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Areas of the Body Liposuction Can Treat

Areas of the Body Liposuction Can Treat

Areas of the Body Liposuction Can Treat

Lipoplasty at its best

Lipoplasty breaks down and removes the fat just under the skin in parts of the body that are notoriously and stubbornly resistant to diet and exercise. The best candidate is physically fit and as close as possible to their ideal weight.

Good skin elasticity is also important – too much loose skin or cellulite can result in uneven or dimpled skin. Liposuction shouldn’t be thought of as a way to lose weight, but as a way to provide greater definition to your procedure area.


Areas of the Body Liposuction Can Treat

Abdomen and Waist:

Many people notice an increase in their waistline as they age. Others may have active lifestyles but are unable to narrow their love handles. Liposuction can be a highly effective treatment to flatten the abdomen and narrow the waist. However, not everyone is a good candidate for liposuction to the torso. People who have lost a significant amount of weight may have loose skin that would need to be excised.


Cheeks, Chin and Neck:

The earliest signs of jaw wrinkles can make you look prematurely aged, as can the fatty deposits that cause a double chin. Slimming the jaw line, under the chin and through the upper neck, with liposuction can help you appear thinner and can also take years off your appearance.


Thighs, Knees, Calves and Ankles:

In general, surgery to slim a patient’s legs is most effective in the upper parts of the leg, but becomes less effective the further down the leg you go. In the right person, liposuction of the inner thigh, outer thigh and even the area around the knees can improve the appearance of thick legs. Liposuction’s ability to make the legs look slimmer depends on the length of the leg, the quality and elasticity of the skin and the amount of fat that can be removed by liposuction. Not everyone is a good candidate for leg liposuction, however. Patients who have a significant amount of extra skin (for instance, after massive weight loss) might have additional skin that must be removed. Also, many thick calves are the result of large gastrocnemius muscles, which is genetically determined. Although fat can be removed by liposuction, muscle cannot. Surgical options for treatment of excess muscle include the removal of strips or subtotal muscle excision, which trades some muscle bulk for a scar.



Concern over potential scarring may leave some women hesitant to consider surgical breast reduction. Liposuction offers a “scar-less” solution to sculpt away excess fatty tissue for a more perfect look. Keep in mind, though, that liposuction is better for subtle reshaping rather than significant reduction.


Back and Bra Line:

Many women are uncomfortable wearing form-fitting clothes, because the skin either above or below the bra line creates rolls that detract from the aesthetics of the female back. Unfortunately, this can occur at any age. The skin of the back and shoulder must accommodate the wide range of motion of the shoulder girdle. When the arms are raised above the head, the skin in the posterior upper armpit region must stretch to avoid restricting this movement. Over time, skin begins to enlarge and increase in surface area, particularly at the bra line on a woman’s back and tapering towards the tip of the shoulder blade. The skin lower in the armpit region and sides along the ribs does not require expansion, but a transitional line or fold can develop and become more pronounced with gravity, causing a landslide effect of the skin above. The appearance is made worse with a restrictive bra band.


Upper Arms:

Some people don’t like the excess fat on their upper arms. Similar to the legs, liposuction becomes less effective the further down the arm you go. Liposuction of the upper arms can improve the appearance of thicker arms. Not everyone is a good candidate for liposuction to the arms. People who have lost a significant amount of weight might have loose skin, which would need to be excised.


Hips and Buttocks:

Liposuction of hips typically involves removing excess fat from the flanks to create a smoother, more natural transition. The idea is to remove the fat rolls, which are also referred to as “love handles” or a “muffin top,” so the buttocks area will appear more voluptuous.

On the other hand, liposuction of the actual buttocks cheek is not a common procedure due to the increased risk of skin asymmetries and a potential sagging appearance post procedure. This is particularly true if the lower half of the buttocks is treated.


More than anything choosing a right place for liposuction is the most important thing to do.

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