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Common Myths about Rhinoplasty/Nose Job

Common Myths about Rhinoplasty/Nose Job
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Common Myths about Rhinoplasty/Nose Job

It’s just a nose or what difference can Nose Plastic Surgery make? Plastic Surgery anyway is so expensive.

These are a few of the common myths and prejudices that we all have about the nose job and plastic surgery in general. Due to Rhinoplasty’s media-centric factor as many celebrities publicly admit of availing nose job, it becomes even more difficult to separate facts from fiction. That’s why it is important to address and clear the various myths around this procedure. So let’s bust these myths step by step

It will make my Nose look Fake

As long as you choose Plastic Surgeons that are passionate and have expert knowledge on Nose reconstructive Surgery, then there is no cause for worries. The end result is usually 100% natural and will only add up to the beauty of your face. While your plastic surgeon will explain the procedure before the surgery, it is important that you clear all your concerns prior to going under the knife.

Rhinoplasty doesn’t last

A big misconception. The effect of Rhinoplasty is long-lasting and may even last for a lifetime. Though there are revision surgeries for a properly done nose job, there is no need for any revision.

The procedure is PAINFUL and may cause breathing issues later.

Nose Reconstructive Surgery is done under Anaesthesia or sedation, so you won’t feel a thing during the procedure. While there may be little bruising, swelling or discomfort for some time in the recovery process, you can ask after-care tips to fasten the healing. It also doesn’t cause breathing issues instead Rhinoplasty medically has been used for clearing nasal obstructions and blockages.

Give me Brad Pitt’s Nose

Not entirely impossible but less practical. It actually depends on your face and nasal structure. The Plastic Surgeon has to decide the perfect nasal structure that suits your face and is also able to provide proper nasal function.

It’s Just a Cosmetic Procedure

Reshaping of Nose or Rhinoplasty will definitely structure your face and change the way you look. But it’s not just that, Rhinoplasty has been used for people with nasal obstructions, blockages to allow open passages and better breathing ability. So before trivialising a Nose job as a simple cosmetic procedure, think twice.

Any Plastic Surgeon can do Rhinoplasty

Facial Cosmetic Surgery is an extremely specialised field. Due to its Technical Nature, it is important for you to choose experienced Doctors in this field. Under Dr Venkata Ramana, Contours provides the best and the most experienced Plastic Surgeons for nose shaping in Hyderabad.

Get The Facts Clear with Contours

Visit Contours Hyderabad and know more about Rhinoplasty. Get answers to your queries and bust more myths about the procedure with our doctors. Contours have been ranked #1 Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Centre by the Times Health Survey (2019-2020) because of its years of experience in this field and the wide range of specialities to address every concern.

So Stop Guessing and Book your Appointment Now.

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