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Contours – Frequently Asked Questions on Plastic Surgery

Contours – Frequently Asked Questions on Plastic Surgery
Contours - Frequently Asked Questions

Contours – Frequently Asked Questions on Plastic Surgery

What is plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is the surgical specialty or procedure concerned with the restoration,
construction, reconstruction or improvement in the form, function and appearance of body
structures that are missing, defective, damaged or misshapen. It encompasses both
reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

What is the definition of reconstructive plastic surgery?

Reconstructive plastic surgery seeks to correct any physical feature which is grossly deformed
or abnormal by accepted standards— either as the result of a birth defect, congenital disorder,
illness or trauma; it is surgery that addresses not only a deformed appearance but also seeks
to correct or improve some deficiency or abnormality in the function of the body part in question.


What is the connection between the reconstructive and cosmetic practices at Contours Hyderabad?

Performing some of the most specialized medical procedures in their field gives the physicians a
rare expertise in both practices. In addition, this combination of qualifications allows the
physicians to be selective in the patients they treat, assuring the most professional and
appropriate care and optimal outcomes.

The physicians at Contours Hyderabad, take pride in their careful and comprehensive treatment
of patients, based on their ample years of combined experience as well as their unique
qualifications in both cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.


How should a consumer select a plastic surgery practice?

Do your homework. First, check credentials (at minimum, you should make sure a doctor is
certified by the Indian Board of Plastic Surgery). Also, go on the Internet, research the
procedure as well as the doctor, and check around for “word of mouth” recommendations. Ask
the prospective doctor for references, and to see photos of prior procedures. In consultation
appointments, take your time. Have a list of your questions and a notebook to write answers.
Bring a friend or relative with you if that would be helpful. Make sure you feel completely
comfortable with the doctor. While cost is undeniably a factor, don’t make your choice “all about
the money”. Feel free to follow up with the doctor or staff with any questions or concerns after
your consultation visit.

We’ve all had the experience when something doesn’t feel right, and to the contrary, when you
meet with someone competent and you feel like it is right. After assuring the doctor is qualified,
it comes down to how you feel, and whether he or she inspires confidence.


Will it hurt?

During the procedure, you are comfortable and feel no pain. After surgery, the pain and
discomfort can be controlled with medication and will subside in a matter of days.
Will anyone know or notice after surgery?
Usually not. Good plastic surgery does not leave you looking plastic. It enhances your looks
naturally. The improvement is often attributed to a vacation, new diet, or exercise regime.
Will there be scars?
Yes. Will they be noticeable? Probably not. Plastic surgeons make every effort to minimize scars
and hide them in natural lines and creases. For the majority of procedures, scars fade over time,
becoming barely noticeable.

Is it expensive?

This varies. People undergoing plastic surgery come from many occupations and make a
personal decisions regarding the value these changes hold for them. One should not go bargain
hunting; SEEK QUALITY. And at Contours Hyderabad they make sure to give a reasonable

How long will the results last?

Rejuvenation procedures cannot stop the clock, but they can reset it and it tends to tick slower.
The benefits from a facelift, facial peel, and eyelid surgery can turn back the clock five to fifteen
years and one always looks younger than they otherwise would. Alteration procedures that
reshape or correct an imbalance (such as surgery of the nose, chin augmentation, breast
augmentation, or breast reduction) create definitive changes that last a lifetime. So to put it in a
nutshell it depends on the particular surgery and your lifestyle.

To Conclude

Most people agree that what is on the inside is most important, but the outside can affect how
you feel about yourself as well. An unwanted feature or appearance can make you
self-conscious and less confident. That is what plastic surgery is all about, not vain, narcissistic
people. It is about ordinary people with problems. These problems may be present at birth or
come with age. They are problems not so much because of the way they make you look, but the
way they make you feel. Correction can improve self-esteem and self-confidence. Thus, you
can not only look better but feel better as well.

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