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The Top 5 Cosmetic Procedures For Men

The Top 5 Cosmetic Procedures For Men
Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

The Top 5 Cosmetic Procedures For Men

Do Men go for Cosmetic Surgery Procedures?????

Yes, More than 1.3 million men went for plastic & cosmetic procedures in 2018 — a 29% increase since the year 2000.

For a long time, plastic & cosmetic procedures were dominated by female customers but not anymore. With more & more celebrities accepting of their cosmetic procedures and the idea of rough, tough & hairy men starting to disappear away it’s natural for men to start looking for Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery options.

Also, it’s high time for Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Centers to start focusing on men as well because this trend will be going upwards whether you believe it or not.

Let’s begin our bit.

The Top 5 Cosmetic Procedures For Men

Here in this list, we will look at the top 5 cosmetic procedures that are extremely popular & usually preferred by men.


You saw it right. Liposuction is a popular demand by men. Through liposuction, men look for getting rid of unwanted fat and enhancing muscle. With this procedure, they aim for a toned, stronger-looking body. For men specifically, doctors use the definition of liposuction which not only removes fat but enhances or creates muscle contours as well.

2.Male Breast Reduction/ gynecomastia

No surprise here, male breast reduction is one of the most common cosmetic procedures among men for years. Well, it’s obvious, as the name suggests it’s a male-specific procedure. Basically male breast reduction/gynecomastia augments enlarged or feminine breasts in men.

According to ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgery), a total of 24,753 procedures of gynecomastia alone was conducted in the year 2018. Recently many have seen a rise in liposuction for the chest that reshapes the whole upper body than just shaping the male breasts. It also explains the greater popularity of liposuction than gynecomastia recently.

3.Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

According to many plastic surgeons, men usually complain of old looking but don’t want to have a complete facelift. The solution? Eyelift.

Since the first signs of aging are noticed around the eyes & the excess eyelid skin is an obvious factor for an aging look. Therefore Eyelid Surgery/Blepharoplasty becomes a popular option

Eyelid surgery is performed on either the upper or lower lids (often both) and removes excess skin to smooth wrinkles. It makes the eye area appear smoother and more youthful. The procedure is also very simple with a comparatively less recovery time.

4.Hair Transplant

According to American Hair Loss Association, about two-thirds of men experience hair loss by the time they are 35 years old. The number increases up to 85 percent by the time they reach 50. This fact alone explains the consistent demand for Hair Transplant in the country. There was a time when Hair Transplanting was considered insanely expensive with arduous grafting and recovery process.

Not anymore

With the advancement in Technology, Hair Transplanting has become accurate and less scarring. Making the individual ready to work on the next day (with proper precautions). With a lighter recovery process & better results more & more men are coming forward to have a Hair Transplant.


Recently many men are going under the knife for nose shaping/nose job/Rhinoplasty. Since it drastically changes the appearance & lends an enormous difference to the face structure many men prefer to have Rhinoplasty. According to plastic surgeons, men look for masculine, straight & somewhat fuller noses. Unlike women, men aim for unrefined, natural& not overtly sculpted nose with Rhinoplasty.

Why Contours?

Contours is India’s No. 1 Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center (Times Health Survey 2019-20). We understand & happily accept the growing desire in men to look good & feel perfect. That’s why our wide range of cosmetic procedures at a reasonable rate is here to make you at ease & walk out with confidence.

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