventually, the healing of the scar takes place that helps in fading out the elevation, pores as well as the rough surface areas. The result will be much more effective if the patient restricts himself or herself from the direct contact of the sun for at least one month. Further, the prescribed medicines must be consumed on a daily basis that will avoid the cause of allergies and rashes. In order to gain the optimal result and retain the method long lasting, patients should use the help of bandage and cover the areas of the treated scars to avoid the direct contact of bacteria. Further, to keep the area moist, ointment must be applied, covering up with a bandage.


Contourshyd.com and its surgeons

It is very important and crucial for the patients who wish to remove face scars to choose a good clinic that has a positive reputation and the necessary expertise. Contourshyd.com delivers its patients advanced scar removal services. The team of doctors and nursing staff who work with this clinic are experienced as well as supportive. They take good care of the clients along with providing them with a comfort zone where the patients can achieve satisfaction regarding their treatment.

Cost of Face Scar Revision Surgery in India

The standard cost for individual sitting for the scar removal procedures in India ranges between Rs. 3000 to Rs. 8500. With the change of geographical locations, the rates change accordingly. In the metro cities, the clinics charge higher as they provide facilities that are more advanced. In less congested towns the rates for each session costs much lower.

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