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Things You Need to Know About Liposuction

Things You Need to Know About Liposuction
Liposuction Procedure Steps

Things You Need to Know About Liposuction

Liposuction, one of the most preferred surgeries by people lately because of its advantages. Are you planning on getting one too? Do you know about it properly and whether you can get it or not? This article covers some important aspects of liposuction, stay tuned till the end.

When it comes to medical procedures there are a lot of things that are being shared online and offline too. Most of the info that has been shared is either fake or old news that needs to be ignored. But sadly people start believing in this news without knowing or researching the facts. So, we have thought of doing a small myth-busting about liposuction and help you guys know about it a bit more.

There are so many types of Liposuctions

Now, this is a fact that most people don’t know. There are different types of liposuctions and people pick the one that goes rightly with their body. Let us explain these types of liposuction first-

  • 360-degree Lipo: Now, this is the type of liposuction that is opted for stomach, hips, and back. It focuses on the removal of fat from the entire midsection.
  • Six pack abs: It is known as abdominal etching. Will create abdominal lines that are quite similar to a six-pack.
  • Vaser Hi-Def: Now, this is a very advanced technique of fat removal which will help in getting rid of fat. It will leave a thin layer of fat in the body for an aesthetic look.
  • Laser-Assisted: We use a laser to liquefy the fat cells which are then suctioned out.

So, now what kind of lipo will be right for the patient is determined depending upon the end goals of the patient, what they are expecting from the surgery, etc.

Fit People can also get a Lipo

It is important to remember that lipo is not only for the people who are fat and have higher BMIs. Anyone can get this liposuction done as it will help in achieving the body goals that you have been striving for.

For example, you can be someone who workouts in the gym for hours every week yet you are unable to get that chiseled body. The reason behind this can be your genetics, your health, your lifestyle, etc. In such conditions, you will always have an option to go for liposuction and get the desired body that you have dreamt of.

No, it is not a weight loss program

Liposuction does not work as a weight loss program or something. It is not a replacement for your gym or diet. If anyone says it to you this way, make sure to correct them. Liposuction is conducted on people who are near to the ideal body weight and have fat accumulated at some parts. This means that there are so many people out there with belly fat and slim bodies, liposuction comes in handy for those people only.

It is not a weight reduction program, it is a contouring program that will help in removing the excess fat from few places and attain a good body.

No Instant Results

Similar to any other surgery, lipo will also result in swelling of your body parts. It will take some time for the proper results.

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