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Are you getting body shamed? | Contours

Are you getting body shamed? | Contours
Facial Plastic Surgery

Are you getting body shamed? | Contours

One of the popular trending topics this past year apart from Corona or covid 19 is ‘body shaming’.

There is ample place for wonderful and intellectual topics since the breakout of covid but look here…we are in 2022 and still stuck in this mess of body shaming where even people who we are so close to, make us affected by their unknowingly blurted out words.

  • ‘You would look so much better if you lose weight!’
  • ‘Do you have some issue? Why aren’t you losing weight? ’
  • ‘I can help you get some tips to lose weight in 10days!’
  • ‘Since she is a foodie it’s hard to lose weight for her!’
  • ‘Stick girl, eat some more, or you will fly away’
  • ‘Look at her sagging skin, do some cardio girl’

And the most popular, ‘it’s okay. Love your body as it is, that the trend!’ as if we are not aware of that.

I am most certainly sure there will be hundreds of more comments and advice we are tired of hearing and most importantly people won’t understand that we don’t need them to point out.

They almost make it seem like it’s us who are not putting effort or much worse, make us seem like someone who doesn’t want to get fit and tell us to make peace with it already and live.

I mean, don’t we all want to look like some of the actresses in bollywood or tollywood?


Even celebrities are prone to this

You know what, I take it all back! Even they are not untouched by this; there are many actresses who are coming forward with their insecurities these days if you observe.

May it be Ileana d’cruz on her body shaming since she was 12years old, seriously! 12 years old?

Or Rashmika Mandana on her insecurities that bring her down now and then or should I mention, Ananya Pandey who has a hard time because of her lean figure.

I can name more but let us not make it seem like its fine since even celebrities are prone to this, so you should be oblivion of this. Oh no. not at all. This is for us.

Womanhood in general. Lean, healthy or neutral.


The solutions we usually get for Facial Plastic Surgery

Both internet and people have told us innumerous solutions on this matter for ages.

Exercise: by telling us to be consistent and go to gym or do any active workout that would bring results slowly, God knows when. For this you need full motivation that won’t drag us down either way by tiring workouts or overbearing expectations.

Medications: we are in reach of vast options of medications or pills for both losing weight and gaining weight. ( I know persons who are taking these for years and still waiting for results, and people assume it’s their fault since they are not using it religiously)but the thing is, these pills need ample time to work and grow on you to gain results which is unknown definitely when. Amen to those people that works well for them though.


Doing it the right way

In everything we do in life, there is a certain way to do it. We can’t simply believe what works for one will work for others too. Or as believing something firmly and thinking it work since blind belief isn’t good neither.

There are many major and minor factors on why you can’t lose weight or gain weight.The reasons can be genetic or you have some underlying illness preventing you to achieve it or something else, and why not maybe a little lack of support can make it tough too.

It can be several things which I can’t describe in one article.


Are cosmetic surgeries/treatments any better?

To know this we have to check research and reports, but most importantly reviews.

In this day of age, we can agree that cosmetic surgeries are so common which come with no side effects. There is a record that around 18 million surgeries are happening in every passing year.

Treatments like liposuction and body contouring are helping thousands of individuals who had no hope of losing weight or even gaining weight are achieving clear results.

*Research proves that there is 70% chance that these surgeries or treatments work effectively on the given time scale. These treatments come with a definite result oriented when followed rightly.

But finding a right cosmetic surgery center is a task not easy, you can’t simply type ‘cosmetic clinic near me’ and select the closest. You need to be 100% sure, which is why recognition and awards are there to prompt on us on trusting our insecurities with them.

Just imagine, the same insecurities which we even can’t share with our closest, we will be sharing with the cosmetic surgery expert. So how much positive one should be to do that?

We have to make sure we choose the best in the best like contours in Hyderabad which has been recognized as India’s no.1 best centre for cosmetic surgery by times of India 2019 – 2021 survey. People trust them as they believe ineffective work than blind belief.

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